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Do You Feel "Hated on" By Trad students or grads?

Okay this is mostly for current and grad distance learning students. For the most part, I mean those who attended schools such as Excelsior , Deaconness, or other programs for LPN to RN or RN to BSN, that were mostly in a distance learning format. I am not a distance learning student as of yet ,but it really feels like the vibe I'm getting not only here (sometimes), but on other sites, and even in my workplace is that at least a few, feel like distance ed students just aren't up to par with trad ed students. I was just about to ramble on, but ya'll tell me what you're take on it is.

Go for it! It's a flexible way to advance your career. Not everyone can get into Harvard.

LOL, Harvard has no school of nursing, so none of us would get into there!

Go for it! It's a flexible way to advance your career. Not everyone can get into Harvard.

Damn, I better quit saying I went there! ;)

I have no issues at all with the non-traditional programs for the RN, however, with all of the money that you are spending on the program, they need to take most of the responsibility for your clinical placement as well as what is needed to be covered during it. The nurse should not have to try and find a facility where she or he can do the training. Sure, if you are a full-time nurse at a facility, and can work something out with them, then great. But for most, that is actually the exception. And unfortunately, for the learning RN, you do not always know what you will need to know and learn. For the MSN, no issue at all.

Just something to consider.


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You know it's funny, but this site is the only place where I encountered "haters" when I was doing the EC program. Mind you that the negative comments were mostly made by people who didn't know what they were talking about, and didn't have a lot of clinical insights to add to other threads anyway. I didn't encounter negativity at work, because I already had a good reputation as a LPN.

I do agree with Suzanne about the programs taking more responsibility with helping students in their clinical ed.

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I've never encourtered haters when I talk about my RN to BSN program. The only comments I've ever heard were "I'm the type of person who needs a classroom setting and couldn't do it that way".

I'm going to a small lesser known school without a football team and is in no way prestigious (Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences), but I'm still going to have RN, BSN as my job title same as the ones going to the more well known schools. If anybody hates on my about my degree choices, I have enough self-esteem to blow them off. My program is NLN approved, is tough and I'm learning a lot and working real hard.

I don't have any opinion on EC. I work with an LPN to RN who recently failed CPNE and she has plenty many years of hospital experience, so it must be a good program.

The bottom line is WE are graduating (some at the top of their class) and WE are passing the NCLEX and WE are securing nursing positions. I don't know what THEY are saying or doing nor would it change my decisions I just know that WE can do it!

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I did a traditional LPN, traditional ADN, online BSN, online MSN, traditional post MSN certificate. So...I guess I can speak to this subject. I have found no difficulty having all of this accepted. My only regret is that I should have done it 20 years ago - tee hee hee!

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The bottom line is WE are graduating (some at the top of their class) and WE are passing the NCLEX and WE are securing nursing positions. I don't know what THEY are saying or doing nor would it change my decisions I just know that WE can do it!

Amen Sister

I really do think it is a matter of preference. I prefer NOT to commute, fight traffic, etc., and sit in a classroom on a daily basis. I think that some people just cannot not understand the motivation that keeps us (independent learners) going. Many people cannot bring themselves to stay on a self imposed schedule. For example, I have had classes that are semester based and some that were not. The non-semester based classes are probably the most difficult because it takes so much motivation to keep plugging along.

One more thing I have noticed lately is that the tide seems to be turning. I have noticed that some people are in awe of my accomplishments and express the desire to take advantage of the many learning opportunities that exists today. Funny thing though, there are still many people who do not feel comfortable with a computer. That very issue seems to come up repeatedly in conversation regardng distance/independent education.

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I got my BS/MS distance and take flack for it. People tell me the college I graduated from is a scam but it sure did not feel like that when I read 98 books, took a ton of tests, wrote papers and did research projects.

Ignore people with small minds, not everyone can drop what they are doing to go to school. With many children and working full time I had little other choice and distance is the wave of the future as one can see by all the colleges jumping on the bandwagon.


Ignore people with small minds, not everyone can drop what they are doing to go to school. renerian

AMEN! So far I have not met a single person who graduated from an online nursing program who was not able to find a nursing position. Isn't that why we go to school in the first place?

I agree, small minds......just let it roll. I'm sure for every pioneer in history there was a trainload of nay-sayers marching behind.

I graduated from a traditional LPN program and went to EC for my ASN. I did have some trouble getting a job at our largest hospital. I think it had alot to do with where my degree came from.

I am employed in the ER and no one even questions where I graduated from. I am actually pretty proud of my degree. I think it was harder to do it this way and took alot of self discipline.

undoubtedly, online learning is the wave of the future. it's infinitely more efficient. i'm taking cpne in another month, and going to immediately knock out the bsn online, probably within 5 or 6 months. i'm laying out my plans now :).

anyone who wants to stew over where you went to school isns't an education professional. doing the job is all that really matters.

that said, online/distance learning is not for everyone. people who can't do it sometimes can't understand it. that's their limitation, and i point that out if someone knocks distance learning.

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What gauls me is when someone knocks online learning, yet it's quite obvious in their reasons why they are against it, that they never bothered to learn anything about it.

I'll take a couple of classes online, but most will be done in the classroom, well for one, my school doesn't offer that many online, but i also prefer the classroom way of learning

As for those that knock your program for being online, just tell those people"i'm so glad you've taken the time out of your busy day to inform me of your sheltered opinion."


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I always love watching the traditional students in our ER. Usually, someone will get them going about how students who "didn't have four years of clinical" and how "you can't possibly be a good nurse if you didn't go to a real nursing school".

My co-workers do it, of course, to break my chops - we have a very loose department. The poor little students don't know any better...and, of course it's funnier when they start telling me about "those people who don't do clinical, my God". It's funnier when I hold that I'm one of those un-Flo Nightengale people who had a three day clinical exam rather than four semesters of school until the end of the shift and then let them know that they should keep the mouth closed until some sort of knowledge base is gained!

Oh well, someone has to have fun with them...and I need to have some fun now, being understaffed and having dealt with three unit patients for the last three hours!


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