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rbyrdrn has 6 years experience and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. rbyrdrn

    I will do differently next time

    nevermind-I tried to remove, but not successful
  2. rbyrdrn

    a couple picc questions

    This is why I love Infusion Nurses!
  3. rbyrdrn

    Years Experience on the white board

    Now thats what needs to be written on the whiteboard!:chuckle
  4. rbyrdrn

    Compact States

    You can find your answers at your states board of nursing website, including whatever state you choose to move to.
  5. rbyrdrn

    Low Census??

    Not the case in my ER. Consistently hitting well above our monthly patient census, compared to last year. Our director will be getting a big bonus!
  6. rbyrdrn

    Low Census??

    We are consistently seeing more pts every month. My director will be getting a great bonus.
  7. rbyrdrn

    Hospital Romances

    OK....yes there have been several "office romances", we work long hours and we spend a lot of time together, so it seems natural that people would eventually hook up. However, we do not have any Mcdreamys and we aren't making out in the linen closet.
  8. rbyrdrn

    texting at work

    Very unprofessional. It has become such an issue at my facility that we were given a heads-up that a new policy regarding cellphones, ipods, and what nots, is coming. In the ER many of us have emergent apps/programs on our phones that we use, but that will probably not be affected. Of course if we continue to update our facebook page during a cardioversion that might change.
  9. rbyrdrn

    Anyone in Adelphi??

    here's an idea.....look it up. nursing.adelphi.edu/undergraduate/rn_study.php
  10. rbyrdrn

    Years Experience on the white board

    Yep we are doing the AIDET stuff too...let me guess, is it a CHS facility? We have recently placed boards in our er rooms, although we have not been asked to write down our experience. My reply is usually "Today's my first day" when they ask me how long I have been a nurse, right about the time I'm putting in their IV.
  11. rbyrdrn

    Which North Carolina Nursing School is better

    I know people are not going to like my reply....but it doesn't matter. Both schools are great as well as many others. Does UNCC have a nursing program? Years from now its not going to matter. What will matter is a valid RN license without limitations, a solid work ethic, current certifications, great references......you get the idea
  12. rbyrdrn

    will it be hard for me nursing school?

    Nursing school is not easy. I imagine if English is your second language you could have more of a challenge. Was this question really necessary?
  13. rbyrdrn

    Power Ports

    All-right, had my powwow with our educator and infusion. The Power Loc Safety Infusion set is the brand/style of Huber needles that we use, and implanted ports may be accessed using these devices. However, we only place the sticker (a label on the outside of the package) on the extension set if it is a Power Port. I did not make this clear in my earlier post. The label/sticker indicates that this is a confirmed Power Port.
  14. rbyrdrn

    Power Ports

    UhOh....not the case at my facility and my educator takes pride in our infusion education. I will have to do some homework and a powwow c my educator.
  15. rbyrdrn


    Our docs & myself often prep then don sterile gloves.
  16. I was on a travel assignment when my L4-L5 herniated....I could not believe the pain- not only in the lowerback but in my right lower leg! I rested and medicated, watching the clock anxiously awaiting my next ibuprofen & Tylenol. After a few days of that I got physical therapy, and could not believe the difference p one treatment. I was able to complete my assignment, but I took 3months off before returning back to work. I continued c my back exercises, lost some weight and was able to return to the ER without incidence. Good Luck!