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mamamerlee has 35 years experience as a LPN and specializes in home health, dialysis, others.

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  1. mamamerlee

    What would you Do?

    Call your DON, let the higher-ups deal with it.
  2. mamamerlee

    Out of control resident!!!!!!

    If this is a fairly new behavior someone needs to tell the doc. His behavior is disruptive to the entire unit, and will make many people resent him. When does he sleep? And why does he need to have his cell phone with him all night long? Make certain he does not nap during the day. Have someone in activities make a pouch for his phone that can hang on his bed. This may be a sign that he is developing dementia.
  3. mamamerlee

    When nursing staff ask for medications

    Nothing off the med cart because everything has to be charged to someone. I usually have Ibu in my purse and I'd gladly give someone 2 of those. Many places have small kits with some OTCs, bandaids, etc.
  4. mamamerlee

    bullying at work

    How are people getting to your belongings? What did you do when you found your sneakers? I would have called security, at the very least. And gone directly to the head honcho, whoever that is. Look for a new job, pronto, and file for a hostile workplace with HR NOW. Best wishes.
  5. mamamerlee

    Patients who stay on the phone when you come...

    It's okay, in my opinion, to interrupt to tell them that you have their meds, or need to do whatever. Ask if they can call back in a few minutes because you have other pts to tend, and may not be able to get back for a while. It is not rude to ask for their attention while they are in the hospital. All medical offices have signs asking for phones to be turned off. Their medical needs outweigh socializing.
  6. mamamerlee

    Exposure to Medications

    In 36 years, I have been exposed to many things, but usually the quantity is very small. If anything liquid were to get on my hands, I would wash them - gently - immediately. I am allergic to Sulfa drugs, and avoid handling them as much as possible, including the pills. When one of my kids was on Bactrim, I only opened the bottle and made him get the pill. I can barely remember getting any injectables on my hands; why would the med leak out? Ginger80 - be sure the needle is on tight to the syringe. If that doesn't help, then wear gloves. Don't add too much air to the bottle of med, only as much as you need for withdrawal of the med. Best wishes
  7. mamamerlee

    Why are patients scheduled for operation not allowed to eat?

    Yes, the 'no eating/drinking' rule (aka NPO) has to do with the possibility of vomiting and aspiration. If the patient is having frequent stools, the docs might want to investigate the possibility of infection. Not to mention how bad it might be for the patient to need frequent turning to be cleaned up and the danger of wound infection. Ms.pebbles - if you are a nurse, I am saddened by this thread. If you are not a nurse, you may want to become one!
  8. Tewdles - I agree. Plus there are some people who have other dementias that are lumped together w/Alz, receiving Alz meds, who do not need them, and won't benefit from them. My MIL has Pick's Dementia, but was given Alz meds for quite a while. No improvement. What a waste of money.
  9. mamamerlee

    Conflict of interest, nursing family

    You should not take care of your family member, and you should try to let your charge nurse know ASAP to avoid scheduling issues. Remind your family that when you are at work, you may not be able to help or intervene on behalf of them. They should try to respect your boundaries. Best wishes!
  10. mamamerlee

    So ready to throw in the towel and it makes me sad...

    I just could not read this huge block of type. Why do all the angry and sad people find writing in paragraphs so hard?
  11. mamamerlee

    why betadine on skin for those with iodine/shellfish allergy?

    Always listen to a patient when they say they are allergic to anything! Nothing is worth the 'oops' that happens when someone thinks they know better. I had an adverse reaction to Versed and don't ever want to get it again. I tell everyone I am allergic to it. And my allergy to sulfa drug is really bad - I won't even handle the pills without gloves on.
  12. mamamerlee

    Nursing Satisfaction website...

    No, I haven't, but what happened to yentas 1 thru 6? :)
  13. mamamerlee

    What are some crazy things you've seen since being a nurse?

    We've all seen crazy things. I've been a patient too many times to count. During my last inpatient experience, post cardiac-cath, I got really disgusted when a doc listened to my femoral artery (we all know where that is, don't we?) and then wanted to listen to my heart and lungs. He then draped his scope around his neck. I pointed out to him that his scope had been in my groin, wouldn't he want to clean it before wearing it? Never occured to him. He did the 'alcohol swab to the diaphragm' routine. EWW! Only one of MANY infection control issues I have become aware of... BTW - please don't write in huge blocks of print, it is hard to read. Best wishes with your recovery.
  14. mamamerlee

    Study: Medical errors cost nation almost $20B each year

    Of these five, I only relate pressure ulcers to nursing care; the others all seem more physician-related. Please don't flame me - I am only stating an opinion.
  15. mamamerlee

    Well, its official....

    :w00t::clpty::dancgrp::anpom::anpom::hpygrp::hpygrp::hpygrp: ENOUGH SAID !!!!
  16. mamamerlee

    why betadine on skin for those with iodine/shellfish allergy?

    This would have to be done 2-3 days before surgery to really know if an allergy exists. I am not allergic to iodine or shellfish, but developed a bad dermatitis from frequent hand washing w/Betadine. Chlohexadine would be my choice.