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  1. broughden

    First clinical nightmare

    Yeah I didnt see their post about not knowing the rights of med administration until after I had already posted. While not knowing a full assessment makes sense (at least compared to my own program) not knowing the 6 rights of med administration by now seems extremely strange.
  2. broughden

    First clinical nightmare

    Our school is set up similarly. We learn our assessment system by system, we arent cleared for a full assessment until the end of the first semester. As for your clinical instructor, I would discuss what happened with your lecture professor. Clinical instructorship is a side gig for most of them or sometimes they are "thinking" about becoming professors. Your lecture professor is still overall in charge. Ive been told our school has even dismissed clinical instructors at the end of their first semesters due to not being a "good fit" (ie competent) for the program.
  3. broughden

    Blew a vein during clinical

    This is going to happen. A lot! Dont sweat it. My gosh when I was still in the army and we were learning to give IVs we practiced on each other. By the end of the week, we looked like a support group for hemophiliac intravenous drug users. Frankly the fact that nursing schools have mostly discontinued the practice of allowing nursing students to practice on each other is sad and detracts from gaining needed competence.
  4. broughden

    about to fail nursing clinical

    We dont have a lot of info to go on. Are you in a ADN or BSN program? Are you in a public or for profit program? At our school clinicals are attached to a specific lecture course. While we have clinical instructors, they are generally not actual members of the faculty (most of them are either wanna-be professors or doing this as a side gig). Since they are not actual members of the faculty nor the lecture professor, they have a limited say in what happens. The lecture professor can overrule them if a disagreement arises. For example we had a recent DNP grad clinical instructor in their early 20's who wanted to play hard butt, and took it on themselves to assign weekly papers and extend clinicals from 12 to 15+ hours with pre and post conference. The lecture professor got involved and reigned it all back in. So my advice? If you dont feel you are getting a fair shake from your clinical instructor then make an office appointment with your lecture professor and discuss the issue professionally and politely with them.
  5. broughden

    Any RNs considering medical school?

    For someone who keeps touting their intelligence I find it remarkable that you neither know how to use the quote button, nor type in grammatically correct paragraphs.
  6. broughden

    Friend is sending FB requests to all ICU/ER nurses

    That they need to seek professional counseling, as this is a spectacularly bad idea and as you said they seem to be obsessed with it which can be unhealthy to this degree.
  7. broughden

    talking to the cops about my patient

    As a former cop whose been in lots of hospitals I can state, your facility should have a written policy for this.
  8. broughden

    Credentials question

    I dont know what the nursing "culture" is but I agree with this. Nursing is a second career for me. However, the practice of listing your degree behind your name is generally tied to a career where you are licensed and the degree is part of that license, ie MD or BSN, RN. So I would not put MBA behind my name upon becoming an RN, anymore than I would have prior to becoming an RN. Having an MBA is in no way tied to your licensing as a nurse. Unless its nursing affiliated it appears a bit pretentious and silly to me. Edit- A friend once told me. The only people who put MBA behind their name got their degrees from University of Phoenix. LOL
  9. broughden

    Out of practice NP - which terminal degree

    Our faculty is 75% DNP to PhD. The only EdD is the admissions director.
  10. broughden

    Enablement Overload

    Normally I'd agree with you but the amount of whining in this thread by professionals who are supposed to care for and protect the some of the most vulnerable of our population, calling children who are 5, 6 or 7 years old "entitled" or "snowflakes." Sorry but that frankly boggles my mind.
  11. broughden

    Enablement Overload

    Oh I sincerely apologize that I wasnt here checking everyday for your reply in order to answer. I am a BSN student and abuse survivor. Oh yes thank you so much for correcting me on mistakenly advocating for abused children, so that you can rant about a child with a tummy ache. Blow off all the steam you need, I simply posted my concern about the potential of an abused child being ignored because you are just sooo frustrated with little Timmy. Again if a child and a fake tummyache are what you are "blowing off steam" over, then your life is pretty good all things considered.
  12. broughden

    I would really love....

    If you parent your child based on information from Facebook posts, you should be stripped of your parental rights and be denied the ability to bear more offspring. We need to stop the stupid people from breeding and raising more just like themselves!
  13. broughden

    Allegation of Neglect

    So because they told you they had a camera, you admitted to something you know you didnt do? With 12 years of experience on the job? Either you arent being honest or you have a spectacularly bad decision.
  14. broughden

    Allegation of Neglect

    Im not buying that. That is the single most boneheaded excuse Ive ever heard.
  15. broughden

    Enablement Overload

    Ever consider its an abused or beaten or bullied child using the easiest excuse they can think of to come to what they perceive as a safe place with someone who wont judge them and is supposed to care? These arent small adults who throw tantrums over Starbucks cups not being Christmasy enough. They are vulnerable children and the bellyache you seem to be so quick to dismiss maybe from being punched by a drunk parent the night before. Having been one of those abused kids, who never opened up to anyone because everyone always seemed to busy, I'd suggest maybe not being so quick to judge and taking the time to make sure there isnt an underlying condition. I mean if the worst part of your day is a kid faking a tummy ache, its a pretty good day in the grand scheme of things.