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  1. fotografe

    Any Pain Management NPs here?

    Joe, did you end up in an NP program? If so which specialty? I really want to go the psych route to work in pain mgt, but the basic requirement that most practices want is the ablity to write for opioids. Wonders where you ended up.
  2. fotografe

    Books / Links to prepare and learn...

    Well, the whole enjoy you time and learn your nursing certainly applies, but I think the book you should buy and scan, then maybe read relevant chapters as you encounter the cases in you ICU practice is Stoeltings Basics of Anesthesia. Covers the basics, as the name implies, but gives you an idea of what you will be getting into. You learn this stuff on a much deeper level in school, but I think this really is what you want to keep you motivated and "eye on the prize".
  3. fotografe

    Attending UNE Fall 2010

    Me -- I am in too! COngrats.
  4. fotografe

    CRNA UNE interview?

    I interview next week. How did it go for you?
  5. fotografe

    Any UNE/St. Joesph's Hospital students out there?

    How did your interview go? I interview next week.
  6. fotografe

    Anyone CLEP Sociology?

    Yes Sociology!
  7. fotografe

    Anyone CLEP Sociology?

    I used the REA guide. Sat in Barne's & Noble drinking coffee reading it (too poor to buy it!). Read it in a weekend, passed on MOnday. GO CLEP it.
  8. fotografe

    Who believes instructors can be out to get you?

    Yes Yes and Double Yes I am probably at the top of my class academically. I have had nothing but glowing evaluations on my clinical rotations. I had one clinical instructor who did not "take" to me and tried her best to give me an unsatisfactory evaluation. The head of the department had to make her change my eval (this happened even before I had my conference.)
  9. fotografe

    Are any new grads finding jobs??

    I am doing the Rn-BSN at Wyoming becasue of the cost and the fact I could start after my first year of the ADN program. I will finish my BSN about 6 months after getting my RN. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the classes too. So far, so good.
  10. fotografe

    RN to BSN online

    I ended up choosing U of Wyoming. Cost was a big factor. Also, I was able to start after my first year of the ADN program. I should be done about six months after getting my RN. One course does require a local preceptor (COmmunity Health), but I don't think it will be difficult for me to find a placement.
  11. fotografe

    Are any new grads finding jobs??

    For CNAs Yes. For RNs with at least a year experience, yes. New Grads, I don't know. I have not seen any new grads on the floors but plenty of new (to BMC) nurses. Contact the units directly to see if they are looking for new grads. But as I pointed out, it is the unit clerks and CNAs that get first dibs. I don't even know if it is legal for you to work as a CNA while waiting for a new grad position, but you might ask. I think most hospitals hire the new grads once or twice a year and if you have to wait anyway, might as well give yourself a leg up.
  12. fotografe

    Are any new grads finding jobs??

    I start my second year of the ADN tomorrow and finish in May 2007. I am also concurrently enrolled at U of Wyoming doing the online RN-BSN and am hoping to have that done by May 2008 (or sooner). Call up the people you met at BMC and see what is up. I love working there and am hoping to get hired as an RN when I graduate. If you are interested in the FLoat Pool, they have a new grad training program for that and i can give you the names of the managers. PM me if you are interested.
  13. fotografe

    CRNA Schools in MA

    I think there is one in Springfield too.
  14. fotografe

    Are any new grads finding jobs??

    I am working at BMC as a CNA while in school. During orientation, the nurse manager said that almost all of the new grad jobs go to those already working at the hospital in other capacities. She said that was true with the other Boston hospitals. You need to keep contacting people if you don't have this foot in the door. I would definitley start cultivating relationships on the units in which you are interested. Try to setup shadow days. You can meet people and see how the unit functions. It will take work, but you can't be an anonymous resume from the internet. Can you still work as a CNA after you have your RN? Maybe even getting in somewhere in that capacity will put you at the head of the line when new grad hiring time rolls around. Good luck!
  15. fotografe

    Tips on how NOT to appear like a Drug seeker

    Not so true in my case. I had undiagnosed esophageal spasm for 25 YEARS! I woudl go to the er in so much pain I was sure I was having a heart attack. After years of taking NSAIDs for spinal pain. I finally realized these things were often triggering the esophageal pain. I found a GI doc who treated me for the spasm and told me to stay off the NSAIDs. When I had to go to the ER for severe spinal pain (2 ruptured discs) I explained I could not take NSAIDs. The nurse, in front of me, told the MD when he came in that I was "allergic" to NSAIDs and then rolled her eyes. I tried to stop her and say I wasn't allergic but sensitive. In the end, they gave me iv toradol, which did indeed take away the back pain, but it sent me into the worst esophageal spasm EVER -- so much so I was sure I was going to die right there. I read later that GI irritation, even when given iv, is a side effect. So they ended up having to give me morphine to stop the severe pain they caused. All because they thought I was lying and a seeker. 25 years of trying to find relief from the pain certainly gave me insight to what works and what does not.
  16. fotografe

    CLEP classes / study guides

    Just took the sociology exam. Studied only the REA guide for about 8 hours total. (Over a few days). Got a 75/80 (50 is passing at most schools). Buy the REA guide and study the week before the exam.

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