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  1. opalmRN

    Online Practical Nursing Program

    Deaconess College of Nursing previously had an online LPN program. I am not sure if they still offer this or only the RN. http://www.deaconess.edu
  2. opalmRN

    LPN to RN program online ?

    Yes there are folks on this board who have gone LPN to RN online. Try searching the distance ed threads here on allnurses and also google LPN to RN online. Good luck Opal
  3. Thanks Karen for posting this information. I haven't had much time to surf allnurses lately.......or do anything other than work for that matter so I appreciate you keeping us up to date. One question, do you know how the state will "collect" this information? In other words how will PA nurses prove they have met the requirement. Just a thought. Thanks again, Opal
  4. opalmRN


    :balloons: Congratulations, what an accomplishment. You must feel very relieved!:balloons:
  5. opalmRN

    About to take the IV insertion class...

    Could you provide some direction as to where on their site? I've been all over and can't seem to find the videos. Thanks so much.
  6. opalmRN

    Med-surg for all?

    bjb wyo, Any experience you gain is valuable in one form or another. Follow your interest. If you get there and that one turns out not to be what you truly desire, finish your commitment and move forward. You will always take the experience with you. Med surg is for a great number of nurses but not for all just as ob, peds, NICU, etc. You won't know until you experience it whether it's for you or not. IMHO, insisting on med surg for new employees is unproductive. Best wishes in your career!
  7. opalmRN

    SAFE training in PA

    Sure, here is the information. There are three onsite training dates and one online course. SAFE2006..doc
  8. opalmRN

    SAFE training in PA

    Just wanted to let anyone who's interested know the SAFE training at Mt. Nittany Medical Center, State College PA April 17-21 still has openings. If you are interested let me know and I can forward the info and application.
  9. Thanks Karen, this is good news for both the nursing shortage and nursing students. I wonder if the commitment is full or part time?
  10. opalmRN

    Do I have hope of getting into NP school?

    Ditto Karmyk. Good advice.
  11. opalmRN

    Patches left in public

    One side of me, the nurse side would have ask for a glove, scooped it up, and tossed it in a waste container. The other side of me the mom of adult children, would have said, "Nope this is a hospital and watched my child." (and I'm not saying you didn't watch your child) I know some are gonna scoff :chair: but I'm from the school of parenting where accountability is my responsibility. Home or away, small children need to be watched. After all, this didn't occur at a daycare center. It is impossible to say what kind of a "patch" this was, if it had any medication or if it was left by a healthcare worker or a patient. Lesson learned; You're observant, conscientious, and concerned all of these are fine qualities which will enhance your nursing career. Opal
  12. opalmRN

    For Cheri...Congrats

    Sorry this is soooooo late, but the thoughts are just as sincere. You must be so relieved and proud. It's a tough road via distance ed but I know it has made me more driven to find answers when things jsut don't sit right. Certainly taught me to listen to my gut instincts!! :balloons: Way to go, CONGRATULATIONS Nurse Cheri!:balloons:
  13. opalmRN

    NP or Nurse-midwife - sonography

    Having complete ultrasound education in my background will aid me in my pursuit of my NP however in the offices I have worked in the past, we had a registered sonographer on the staff. I don't believe having full U/S education is as critical as it is to be able to read and interpret the scans. JMHO Opal
  14. opalmRN

    Online Science Courses

    Best to check with the school you want to transfer into. Opal
  15. :) Thanks
  16. OK, I'm a bit slow what is the UW website? Thanks