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  1. MiladyMalarkey

    I Was Fired...for Being Abrasive and Having Attitude

    I'd just think of it this way...imagine yourself 10+ years down the road, you're a veteran nurse & you notice the new grad on your unit is either doing something wrong or in a way that could be done better. You go up to them trying to guide or maybe even correct. You know what you're doing likely, after all you've got experience. Then the new grad perhaps gets defensive and does not take your tips/correction/guidance with an open mind or willingness to learn. Instead they perhaps try to argue why they are doing it their way instead. Then maybe this new grad perhaps does this frequently with others as well. How would you take this or feel about that new grad as the experienced nurse? How would you feel trying to work with them in an emergency setting, like the ED you're in? I can't assume a lot about you from this minimal post. But perhaps some self reflection & willingness to hear others out may help you. Not to say letting you go so quickly was right, but you have to ask did you show your team a willingness to learn and work together or did you show them as a newbie you were not flexible and easy to work with? Let this be a learning experience in which you can build your foundation of becoming a great nurse and even better team player. Don't give up, just learn and keep going.
  2. MiladyMalarkey

    2 year waiting list?

    I went with the MCCD/Ottawa route. At my time then, NAU & Ottawa were the cheapest and you graduated with both degrees the same semester. NAU had more pre-reqs I wouldve had to take, where Ottawa allowed me to do them as co-reqs, hence why I went with them. But I had a fantastic experience with them and ultimately didnt regret it & got a job immediately. Really all the universities are great, you may take slightly different routes with them, but they all get you to the same destination, your BSN. So whichever CEP program fits you best is what I encourage you to go with.
  3. Patient ratio mandates is one thing I'd like to see here.
  4. MiladyMalarkey

    Need some encouragement

    Have you considered trying to start off at a community college and perhaps trying to transfer to SDSU once your pre-reqs are done? Saves you $ and gives you time to work out or find yourself, potential alternatives and what you want without spilling out SDSU tuition rate money. Just a thought.
  5. MiladyMalarkey

    Considering going for MSN in Administration

    Do you actually want to do bedside work, get that experience? Just curious if you went into your ADN wanting to be a bedside nurse (first or at all) or looking to go straight to a desk somewhere?
  6. First thing you need to do is actually find out what YOUR schedule will be, dont base things off of other AllNurses schedules. Things can and often do change. Second just ask. If it's a no, it's a no & you'll have to plan your course of action from there. Finally, you also need to make consideration and allowance for additional time you'll need off for clinicals, simulations & the other stuff they have you mandated to attend while in school. I know you are trying to work it out, keep your job and that I understand. But you have to remember that while your employer may encourage you to continue your education, heck they may even pay for it, they aren't required to make allowances for an employee's school schedule. I'm sure you understand this, just a reminder only because you come off a bit like your employer needs to make accomadation for your education. You know they don't have to and they hired you to do a job in the time parameters they need, despite if that leaves you scrambling to figure out your educational schedule. Hopefully they can work with you, but if they can't, you can start planning out alternatives now. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  7. MiladyMalarkey

    I fainted in L&D clinical... HELP

    I almost passed out during an ultrasound procedure....yes an ultrasound. But I hadn't eaten, had drank coffee & the room was pretty warm. Luckily a desk was in there for me to lean/sit on & recover. Like you, I've seen some things & never phased me so when this U/S happened, I was like what is happening? I was able to pinpoint the conditions (not eating, warm room, likely dehydrated etc.) as likely cause. Sometimes it can just happen. I've learned my lesson to now stop and do some self care, especially before shift.
  8. I'm already a graduate from GCC & an ASU alum(for my first non-nursing degree). I went with Ottawa for my CEP & can not say enough good things...including the lower price & graduating same semester with my ADN & BSN. All the universities are good really, both the in & out of state universities are all reputable. So just what works best for you. I wouldn't recommend university of Phx though if they are still around the CEP options, nothing against their program, just $, yikes!
  9. MiladyMalarkey

    Chandler-Gilbert Community College

    I went through GCC (not CGC), but all the MCCCD nursing program curriculums are pretty reputable & have good NCLEX pass rates.
  10. MiladyMalarkey

    2 year waiting list?

    Work on CEP pre-reqs which I believe it sounds like you're doing. As I'm sure you know by now CEP people aren't wait listed, just apply each round. Obviously once HESI is done, apply immediately for the general wait list to get your name in the pool, work towards CEP in meantime & whichever you get in first, straight ASN or the ASN CEP, take it. I went through GCC myself, so I understand your plight. As luck had it, my first round applying to CEP I was accepted. With the right grades & HESI score, that could be you as well. Good luck. Itll come before you know it.
  11. MiladyMalarkey


    Eh, the instructor, unless having a off day sounds like they may be a little off base. Your first day at hospital ever, course you'll be awkward, unsure, all thumbs, etc. Instructor perhaps could give some helpful guidance instead of psyching you out with a "youre failing" speech on first day, a "here's what you need to improve on or you could be endanger of failing" talk would've been much more productive in my opinion. With that said, dont take that & run with it or place blame on instructor here on out. You did miss important stuff, you recognize it and will correct,, shake it off, you can improve here on out. When in doubt proactively put yourself in front of instructor & ask their thoughts on what have you. They are there to check you off so of course will not be responsive when doing that, but should be open, to you know, teaching or giving direction at other times. And if they aren't, advocate for yourself by asking them direct questions about anything you need guidance in. Good luck.
  12. MiladyMalarkey

    I HATE nursing school... Now what?

    It sounds like you just dont like your school or their methods, and maybe rightfully so, it could be crap. But if you leave clinical intrigued, why then do you just wanna quit? You're almost done, get through it & be a good nurse on the other side. Good luck.
  13. MiladyMalarkey

    Student nurse here. Am i going to be a bad nurse??

    Omg, as I am now learning as a new grad just on the floor...I can now confidently say you are NOT even going to be close to being floor ready right out the gate when you graduate. That's why we have our preceptors to back us with their guidance when we start. Breathe, slow down, ask questions, clarify, ask to be critiqued or for guidance. Learn from mistakes (which sounds like you have) & when you make a mistake, learn and do not keep dwelling on it. To sum it up, you will be far from perfect & that's expected & you'll learn as you go and are trained.
  14. MiladyMalarkey


    I'd wait. It's not just getting a puppy, it's also having to train it, bond with it, emotionally care for it, etc.
  15. MiladyMalarkey

    Possibly quitting nursing school to instead be a PCT/LVN

    Food for thought, LPN programs are almost exactly the same as the first year of RN program, LPNs I believe just do a little extra to cover some topics RNs dont till further along. So the rigor of LPN school is pretty equal to RN school, just shorter time length. Out in practice, their responsibility is a little less, but still carry quite a bit. Just reflect on what it is you really want and why. What is your end goal? If PCT is where your heart is then that is where you need to be. Do some reflection and try to figure out what you want and need short and maybe even long term. Perhaps speaking with an academic guidance counselor could help as well.
  16. MiladyMalarkey

    Feeling like leaving my accelerated program *long

    Have you sunk finances into this endeavor, meaning have you taken out loans & how much? It's unclear, are you already in this for profit ABSN program already...how much $ is invested in it already & is it refundable? You don't sound sold on nursing. You need to stop, breathe & find yourself & what you want to do. You seem to go back & forth between several things often more than once. In the meantime you may be hemorrhaging money in the process. Unless you've already dumped 100k to become a nurse (in which case I'd say you're too invested to really quit with that debt) then you need to stop school and figure things out. If you dont want to stop school, go to a community college, which at least is a affordable place to find yourself. I'm sure pregnancy isnt helping now & maybe you will need to take a break till after. But you'll need to do some soul searching & try to stop spending too much money in the process.