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BBFRN has 15 years experience as a BSN, PhD and specializes in Trauma,ER,CCU/OHU/Nsg Ed/Nsg Research.

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  1. BBFRN

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    After 20+ years, and after teaching many, many nursing students who dragged themselves out of poverty by applying themselves in a career where they'd get paid a decent wage, I'd say it's none of our business what motivates somebody to walk in the doo...
  2. BBFRN

    Brian Short News

    I was a moderator here about 10 years ago. I remember Brian to be kind, generous, and fair. Because of him and what he created here, I still have several lifelong lifelong friends from the Allnurses family- and lots of crazy memories. My heart is h...
  3. BBFRN

    Nursing School admit policies.

    You might get official data on this from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing:
  4. Just an idea: Do you think you could be asking for help more, when you need it? It's OK to need help when you're a new nurse. Granted, we can't tell the tone of voice they're using here, but this just sounds like they're trying to get you to quicken...
  5. Thank you for this! I'm teaching a Geri course now, and could use all the viable resources I can get.
  6. BBFRN

    My PhD Journey - Part 1

    Having witnessed your journey from afar, I can say this: I never doubted you would succeed, and your dedication/determination are inspiring. Following in the footsteps of someone like you keeps me going- you are mentor and example in more ways than ...
  7. Apparently, Jewish recently laid off a ton of nurses. Plus, we have all those new grads coming out. That might be why the jobs are so scarce now in the Louisville area.
  8. BBFRN

    Need help with research question!

    Do you still need assistance with this? If so, I would be glad to help you.
  9. I agree with Penguin67 re: the DNS. My major professor is a DNS, and she's an extremely rigorous researcher. From what I understand, the DNS offered her more hands-on research education than the PhD options at the time she studied. I wish some of ...
  10. In agreement with VickyRN, many schools are also re-auditing and awarding PhDs to their DNS alumni in an attempt to further streamline things. Indiana University is currently doing this now.
  11. BBFRN

    Daytonite has passed away...

    Oh wow. RIP Daytonite. You were one of a kind, dear lady. :-(
  12. BBFRN

    Got into Galen College of Nursing's LVN to RN!

    Indiana Wesleyan has a ASN-BSN program. I was suggesting it for those who have completed their ASNs at certain non-accredited schools.
  13. BBFRN

    Got into Galen College of Nursing's LVN to RN!

    I think it's great that you are thinking ahead regarding your educational plans, and for most people who have their lives worked out to be able to attend a 4 year university, I would highly encourage that myself. Many people attending nursing prog...
  14. BBFRN

    Got into Galen College of Nursing's LVN to RN!

    NLN accreditation does not affect job placement, although it can affect subsequent educational pursuits. Galen is currently in the process of obtaining their accreditation, and current students are aware of this. FWIW, Indiana Wesleyan offers an ac...
  15. BBFRN

    Ph.D in nursing help

    Another thing to note about this program, is that they are connected to the Cleveland Clinic, so you can't get any better than that, as far as having a cardiac population to study.