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  1. After 9/11, a pathologist opened a body bag and removed a bone with some flesh attached - and started laughing, because it was a pork chop. One of the other pathologists said, "Last week, everyone lined up and saluted a leg of lamb."
  2. rph3664

    Dangerous nurses

    I don't know if this was a nurse and never did find out exactly who it was, but at my old hospital, an employee in the child psych unit told her family over the dinner table that a neighborhood child was on the unit, and the next day, the kids went to school and told all their classmates about it. What happened to said employee? She was told not to do it again. I also read in a pharmacy trade magazine about a Wal-Mart pharmacist who was blatantly forging C-II prescriptions, and received the same "punishment".
  3. In 40 years, everyone will know exactly how old Katniss and Haymitch are (and you just know those names will be spelled multiple ways too). As for Candida, that's a fairly common Hispanic name and in the early 1970s was the title of a hit song by Tony Orlando. It's pronounced "can-dee-da".
  4. rph3664

    Frequent Flyers

    Here's another angle on ER abuse. I have a relative who got divorced some years back, and her ex-husband had to pay the kids' medical bills. You can probably guess what she did - doctors' appointments almost every day, trips to the ER if there wasn't anything going on during the weekend, just to soak him. It finally stopped when the kids told her that they didn't want to spend their free time in waiting rooms. This was a situation where neither parent should have had custody, and there was a stretch where I honestly believe those kids would have been better off in foster care. Someone on another board said, "Are you aware that if a child wasn't sexually abused when they went into foster care, they will be by the time they get out?" and I replied, "Yes, I am, and they STILL would have been better off." Speaking of which, it wouldn't have surprised me if she tried to play that card as well. Would he have done it? Of course, I never lived with him, but truthfully, even if he was a pedophile, he wasn't interested enough in the kids to do anything like that either.
  5. rph3664

    Shake and bake meth accidents filling burn units

    I live in the Midwest (meth capital, as you probably all know) and my local newspaper recently did a big story about the burn unit in that city. The story said that some hospitals have had to close their burn units because the entire hospital was in danger of financial collapse just from all the uninsured people who blew themselves up in meth lab explosions. And this unit assumes that all patients are from a meth lab unless they can prove otherwise (paramedics brought them in from a job site, that kind of thing). Among other things, they always get an eye wash because they've seen a few cases of people who weren't that badly burned but ended up blind, and didn't have to be that way. NatGeo has a show about meth that airs periodically, and they interviewed the director of the burn unit at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Tennessee. He said that this hospital provides $300 million in charity care every year just to their meth lab explosion patients. There was an implication between the lines of both stories that if it was up to them, meth lab explosion people would get comfort care and nothing else, and whether people like this should even get aggressive treatment, whether they are insured or not, is a medical ethicist's nightmare. I've read "Methland", and I recognized enough factual errors in the book to make the entire thing suspect.
  6. rph3664

    Those Darn Diabetics

    And that wasn't what I was talking about in my earlier post. Even the least complicated case of diabetes can be tricky to manage. I was talking about people who really do nothing, or less than nothing, even though they know better and have access (even free access) to all the medication and supplies they need.
  7. rph3664

    Those Darn Diabetics

    Diabetes seems to be the only chronic disease out there that people think they can make go away by defiantly rejecting even the most reasonable doctors' orders. Most of the Type II diabetics I know smoke, eat horribly on purpose, refuse to take their meds, etc. and then want everyone around them to pick up the pieces when everything collapses. My parents were once on a charter airplane when a man collapsed shortly before takeoff. When the paramedics arrived, he bragged that he was diabetic, and he had not eaten all day and then took too much insulin so he would do this for attention. And don't get me started on the late teen/early adult Type I's who are deliberately noncompliant and pretty much live in and out of the ICU.
  8. rph3664

    More Hospitals Banning Elective C-Sections

    WHY ON EARTH did they do that? Or did they have a previous mission team who was too free with the knife? Was this a place like Ethiopia where fistulas are a huge problem (see the PBS program "A Walk To Beautiful" for more information)? I've read that in some wealthy Brazilian communities, there's a philosophy called "too posh to push", and their section rate exceeds 90%. ETA: They weren't doing involuntary sterilizations, were they? I couldn't imagine missionaries doing this, but there have been cases of this even here in the U.S.
  9. rph3664

    More Hospitals Banning Elective C-Sections

    I never had kids, but every woman I've ever known who's experienced both has said that a vaginal birth is MUCH less painful in the long run, even if the section was performed with no labor at all. Yes, there are some women who are that afraid of it, and sadly, there are some SO's who want their wives/girlfriends to have them so she won't get stretched out down there. Why one earth would any woman want to have a baby with a man that selfish, anyway? As for convenience, if they think the baby's birth is inconvenient, just try raising the thing.
  10. And he's lost his license, something that should have happened a long time ago.
  11. rph3664

    How To Spot a Workplace Bully, Part One

    It doesn't matter where you work, or what you're doing, pretty much every place has someone who is immune from disciplinary action.
  12. rph3664

    Medical student admits to killing 13 dogs out of anger.

    It sounds like this non-human was purchasing these dogs with the intent of killing them! Among other things, I'd be VERY angry if I was unable to get into medical school because this monster was in my place. At least he was caught before he turned into another Michael Swango, or Philip Markoff.
  13. Regarding animal names: Last night, I saw a TV show about husband and wife (possibly serial) murderers Benjamin and Erika Sifrit. They had pythons named Bonnie, Clyde, Hitler, and HIV.
  14. rph3664

    My degree is not worth the debt!

    There's a local NP who also has a Ph.D., but I don't know what the Ph.D. is in. It might be something completely unrelated to nursing. I know what you mean, though.
  15. rph3664

    My degree is not worth the debt!

    The smartest kid at my junior high school wanted to be a truck driver, which got him a LOT of razzing. He went to the voc/tec high school, where he graduated as valedictorian, and later got an associate's degree in diesel mechanics from the local community college, where he has taught this subject for many years. That school probably produces the best diesel mechanics anywhere! One of my former co-workers just had his oldest son graduate from high school with honors, and he's going to an intensive 18-month auto body repair program. We need people to do this, and if he ever changes his mind and decides to be a pharmacist like his dad or a preschool teacher like his mom (as an example), he will have a way to support himself very well while he's in school.
  16. rph3664

    My degree is not worth the debt!

    Might as well become a physician, for all the time that takes.