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  1. I am seeking information regarding massage therapy certification for RNs. I know the laws and requirements vary from state to state and currently PA has passed a certification law which has not yet been enacted. The information regarding MT for RNs i...
  2. Frontier School ADN - MSN Bridge

    I know this post is from some time ago but here goes. I am in the program and so far I have had a very good experience. The phone interviews vary as a friend of mine also in the program was ask different questions than I. The questions are all relate...
  3. Frontier ADN-MSN

    Hey Mona, Here we are again. ;)Had a wonderful time at Frontier and looking forward to going back in April. I have run into quite a few NPs and CNEPs in the weeks since we returned that have either attended Frontier or knew of someone who did. All h...
  4. Becoming an NP w/out BSN??

    I would highly recommend checking out Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. They offer both bridge programs and direct entry MSN. The program is distance with several trips required to the school which is located in Hyden, KY. I can't say ...
  5. On-line RN-BSN or MSN programs

    Thomas Edison State College has an online program.
  6. Online Practical Nursing Program

    Deaconess College of Nursing previously had an online LPN program. I am not sure if they still offer this or only the RN. http://www.deaconess.edu
  7. Frontier now has ADN to MSN program online

    I believe students will not receive a BS in nursing. I was told this is a program which bridges an ASN/ADN to the MSN specialty track. After the bridge, students matriculate into their specialty. I am mentioning this because to some individuals, ...
  8. LPN to RN program online ?

    Yes there are folks on this board who have gone LPN to RN online. Try searching the distance ed threads here on allnurses and also google LPN to RN online. Good luck Opal
  9. Thanks Karen for posting this information. I haven't had much time to surf allnurses lately.......or do anything other than work for that matter so I appreciate you keeping us up to date. One question, do you know how the state will "collect" this i...
  10. AANP FNP Exam - PASSED!

    :balloons: Congratulations, what an accomplishment. You must feel very relieved!:balloons:
  11. SAFE training PA

    Just got back from SAFE training at Penn State. What an absolutely intense week. I took lots of reading and things that I needed to catch up on and planned to take care of them in the hotel at night. Nothing doing, I was so tired when I got back so...
  12. About to take the IV insertion class...

    Could you provide some direction as to where on their site? I've been all over and can't seem to find the videos. Thanks so much.
  13. Med-surg for all?

    bjb wyo, Any experience you gain is valuable in one form or another. Follow your interest. If you get there and that one turns out not to be what you truly desire, finish your commitment and move forward. You will always take the experience with yo...
  14. SAFE training in PA

    Sure, here is the information. There are three onsite training dates and one online course. SAFE2006..doc
  15. SAFE training in PA

    Just wanted to let anyone who's interested know the SAFE training at Mt. Nittany Medical Center, State College PA April 17-21 still has openings. If you are interested let me know and I can forward the info and application.