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Devon Rex ADN, BSN

Rehab, Ortho-Spine, Med-Surg, & Psych
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Devon Rex has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Rehab, Ortho-Spine, Med-Surg, & Psych.

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  1. Devon Rex

    Infraction-Driving without license- can I still be an RN?

    Contact the California Board of Nursing https://www.rn.ca.gov/
  2. Devon Rex

    4 Reasons Ghosting an Employer is a Bad Idea

    Recently, I gained employment with an organization which budgeted for a 6 week orientation/training program prior to have me work by myself. This period of time allows for both parties to assess each other and hopefully continue an employer/employee relationship for years to come. Unfortunately, I did not like what I saw and gave my notice on the fifth week. Since I was still on orientation, the employer and I did not see the point on continuing employment as I would be leaving soon; so they gladly accepted my resignation effective immediately. I do not recommend anyone to “ghost” employers, but be mindful of resignations during orientation, they may be deemed effective immediately. However, it’s better than no notice at all.
  3. Devon Rex

    English/writing section

    Hello, If you don't know how to write an essay, you need to go back to basics. A tutor should help.
  4. Devon Rex

    Nursing clinical supplies

    Google: "Scrubs in my area" These stores should carry everything you need.
  5. Devon Rex

    Can anyone give feedback on my Personal Statement

    Hello, I'm willing to take a look and give you feedback. I'm an RN, but not in the anesthesiology concentration, however, I have the best intentions. IM me.
  6. Devon Rex

    Passed NCLEX! 1st try

    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX !!!
  7. Devon Rex

    Need advice. Going back to get my BSN at 31!

    Do exactly that. Make an appointment and bring copies of your unofficial transcripts to your school of choice (community colleges are cheaper). They will tell you exactly what you need to take or retake. Then move forward. Best wishes!
  8. Devon Rex

    Prereq question

    Hello! Everyone is different, but this is how I did it... I took all of my prerequisites for the ADN first; then went for my ADN (Science). Once graduated, I took the NCLEX-RN, passed it the first try and started looking for a job. At that time, I discovered I needed three more classes in order to earn an AA (Arts), which in my school was required to earn a baccalaureate degree (BSN). So I took those three AA prerequisites over the summer and started my BSN the following Fall. This setup provided me to get licensed and start working sooner as an RN. Best wishes !!
  9. Devon Rex

    Should I transfer nursing schools?

    I have always said your journey through nursing school is just that: Your Journey. It is not a competition. Move at a pace that makes sense for you and your daughter. You will get to the finish line at the right time. :)
  10. Devon Rex

    Drug rehab before nursing school

    Hello, You might be able to find the school and complete a program without disclosing this, but you will need to disclose it before taking the NCLEX-RN. I recommend you to contact the Florida Board of Nursing for further advice before you enroll in nursing school. Florida Board of Nursing - Licensing, Renewals & Information
  11. Devon Rex

    Research proposal

    Please put this into context. Provide the instructions you were given... it will help everyone help you. :)
  12. Devon Rex

    Nursing practice I

    Please provide more details. Which school and specific program? Thanks!
  13. Devon Rex

    Having trouble figuring out a path to RN

    Hello futura4, I think you should break down your plan into shorter goals. I would concentrate in getting all the prerequisites for nursing, then your ADN, get licensed, and start working as a nurse. The BSN portion is a very doable online undertaking while you ensure nursing is the right field for you. The BSN portion provides for a broader scope of nursing. If you find nursing is really for you and want to take it to the next level, then move forward with the graduate portion. The NP's scope of practice is very different and more complex than an RN with an ADN or BSN. It will steer you more into the medical field, not an easy task and a lot more responsibilities. Being an NP is very noble and an awesome accomplishment; however, you need to be the right person for it. You will only know that once you get through nursing school and start working with patients. Good luck with everything! Cheers!
  14. Devon Rex

    Resume help

    Hello! There are plenty of resume templates available online. Find one that best relates to your situation and tailor it to it. And yes, include your volunteer work and the fact that you took care of your mother. As far as jobs... it depends on how long you held them and what they were for. A two week job wont help unless it's healthcare related. I don't have much to go by with your post, so I can't really comment beyond this. Cheers!
  15. Hello, It will most likely be grueling! You will not only need a job to pay your bills, but you will need an employer that is flexible enough to let you attend all the clinicals when you need to. That's a tough sell if your employer is not going to benefit from when you become an RN. Think hard about moving out before completing nursing school.
  16. Devon Rex

    Not sure nursing is for me??

    I believe you have already answered your question. So, switch to something you are passionate about.