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  1. broughden

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Hot Cheetos are now making national news. Some rapper got torn up from them. Lil Xan Hospitalized For Eating Too Many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos | Consequence of Sound
  2. broughden

    Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation - Can I be Forced to Work?

    Uhm no. Despite what the OP stated, I actually read the governor's executive order outlining the evacuation order and all exceptions made there to. The governor didn't specifically order any hospitals to close. He ordered evacuation of specific geogrpahic areas but allowed a broad exception to healthcare facilities that needed to remain open. The decision to remain open was left up to the facility's medical director.
  3. broughden

    Student Charge Nurse out of line

    Nursing school ALWAYS needs more drama! It feeds on it!
  4. broughden

    Worried sick that I may have caught MRSA?

    Wow, I am so sorry to hear this. Frankly I'd draw up your last will and testament, and prepare your family. Alternatively, you could just wash your hands. LOL ;-)
  5. broughden

    Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation - Can I be Forced to Work?

    Because the governor issued exceptions for medical facilities that needed to remain open. Which most people seem to be ignoring.
  6. broughden

    New grad bedside nursing disappointment

    1. Realize you're an adult and no one cares more about your career than you should. We can give advice. Your family can give advice. Other nurses at your hospital can give advice. But no one is responsible for your career but you. 2. Take some responsibility, buckle down, start exploring other career paths within the field of nursing and figure out if ANY of them appeal to you. If not then get out of nursing. If some do then go to those wards, clinics, offices, ask if you can shadow them for a shift or two and see if you really like it. Im in my first semester of a five semester BSN program. Im already talking to area hospitals, nursing supervisors and creating my own clinical opportunities to shadow nurses and NP's see which specific fields I would enjoy. 3. Get some thicker skin. Welcome to the wonderful world of adulting. Patients are rude. Nurses are rude. Basically the whole world is rude. Get used to it, it won't change. Im sorry you're shy and have no confidence, but given your entire career is based around dealing with sick strangers in pain and coworkers who are typically stressed out and cynical...you might not have made the best choice of a career based on your personality. So work on being more confident, or find a new career. Good luck!
  7. broughden

    New Grad to Busy ER

    Dont be to hard on yourself. From one veteran to another, you sound like every ER nurse Ive ever met (at least those who work in busy inner city ER's). Stick it out. Like you said. Its tougher than Afghanistan, so prove to yourself you can take it. Then take all that ER experience (on paper) and do something better with it...like flight nurse, or applying for an ER RN position with the DoD, or go back on active duty as an officer, or apply for an ENP program. In the meantime, find something to channel your anger into. Personally I use the gym. My anger, frustration and cynicism turns into bench presses and pushups and 5 mile runs. Im in better shape now than I was on active duty.
  8. broughden

    She called my MOTHER!!!

    Im going to say the same thing here I just said in another thread...I dont understand how or why some people let others walk all over them likes this. So what if she's family? She is abusing you. Tell her she is no longer welcome at the practice and if she shows up again you will have her cited for trespassing. Why would you let someone treat you this way? ^This. 100% agree.
  9. broughden

    What to do?? A whole BOX of crazy!!!

    I dont understand how some people can let others walk all over them likes this. Im not putting the OP down, it just doesnt compute in my brain. I'd get furious if someone treated me like this. As for what the OP said..... This is illegal in all 50 states. File a labor and wage complaint against her.
  10. broughden

    Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

    Given the number of profiles who ONLY post on threads about women's issues or racial issues, Im sure he is probably still here and just using a new profile name. I report them all.
  11. broughden

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    You're not an ally. You're trying to masquerade as one. Allies dont use phrases like "playing the race card." They dont say things like, "every time a minority doesnt get their way." They dont try and hijack threads written by a minority POC asking for the stories and experiences of other POC,to turn the topic of conversation to "well its not ALWAYS racism." You can go sell that "abused ally" story somewhere else because NO ONE here is buying it.
  12. broughden

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    Your dog whistles and blatant bias aren't as well hidden as you think they are.
  13. broughden

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    It seems someone took issue with my pointing out that the obesity epidemic is growing. Not sure how you can get upset over that unless you just want to deny reality. So the post was deleted by a mod/admin.
  14. broughden

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    You might be legit. You might actually be an ally against racism. But when someone says something like, it calls their integrity into question. Because typically the only people saying things like this are white people who want to deny systemic racism and white privilege. Oh wait...nevermind. I kept reading. Now you want to play the victim.
  15. broughden

    Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

    Ive never gotten concerned about anyone as a "person", to my knowledge I dont know anyone here and Im not friends with anyone here. I have gotten concerned about some posters' continued employment within the field of healthcare. Whether it's the 8+ NCLEX attempts, the 5 or so med errors with in their first year of employment, or some of the other personal and disturbing details posters have shared here in connection with their employment.
  16. broughden

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Im a nursing student. Not nurse, as Ive noted a few times. And I was a cop for a long time before that, and a soldier before that. My ability to laugh at really bad, messed up situations is fully developed, because sometimes humor is the only thing that can keep you sane in an insane situation. Its called gallows humor or dark humor for a reason, and as I stated its well known among cops, nurses and soldiers. And since its my mental health and my jokes, I get to decide who I laugh at and why. However Im also full on tree hugging, progressive liberal who understand the interplay of the socio-economic problems, educational system problems and the problems in our health care system destroying different populations and communities across America. Anyway when its all said and done, I'll laugh at who and what I want. You can join in or not, as you decide.