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I just finished my first year of college and i have never felt so unmotivated with my life and career choice. This is because about a week ago i discovered that i failed anatomy and physiology 1. When i looked at the screen and saw it said "D"...i burst out in tears. I felt so angry and sad. I told myself i shouldnt give up so i went to see my advisor. The first thing she told me was "you should start looking at alternative majors". the moment she said that i just wanted to cry and i did after i left the office.

Nothing interests me like nursing does. I have wanted to become a registered nurse since my junior year of high school. But after she said that, it broke my heart. she said i need at least a 3.7 GPA. Now that i failed this course, i have to wait another year to apply, but i feel extremely unmotivated. nursing has been my dream. i worked hard to go to a 4 year university during high school and now i feel like my dream is all gone...

What do you all think?? Have any of you had this experience?

I appreicate any response

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I don't have experience with this, but don't start A&P for another week. But I think the first question you need to answer is why you failed? What were your challenges with the course? I think answering this will help you figure out where to go from here.

Find the motivation to pass this course to give yourself another shot at nursing.

I heard that transferring to a CC where i can get my ADN is also a good choice as well..

I heard that transferring to a CC where i can get my ADN is also a good choice as well..

You've still got to pass A&P though, so as a previous poster said - find out why you failed this time.

Did you not gel with the professor? (It happens, and it's ok!) Would you benefit from different study methods? Or maybe more time with the material? For A&P, expect to spend at least 16hrs/week with the material as it's a 4 credit hour class, and you generally have a lab portion too.

I work as an A&P tutor and I stress to all the pre-nursing folks that they need to 'get' this- they need to understand it because if they don't, they're going to have a hard time later.

If you have a hard time with A&P it's not the end of the world; it's passable, but you might have to make some adjustments on your end so that you do pass.

Grab an anatomy coloring book if it'll help you focus, supplement your textbook with youtube videos.

It's sad that you didn't pass, but it's not the end of the world, and it's not the end of your nursing dream.

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I was in a very large 4-year university when I took Anatomy and I failed it. I then transferred to a CC and took A&P1 and A&P2. Passed them and the restis history... I have a BSN now.

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Take AP at a Community College for a better chance.

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One failed class and you give up your "Dream". I'm not sure what you expected but obviously you are not prepared to follow through. Are you used to having things handed to you like a "participation ribbon" without any special effort on your part? Sometimes just showing up isn't enough.

You knew all semester you were barely getting by in your class so don't act so surprised that you saw a "D".

Community College isn't a walk in the park to a cheap degree. Some are very competitive and require every bit as much effort as a University. Make up your mind what you want to work for and figure it out. There are resources available. YOU have to find he motivation to use them.

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Aw. Don't give up! I would just retake it at a CC. Not because it's any easier, but it might be cost effective. Just study well and ask questions! This will be your second time taking the class so you'll be better prepared! :)

As for me, my interpersonal communications class was pretty difficult because I have a fear of public speaking. I just constantly prepped for a final ... which was a mock interview in front of the class.

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If nursing is your dream, you'll find the motivation. Suck it up, retake, apply yourself and don't get a D again.

Wait till you get into actual nursing school, talk about needing to find and hold on to motivation. You ain't seen nothing yet.

How much were you prepared to take the class?

I took anatomy and physiology 1 & 2 over a summer and took As on both. How did I do? Actually on Day 1, I was already familiar with the subject because I started reading the material ahead of time. I really wanted As to get into a nursing program, I prepared more than enough.

If you were prepared for the class like you finished reading the textbook even before the semester started and did flash cards more than 50 times and still got a D, it may be time to change your major. But if it was not the case, I feel it's too early to give up. After all, you need the knowledge gained in A&P in nursing program like med-surg, pharmacology, and pathophysiology. Your hard work will not be a waste.

Why are you waiting a year? Sign up and take the class over the current summer semester, either at your current school or a local community college.

Problem solved.

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