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MiladyMalarkey has 3 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in Neuro.

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  1. MiladyMalarkey

    Am I being too picky on a job or is it just bad luck?

    You are in a position to be able to pick & choose what you do or do not want. If it don't feel like a match just keep trucking along till you find what you are looking for. You have a job while you are looking anyhow. Do what's right for you.
  2. MiladyMalarkey

    Is it legal to chart for something you didn't do?

    Look at it this way, if something went sideways with a patient, an event occurred or something & you charted for that patient during that time--when you were not present, you could have a very rough time explaining to the State Board or some lit...
  3. MiladyMalarkey

    Pros and Cons of Taking Evening Classes

    It was 50/50 for me taking evening classes. I like the age range, our youngest was 19 & oldest 65, it was cool having such a range of people with different life experiences. Half the class had kids, half didn't. I didn't dig class going till 9-10...
  4. MiladyMalarkey

    How many jobs have you had in your career?

    So far, just 1 job, but I'm only a tender 2ish years in. I really like my neuro floor thus far no plans to leave, it has it's days of course & the 1st year was rough for me working nights full time with small kids. I wanted to leave. What I did r...
  5. MiladyMalarkey

    How to Deal with Opportunists in Pre-Reqs

    I didn't really experience opportunists (not to say they don't exist), lazy group work members for sure. But I do attribute that to not sharing grades & being a little older, crankier & antisocial & the younger folk not being interested i...
  6. MiladyMalarkey


    I wasn't so tired as my body fiercly ached, especially that last trimester. If anything, working nights preggo had me sleeping even better during the day, my body was extra tired and I'd go into super deep sleeps after work. Baby born good and healt...
  7. MiladyMalarkey

    Nurse forced to work as a tech/CNA

    I'd hope your employer is actively looking for techs/CNA's, I assume they are paying you RN pay while you tech? And then also paying travelers that expensive traveler RN pay? That is just crazy expensive on their part and something I'd think they wou...
  8. MiladyMalarkey

    Medications Mixing and Nasogastric Feeding Tubes

    I have never administered them one at a time.
  9. MiladyMalarkey

    How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    I plan on seeing nursing through to my retirement. I have to be honest though, not sure if my body will be able to tolerate all my remaining years at bedside. We'll see!
  10. MiladyMalarkey

    New Nurse Needing Advice: Should it be this bad?

    I started on a tele floor, the first year I hated it, but pretty sure I would've hated any floor. I think it's because we are new, don't know what we are doing and for me it was a mini anxiety attack every shift I had to go in. And that was on the ...
  11. MiladyMalarkey

    Why´╗┐ do nurses cringe when I say I want to be a OR nurse?

    OR is pretty competative to get into in my organization, surprising people look down on it.
  12. MiladyMalarkey

    Med-Surg IV Meds

    Tons of antibiotics to hang & NS, many, various push meds. When I don't know something I read up on the med reference before administering. Remember a quick call to pharmacy is always a option when in doubt or you have questions. They are very h...
  13. MiladyMalarkey

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    I understand the benefits of bedside shift report. With that said, I don't care for it. It can be helpful at times, but other times it can be frustrating. -I notice management is rounding as day shift starts and are sticklers about us doing it, co...
  14. It may be your environment is toxic. The day anyone yelled at me about a call light, especially when I have a justified reason why I can not hop to go get it, would be the day we would be having a talk. You deserve a certain amount of respect (as y...
  15. MiladyMalarkey

    2 Nurse Verification of SubQ Insulin

    We do the 2 nurse verification