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And do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

  1. by   VICEDRN
    Pt with a hx of sleep apnea presented to ED complaining of periods of no breathing during sleep previous night. States she thinks it might be getting worse. Already has CPAP.

    She was summarily discharged without a single intervention and with instructions on her previously diagnosed condition.
  2. by   girlvet
    infected paper cut per ambulance
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  3. by   MuzzleSnuzzler
    Would LOVE to be able to direct pts to Walgreens/CVS. Most days at least 1/4 of our waiting room could be taken care of with OTC meds.
    A few of my favorite:
    -Constipation x 2 days. Yep, called 911 for that one, arrived by ambulance
    -Yeast infection
    -"Raging fever" . . . 99.2
    -Elevated BP, pt states, "I don't take those blood pressure pills. If it gets too high I just come in here and y'all fix it for me" [brilliant]
    -"Both sides of my nose are stopped up and I don't like breathing through my mouth" (arrived at 0200)
    -"vomiting for the past 19 years"
    -wanting to be tested for swine flu even though pt has no symptoms because "I work with some Mexicans"

    ahhhh, job security
  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    Ain't that the truth!
  5. by   gardengal1
    We had a 63 year old male come to our ER a couple of days ago, complaining that his eyebrows hurt. After extensive testing because we didn't want to miss anything due to his age, he left with a diagnosis of myofacial pain and instructed to take tylenol!!!!!!!
  6. by   steelydanfan
    And what normal rational person would decide that because his eyebrows hurt it demanded a trip to the ER? the ER takes care of crazy people ALL DAY LONG.
  7. by   nicknurse
    1. an old lady was sent to the ED by her hairdresser, who found a "dangerous swelling" on her head, while he was cutting her hair. The little old lady had actually fallen a couple of weeks before, suffering from a mild head trauma.
    The hairdresser wrote a paper for the ED, explaining that he was sending the lady because he was seriously worried about the risk that "an intracranial hemorrage was possibly trying to get out" of the little old lady's head.
    I suppose the hairdresser was a Ridley Scott's "Aliens" movie fan...

    2. a patient called an EMS ambulance at 4 in the morning and arrived at the ED because of his hemorrhoids...
    and that guy had been suffering from hemorrhoids for at least 6 years. When I asked him why has he called an ambulance in the middle of the night for a problem he had since 2004, he answered that an ambulance was much more cheaper than a taxi (in Italy, EMS is for free, as well as hospital care)

    3. a young, foreign girl who complained of "headache for the last seven years, never visited by her general pratictioner, no painkillers taken"

    (by the way, that was the winner of my ED "funny triage of the year award", 2009 edition)

    4. a patient who had been constipated "since a couple of hours"...

    Just my 2 cent

    Greetings from an Italian colleague
  8. by   JDZ344
    Here is some I have seen whilst working as a float tech in the ED:

    - Paper cut (brough in by ambulance, complaining of breathing difficulties due to shock. Given a band aid and sent home by NP within 5 minutes of arrival)

    - Young woman demanding an X-ray of her chest to see if her lungs got sunburnt(!)
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  9. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from katiep86
    paper cut (brough in by ambulance, complaining of breathing difficulties due to shock. given a band aid and sent home by np within 5 minutes of arrival)
    snort!! this on tickled my funnybone royally. thank you.
  10. by   fortunato
    Still a student - but I remember some funny reasons I had to send some of my students to the ER when I was a RA at Michigan State University.

    Probably the worse was I had a guy on my floor who thought it would be a swell idea to glue his eye lids together with super glue after a Frat brother of his dared him to!

    I also had one guy who got dared to slam 2 bottle of Soy sauce at the dinner table! He told me later that after "his ass felt like a super soaker" he had a friend drive him to the ER! LORD!

    Crazy college antics has prepared me for this line of work! LOL!
  11. by   traumaerRN
    What I particularly like is things like the beads up the nose or in the ear and they come by ambulance because they didn't have "any way to get here" but then a miracle occurs and there are 4 loved ones that show up of course with a car who of course can take them home..... No matter what part of the country you work in we all get this stupid stuff because these people simply can't afford to go to the Doctor's office or they are too lazy to get up when the Dr's office is open and they know we will see them no matter what. BTW I think a pregnancy kit can be gotten for a dollar at the dollar store and so can tylenol and ibuprofen ---- amazing isn't it.....
  12. by   traumaerRN
    We had a pt present w/law enforcement (can you believe it) and when she was told she could go back to jail she threw herself down on the floor and fakes the absolute worst "seizure" in the world- anyway the other nurse with me proceeded to tell her that if she was going to try to fake seizures again that she should really read up on it because that had to be the worst fake seizure that we had ever seen. So she jumps up and says some lovely choice words and said ok guess i'm going back to jail and we said yup see ya later and then we both just almost wet our pants laughing to hard....

    I also had a girl that presented with a "black tongue" and was all worried about this in the middle of night. I asked if she had been eating anything black and she said NO but her friend said "didn't you have some black licorice" oh she forgot about that. Then she ask me to call her probation officer to let him know that she had been there She was wearing a bracelet around her ankle and could only be out for some much time. Anyway, I declined and told her she needed to go right home because she did not need to see the dr.
  13. by   MCRNENC(C)
    Quote from Maxwell Smart
    I used to work with this triage nurse who just loved the expression "therapeutic wait", at first I was a little shocked but I must admit that the expression has grown on me somewhat.
    I'm sure I don't need to (or probably want to) elaborate.
    Suffice to say, there is limited scope for deterring inappropriate presentations
    or unreasonable demands, but the "therapeutic wait" ensures that they don't get it all their own way at least.
    "Therapeutic Wait" This is EPIC! Hope you don't mind - but I will be adopting that phrase!