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mmutk has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-I and specializes in Emergency Dept, ICU.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking into the USA FNP/ACNP program such as the one you are enrolled in. There was a lot of negative feedback that there are no lectures or anything posted, just --> do the reading--> get tested on material. I wanted to ask the legitimacy of this since you're in the program now. Also regarding papers, is there a lot of writing required? 




  2. mmutk

    Shocked by MD attitude

    I agree with TraumaRus, don't give too much info because that opens you up for criticism. Hey I saw that patient again today, she was jaundiced and complained of worsening belly pain. Her husband wanted to take her to the ER, so he did. End of story. Not much you can complain about there. It's not like you did a direct admit.
  3. mmutk

    FNP Oversaturation

    One good thing about being an AGACNP is your still an RN. I practice at a hospital where an NP works as an RN in the ICU because it pays so much right now.
  4. mmutk

    FNP Oversaturation

    I am in school now for my ACNP/FNP DNP dual program for this reason. If the market gets saturated I need to make sure I am a step above with the DNP and dual certification. It may not help much but anything helps.
  5. I wish more people realized nursing wasn't for them. Instead they just do a horrible job at work, make everyone else's day much harder, and risk the lives of the patient's they 'take care of'.
  6. Our inpatient NPs do Rapid Response and go to codes in the hospital. None of our ED NPs see any patients out of fasttrack.
  7. mmutk

    Septic shock and reaction to Rocephin/Ceftriaxone

    I've not heard of ever watching patients for a reaction before admitting them in the hospital. We do watch for any type of reaction before sending a patient home. I do not deal with much pediatric population, however in the SICU I work in I see allot of sepsis and give this antibotic frequently and have never seen a reaction like this blammed on gram rods and antibiotics mixing ??
  8. mmutk

    Importance of good grades!!!

    I don't think jobs care what grades you rec'd, I think this article just represents futhering your education.
  9. mmutk

    So I Have This Rash... What Do You Think?

    I don't mind if you ask me, just like if I had a mechanic in the family I would look forward to his or her opinion. If I don't know or it's out of my scope of knowledge I just defer them to thier primary MD.
  10. I use CERNER Powerchart in the ICU and it took some getting used too like all new programs... but I enjoy it now. When I float to the ER I use Firstnet and while it is a CERNER product, it is designed for ED use and is very different than the CERNER Powerchart I use on the floor. On the floor we are reg'd to scan armbands to give meds but NOT in theER, so it is very adjustable per what you desire.
  11. mmutk

    At scene of fatal accident yesterday...

    What did EMS do when they got there? Did they start CPR or just cover her with a blanket. I made the mistake as a firefighter once doing CPR on a MVA victim who was clearly dead. It created a mess, then EMS had to continue it, then the hospital had to "try" when she got there. A waste a time and resources, all because I started CPR at the scene. If she was already dead, you made the right choice.
  12. mmutk

    Fungal Meningitis

    I have taken care of one of these patients who died here in Nashville. It is a tough situation even if you do get the antibiotics started quickly. Expect a prolonged ICU stay with multiple co-morbidities. Also several of the cultures will come back sterile for the first 6-7 days. See this month's New England Journal of Medicine for a detailed case presentation on patient ZERO @ VUMC.
  13. mmutk

    Where does everyone stand in the Trauma Room?

    I have a pdf of our setup but no image I can post here... Trauma Resuscitation Team - Positioning EDA PAMD TTL, TNP PMD, PN PATIENT SN, or P PCT Scribe TFRT MS KEY: 1. Trauma Team-Leader (TTL): A Senior (PGY-4) 2. Trauma Attending or Fellow (TA or TF) - 3. Primary MD (PMD) - A Second Year Surgical or Emergency DepartmentResident4. Primary Airway MD (PAMD) 5. ED Attending (EDA)- Will be responsible for supervising thePAMD. 6. Primary Nurse(PN) 7. Secondary Nurse SN Or Paramedic (P)8. Scribe Nurse (Scribe) 9.Patient Care TechnicianPCT) - 10. Radiology Technicians (RT) - 11. Trauma Nurse Practitioner(TNP)- 12. Medical Student (MS)-
  14. mmutk

    applied for nicu got a call for ER interview

    The ER you were called about sounds desperate, be careful.
  15. mmutk

    Pharmacy Techs in ED

    JCAHO says med recs need to be done on ALL patients seen in the inpatient or outpatient setting. Sure is expensive to pay a pharmacist to do med recs, I would think you could hire an admit RN to do this.
  16. mmutk


    We do our's 1:1, it's all about safety and competence. I have worked at other hospitals though with a big disconect between managers and the patient's acuity.