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  1. Now this is absolutely a life happens event that you have no control over and while rushing around to fix it, it's easy to pass the allocated *call by time* by a minute. Had an instructor told me to take an Uber while I was attempting a jumpstart to get where I need to be then I absolutely would've gotten irked. This is a situation that could happen to anyone. I wish you the best. If you can bring proof of the incident, like a receipt for a new battery or what have you, I'd bring it, may not help, but at least it is proof you actually were having the issue you reported. I hope it all works out in your favor, just try to be calm going into the meeting and try to explain the circumstances factually.
  2. I totally get not leaving the sibling alone at home, but then you wait till the morning of at 6:09 a.m. to saying something, no, TEXT something? If you knew you had to do this, you should have text or called the night before & if you do what you did, meaning wait till the last minute, you don't send a text, you call. How is it this did not warrant a call? I wouldn't have gone as far to say the things your instructor did, but a warning is deserved. Your family should take that responsibility off your shoulders...that is not fair to put you in that position and risk educational repercussions. I don't think you are a bad person, but could have handled this better. Try to plan better next time. This situation wasn't the same as an unexpected life happens like a car accident or getting sick. This was a little different, generally one knows you're sibling has to get to school ahead of time, especially if you take them on a regular basis. I personally would just let this go, don't try to fight it, you were kinda in the wrong, so lesson learned, just show you're the good and responsible student you are from here on out.
  3. MiladyMalarkey

    Nursing school has pushed me to the edge. Anyone else?

    Nursing school suck sometimes. It is teaching you a life lesson in humility and what to expect in the real world. I'm not putting you down. I don't think being type A is a bad thing, but, if you never have an experience that shows you that you don't always have control of all things and that you won't always excel at everything then you haven't dealt with the real world. I used to be a super type A, so I know where you're coming from. Not all the qualities of that part of my personality has gone away, but, life taught me a few things. Sometimes I'm not going to be the best, there is someone who will always get things quicker than me or are better, sometimes I'm not going to be able to control my situation, sometimes things just go to crap and you have to be flexible and deal with it, you gotta work with people who don't like you or vice versa and finally expect the unexpected and you'll never be disappointed. You've had a realistic slap in the face and it's a tough lesson. While you may not like what your instructor may say, hear what they say and take something from it even if you don't always agree. Show up to class even if you have to drag your rump there and do what you have to do. If you're mediocre, you're mediocre, all you have to do is pass, graduating with honors is cool, but really, nobody cares about that like you do, job-sites don't care usually if you were an A or C student, we all will get paid the same. Some things in life aren't going to let you be a type A person, at least you're learning it now. You now have to learn how to deal and cope with this new knowledge. You can allow it to defeat you or you can embrace and learn from it.
  4. MiladyMalarkey

    Do I have time to take 'fun' classes when in nursing school?

    My fun class is some wine, Hulu & my couch.... But I have kids If you can find a class that is enjoyable, not time consuming and doesn't require any assignments, go for it. Something enjoyable for yourself is needed in NS.
  5. Agreed. Some are single (or not residing with a SO), no children & many live with a parent/s. Less time & responsibility they have to juggle. Not putting down achievements or lifestyles, I applaud doing well & getting done before commitments take hold. If I had no family responsibility I may think nursing school is not so bad. But, having extra responsibility changes ones view a bit. Something like a 3-year-old climbing all over while attempting study tends to make productivity decline & amplify the workload & stress of NS. It's a matter of perspective.
  6. MiladyMalarkey


    How about don't use weed, problem solved!
  7. MiladyMalarkey

    Two weeks in-not sure I can do this!

    For what it is worth, the first 8 weeks of my 1st semester were grueling and we were also told this by our instructor. The last half of the semester wasn't "easy" but wasn't as stressful as the first half. It was trying to acclimate that was the hardest part. I have two very small kids, so know where you are coming from. But, I graduate in May cause I hung in. It's one thing if you are feeling stressed and another if you feel like I don't want to do this, consider which of those they are before dropping. I'm a reader and learn best from note taking, but there was no way I could ever keep up with the reading. So, I skimmed the chapters, meaning I'd read the first and last sentence of each paragraph to get the main idea, if it was something really technical, I'd read the whole paragraph. The texts have a lot of fluff. Also, I really concentrated on topics instructor spoke about in lecture, instead of getting super heavy into a subject in the text, I would skim whatever was not discussed in some way in class. It helped. Basically, you need to figure out what works for you to study and learn and it took me several weeks to get a system down. If now isn't the right time or you don't want to do it, then drop, but, think long and hard before you do, if you really want to do this, you'll be able to find a system that works. Good luck.
  8. MiladyMalarkey

    When to Start Applying for Jobs

    I just recently asked this question under my states forum as well, I kinda got the feel to wait until about April to apply in my state and then it could only be at certain hospitals. Sounds like it is very dependent on not only your state but also the healthcare organizations.
  9. MiladyMalarkey

    Would this shirt get me into trouble in class?

    Eh, I would not opt to wear it in class.
  10. MiladyMalarkey

    without a job until after new years

    It's all fun and games for those friends until the herpes comes home with them....
  11. MiladyMalarkey

    Job Hunting Prior to Graduation/NCLEX?

    Hopefully some recent new grads are on here and can explain how this works. I've heard many do get job offers with hospitals prior to graduation/passage of NCLEX. How does this work? I graduate in May. How soon do people start applying to new grad positions? How does that work? I understand any offers are tentative upon passage of NCLEX. I'm a realist, I understand even if I start applying I likely won't get any offers, but, I'd like to start work as soon as I can after NCLEX, so doesn't hurt to try. Anyone have experience with this?
  12. I enjoyed reading this & will be checking in Monday for chapter 2. It seems writing is a gift you possess!
  13. MiladyMalarkey

    Can I Get A Priest? Running Out Of Time!

    I can't speak to whether what you did was "right or wrong" professionally, but what I can speak to is if I were a dying patient I would've wanted you to do for me what you did for him. I'm a non-denominational Christian, and while not everyone would find this acceptable, I personally could care less what denomination the Pastor or Priest was, heck I would have even been happy to have a Rabbi or Imam bless me before I took my last breath. I'm going to God anyway, let whatever holy man is available bless & pray for me and my soul on my way out. I understand for many if not most people that is completely taboo and a no-no, but for me and others like me, it would bring me some peace & I think you brought this man some peace.
  14. My child was born premature and had to have a feeding tube inserted in the NICU, she was too small to even fathom trying to have her latch and would become exhausted after just minutes of suckling on nipple, hence the feeding tube. Anyhow, I was encouraged in the hospital to pump while the NICU also supplemented her with formula. Even though I knew this was necessary and there was no physical way my child could breastfeed, I felt the stigma of "breast is best". I felt like a failure as a mother and it depressed & guilted me. In hindsight and after being able to breastfeed in addition to formula another child, the thought of the guilt I felt about this is upsetting to me. How mother's are shamed for not doing what is "natural" is terrible. To be able to breastfeed your child is a wonderful thing, I was fortunate enough to be able to do it with my second, but for many of us for various reasons it isn't always possible. Breast is great, but fed is best!