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  1. mamamerlee

    How much notice when quitting a per diem job?

    Two weeks is appropriate, or the length of a schedule, prior to the next schedule. Never burn bridges.
  2. mamamerlee

    Gift ideas for nursing staff?

    Some decent pens, or perhaps pocket planners to write their schedules in.
  3. mamamerlee

    Cute nursing humore videos

    These always make me laugh. How bad is your pain? 25. I love it!!!
  4. mamamerlee

    Nurses, I need advice

    Take the classes. You can still go to college for your BSN, and you will be better prepared than most of your peers.
  5. For a long time, I wore black slacks and a nice top. Kept a spare set in my car. But you might just be wearing 'street clothes' while you are in orientation. You will find out more next week. Some of the upper scale rehab centers have everyone in street clothes so people feel more at home, less in a nursing home.
  6. mamamerlee


    There are lawyers, frequently nurse-attorneys, who specialize in cases that go before the BON. They know what is appropriate, and can help you protect your license. This really does not seem like an offense that should strip you of your right to practice. The meds were retreived, you did not divert them for yourself or for sale. You are, presumably, clean. Seems like you made a weird error about discarding them, and then you began to panic. Take care of yourself. Talk to a lawyer!
  7. mamamerlee

    preterm inductions

    Contact the OB-GYN Board in your area, and ask them to investigate. They may do it without revealing their source.
  8. mamamerlee

    Do nurses still time tape the bag when hanging fluids?

    Sorry to those of you that think the pumps are perfect. Baxter was recently forced to recall at least 2 of their pumps for malfunctions of different sorts, including fluid going in way too fast. A number of deaths occured. There were 200,000 Baxter pumps involved. Yes, time tapes may be redundant, but it is a handy skill to learn for that time when you are in disaster mode and all the pumps are in use.
  9. mamamerlee

    Turmoil with salary vs lifestyle - need advice.

    Do you have to live in the city? Aren't there cheaper places to live? How much of a down payment will you have for any kind of house or condo? You don't say how long you have been employed, or if you are actually supporting anyone now. There are way too many factors to know if it is necessary to make much more, or if you are living beyond your means. An example might be - how necessary is a car if you live in the city? Insurance and parking are both very expensive. I didn't own a car when I lived in downtown Philly. Examine your needs and eliminate some 'wants'. Best wishes!
  10. mamamerlee

    Field Start IV policy

    Rexie - very hard to read your red post.
  11. mamamerlee

    Do you believe animals have a sixth sense towards death?

    This is nothing new, it has been discussed here before. Many people believe that animals can sense a change in a person's status, whether it's just a cold, or impending death, or seizures. The challenge here is trying to find out how they know - is it a chemical change, electric fields, or whatever. We may never know.
  12. mamamerlee

    Pet Peeve

    Although long gone are the multi-bed wards, there are still some hospitals with 'semi-private' rooms. I was in one last week. My roommate kept leaving her 'hat' in the toilet, and not calling her nurse for it to be dumped. Needless to say, I had to remove it so I could use the toilet. What fun... And the ER there was ancient, just curtains between the beds. No privacy for assessments and conversation. Sometiems HIPAA is just a dream.
  13. mamamerlee

    Things that should be banned in acute care.

    I was just in the hospital last week. It was a public hospital, no fancy menus, food just arrived. I was not supposed to have caffeine for 24 hrs before the stress test. I was served Iced Tea at both lunch and dinner. I no longer have caffeine after about 2 pm anyway, it keeps me awake. I drank so much water those 2 days that I was floating. Or wish I could have, all the way to the bathroom!
  14. mamamerlee

    Really?? A Farmer's Market in the hospital?

    There's a difference between the short time of a sale, and the fresh fruit or flowers that linger for days in a hospital room. I like the idea of a Farmers' Market in the hospital, and would certainly try to make my purchases on the way out, if possible!
  15. mamamerlee

    A legality question about pay

    The Labor Board will look into all unfair labor practices without telling the business who did the reporting. Most places build that overlap into the paid shift time, which is why the shifts end 15-30 minutes past 8 hours.