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Crappy writing

cmonkey cmonkey (Member)

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Were I at all interested in med school, I could totally skip the chicken-scratch handwriting course. :sniff: Alas, I don't wanna be a doc, so I have to do something about my writing. If I print, and I'm slow, it's fine, but I don't imagine I can take a lot of time to be super careful on a shift.

Anyone else write like a 5 year old and get over it? How'd you do it?


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I'm the same way and I have to print. You learn to develop speed yet accuracy and better penmanship.


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...and that's why I was thrilled when my new job had all computer documentation. Made life so much easier.

boggle, ASN, RN

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I have to print also, otherwise I'm the only one who can read what I had written...(well, even I have trouble reading my writing sometimes). I got much faster with my printing once I started printing all the time.

Ruby Vee, BSN

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i get complimented on my "beautiful handwriting" all the time. unfortunately, no one can read it. *i* can't even read it some of the time! so i type.

I get in trouble for my writing all the time! :grn: Only solution is to print anything I can't type.

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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Being a southpaw, I SHOULD have an excuse for lousy handwriting, but both my mother and sister were lefties too and they had the most beautiful, flowing script old Palmer ever dreamed of. So, I had to learn good handwriting too...........now I'm glad they made me work so hard on improving my cursive, because my printing is atrocious! :chuckle


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NSA has contacted me about using my cursive as an unbreakable cipher.:jester:

Only problem is there is no way to decode it. Even by me, more than say, 5 minutes later. :cry:

vashtee, RN

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My husband thinks his penmanship is good because he got an award for it when he was in 3rd grade, but his writing is so small and cramped, it is very hard to read. This just reminds me that people are sometimes the worst judge of how legible their penmanship really is. Therefore, my advice is to just forget the cursive and stick to printing. You'll get faster over time, and it is always easier to read than cursive.

I wish no one on my floor would use cursive.


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My clinical manager said I had the signature :nurse: of a serial killer. Has she been stalking me?


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my handwriting is coroner proof.

It says whatever I want it to say...

pagandeva2000, LPN

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I hope you all are not serial killers or demented nurses (:D). I do actually have very neat handwriting. This reminds me to pull out my handwriting analysis book (I actually have one)! It was a wonderful hobby and maybe I ought to do it again to keep myself busy.

I have crappy writing too. I took a calligraphy class and that has helped my writing quite a bit. The worst part about this is I'm a teacher. (I'm starting nursing school this year.) My students in the past have complained that they can't read my writing on the board.:eek:


diane227, LPN, RN

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I had a charge nurse a long time ago who had beautiful printing. She taught me how. My writing is a combination of printing and script and most people tell me I have beautiful handwriting. I used to practice a lot to see if I could learn to write as well as she did. I learned be writing over and over again. At first slow but got faster the more I practiced.

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