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gradRN2007 has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac/Med Surg.

New RN starting in Intermidiate Cardiac ICU. Almost been a year and it has flown by and been so much fun!!

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  1. gradRN2007

    Should I tell my agencies about each other?

    How do you keep the agency's apart when they call you for a position? I would probably have to keep a notebook of some sort available at all times. This traveling site has been so informative and I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone.
  2. gradRN2007

    Is age a Factor

    That is so good to hear being that I will soon be 60 and thinking of trying traveling to save some money for retirement!
  3. gradRN2007

    Insurance. Take package from each or one main insurance?

    thanks for all the replies and moving to new thread. My problem is that my hubby and daughter (23) are on my insurance at my job now and insurance has doubled for this coming year. If it was just myself needing insurance wouldn't be a problem so now to I'll try and calculate the $400-$800 month and see if its worth traveling..trying to figure out taxed and not taxed part of the salary is hard enough:) thanks again
  4. I am interested in starting to travel and need health insurance. Do you take the insurance pkg from each agency so that you can work for multiple agencies? 401K etc? Or stay with one agency? Thanks
  5. gradRN2007

    american traveler

    Would like some info from anyone with American traveler. I am impressed with their website and trying to decide if I want to start traveling. I have only done cardiac stepdown and 16mo in CVICU, pre and post cath patients and pull sheaths all the time. Do I put tele, cvicu, or cath? I would love step down and have never done med/surg. Are you able to communicate that with your travel person at American travel? I don't want HCA hospital if possible (most of florida), am I being too picky? bottom line is I want more money for retirement, house is paid for and I am 59. They have a 401k, and I need health benefits for family. Is travel a good option? I also have a travel trailer I can live in... I know this is long, sorry Robin
  6. I am considering travel and I have a travel trailer that I can use although I/m thinking of a class b road trek and letting them find me housing the first time. I will be limited to florida where my license is at first.. when travelling, how far do I have to be from home to take an assignment? I figure I could work 3 days and then go home for 4 days sometimes. Still watching my grandkids weekly so until they start kindergarten full time....then I (we) are off to see the country thanks
  7. gradRN2007

    HCA South Florida

    agreed, better pay but that's to be expected in a for profit hospital
  8. gradRN2007

    Housing by the Beach in Fort Myers

    Love Ft. Myers, that would make me want to travel sooner rather than later ..
  9. gradRN2007

    How do I know I am "ready" to be a travel nurse

    I am seriously thinking of doing travel in the next 2 years. I'm not sure if I should expand my knowledge (I have only done cardiac stepdown, pre and post cath lab, 16 months of cvicu but never fresh hearts.) or are there jobs for progressive care RN. I am only licensed in Florida but after reading about the top 10 rated travel companies I see that some of them help with licensing requirements in other states. Any suggestions/ I could travel now if close to Jacksonville. is it possible to only take assignments in a not for profit hospital? or am I being to picky. Also, I will soon be 59, took NCLEX in 2007 and probably have my husband travel with me. He will probably be retired by then. Thanks for any advice
  10. gradRN2007

    Nurses work enviroment better at Magnet Hospitals

    I am now working in a magnet hospital and would much rather be at my old job in a great level 1 trauma center that wasn't magnet and no nurses left if they didn't have too...here the turnover is ongoing and tremendous...i keep looking too. Pay is not good but other hospitals in the area are HCA which are turning around slowly
  11. gradRN2007

    Slippery Rock university online RN-BSN

    just rec'd acceptance letter but when i go online now it says you must have 44 credits in liberal arts to graduate..does that mean you still have to have all other classes too. I was thinking it was just the online rn to bsn plus the ethics and statistics...?? anyone know answer..
  12. gradRN2007

    Slippery Rock online RN to BSN

    have you graduated from slippery rock? did you like the program? just wondering, i am considering the program, thanks
  13. gradRN2007

    Slippery Rock university online RN-BSN

    anyone currently in the slippery rock program? i am definitely interested i have 2 as degrees but would love to avoid the aa part if possible. currently working in fl as rn in icu. thanks
  14. gradRN2007

    PIE Charting

    always did charting by exception then went computerized...yipppeeee now learning PIE charting at new facility, computers next year..RT/PT/RN/etc all use same paper so before you turn around with your time sounds like there could be 10 entries and you still need 0800 and its 1200...does this happen always
  15. gradRN2007

    Advice for "seasoned" nurse moving to ICU

    So glad to hear you are doing well, I am very excited too. I have gotten a position in Jax at baptist heart hospital CVICU. I am leaving a SFL hospital where i have worked for almost 30 years, only 3 as RN in a cardiac stepdown unit. I am also swithching it up and working days which i have never done as an RN..learning on the fly..hopefully maturity will help..I am one of those late in life RN's! Keep us posted on how its going!
  16. gradRN2007

    I passed the PCCN exam today

    good news, I bought the PCCN review book and am trying to study..havent registered yet but will this month I think congrats to you! and the new baby

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