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sharpeimom has 20 years experience and specializes in ortho, hospice volunteer, psych,.

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  1. sharpeimom

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Grover It wouldn't be so funny if we hadn't had a dog with that name.
  2. sharpeimom

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    The father's name is Raymond James ____. Son's legal name? Ryaj Grandson's name? Rayjjr All I can do is shake my head and say, "Huh?"
  3. sharpeimom

    You know your nurse brain is still at work when....

    When I go into our bathroom and immediately look for the I&O sheet. When I give our dog a Benadryl in pill pocket and immediately write them both down in the margin of the morning paper. If one of the cats or dogs gets a scratch or cut, I'll take a quick picture of it so I can be sure it's healing. The vet knows you can remove sutures and calls you to say you should go ahead and remove them since it's so cold. He's already given me a couple "just in case" suture removal kits before.
  4. sharpeimom

    Clipping nails at nurse's station

    I worked inpatient locked department psych for too long to let a few fingernails bother me. Toenail clippings would be marginal.
  5. sharpeimom

    Funny student interaction today...

    A student with a question stopped by the house. He was wearing that lovely shirt.
  6. sharpeimom

    Funny student interaction today...

    I saw a t-shirt recently that I think this kid needs. It said, "Testicle Festival! Bring ALL the testosterone you can make!" No thanks! I'll just skip that one if it's OK.
  7. sharpeimom

    More Strange Baby Names

  8. sharpeimom

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    At the vet's office: Fluffy. The only problem? Fluffy is a foxy and not the long-awaited type.
  9. sharpeimom

    More Strange Baby Names

    Birth announcement in the paper: 11# boy named Longjohn. Yep. Just like the doughnut.
  10. sharpeimom

    Dilute Urine Test?!?

    My nurse cousin had a similar experience. It had been a HOT day when it was difficult to drink enough to remain hydrated. He went for the routine drug test required of all employees on his unit when his break came. The sample was amber. When sample was tested, it was off. His results had always been clean before so he redid it and passed with flying colors. You'll do great!
  11. sharpeimom

    Shoes?! Socks?! Tights?! OH MY!

    You mean I have to wear shoes and socks?! Sigh I wore the old fashioned tie up the side ones. They were either Clinics or NurseMates. I forget which.They were ugly but they were comfortable and had wonderful support I wore socks and walking shoe-type sneakers when I worked psych.
  12. I was a student nurse and this gentleman was one of my first patients. He was in his mid-nineties and delightful. He had scleroderma. I was helping him wash the places he couldn't reach. We were chatting as we worked. He had been an international lawyer. His stories were fascinating. He and his late wife ad lived in many countries. I glanced at his toes and, to my horror, made a a sickening discovery. He was unaware. One of his toes had come off! I didn't know w hat to do. Finally, as I was about to tell him,.He.noticed. my dilemma. He told me to just pick it up in a washcloth and take it to the nurse. Fortunately, my instructor appeared at the door. Phew! She told me later that my reaction had been fine. I'm still not sure what the proper response would have been.
  13. sharpeimom

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    I laughed so hard that three cats got down and stomped off!
  14. sharpeimom

    Disciplinary Question

    Former manager here. If he has had a satisfactory record up until now, I think I'd give him a very stern talking to. I think, if we're honest, almost all of us have done something we wish we could take back. Not malicious, just unthought out and dumb. Unfortunately, there are no do-overs. All you can do is apologize profusely and move past it.
  15. sharpeimom

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Scrubbing, scraping, chiseling, prying, dentures until the **** things come clean.
  16. Yuck!

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