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I am seeking information regarding massage therapy certification for RNs. I know the laws and requirements vary from state to state and currently PA has passed a certification law which has not yet been enacted. The information regarding MT for RNs is not very clear and I'm looking for information from any PA RNs who know about the training. Specifically, would RNs be required to take a complete MT program or are there programs specifically designed for RNs.

We have searched the NANMT website and would also like to know of any other websites dedicated to NMT.


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I am a full time ER RN in South Carolina and also hold a NC &SC license to practice as a massage therapist (it's my part-time job). I took my LMBT classes in South Carolina, and (since I live on the border of both states) applied to NC as well. Each state has different certification requirements to obtain and maintain your license - even so far as different amounts of CEU's, varying ways you must obtain CEU's and specific types of CEU's.

It drove me crazy getting it all done last year (and it cost alot too!) The big milestone for any massage therapist is becoming NATIONALLY CERTIFIED. Your school should be encouraging students toward this goal, as well as reviewing this laborious process with you. Our school spent many hours holding mock exams and reviewing questions preparing students to take this exam.Simply put - you take the national exam once you have passed your states educational requirements for certification. THEN if you seek licensure in another state, you must continue your education for the hours you lack (example - SC requires 500 hrs. NC 750 hrs. I needed to get an additional 250 hours to APPLY for the NC license.)

Check out NCTMB.ORG for additional information on becoming nationally certified. Your state has only recently passed legislation requiring that you must be licensed to be a massage practitioner in PA. Check out the AMTAMASSAGE.ORG as well.

When I went back to school for massage tx- I'd been out of nursing school since the 1970's so though I am a practicing ER nurse- I really loved the anatomy and physiology classes - they were also the most challenging.

Hope this has helped - even a little, and I wish you the best of luck in your efforts!

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I am an RN in PA. I am about to finish a 775hr massage therapist training program. From my understanding right now, you only need 500hrs training. They are in the process of establishing the PA law. In the meantime, you can take your MBLX or National Exam to consider yourself Licensed until we know for sure if there will be a state exam for PA.

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