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cmonkey specializes in student; help!.

We have a small farm where we raise ethical meat, eggs, and honey. I hope to add wool to that after I graduate. I have 3 small kids.

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  1. cmonkey

    Letter to the Offended

    I love the kindle because it doesn't have the back light. Easier on my old eyes.
  2. cmonkey

    Your best nursing tips/tricks

    Wetting the diaper (or a huge hospital pad) and putting that in the freezer for a while works well, too. Fewer ice cubes to chase around if it gets dropped.
  3. cmonkey

    Have you ever been told

    *I* was misinformed about what nurses do until this semester, so I'm not surprised the public is.
  4. cmonkey

    Literacy: A good quality in a unit secretary

    You'd be surprised how easy it is. Perhaps 'surprised' is the wrong word.
  5. cmonkey

    One bad egg...

    We're supposed to have lab coats in our program. Am I snotty for having one?
  6. cmonkey

    Really scared...

    Sure did!
  7. cmonkey

    Here goes nothing

    I did great! We thought my CI lost a Tylenol 3 but she finfally found it in her pocket. I had two passes (one pt), one at 1500, one at 2000. The second one was the biggie, but it went fine. My pt was great, and didn't mind having a student which was nice. She also seemed to enjoy the company and attention. Only four of us passed meds this shift, and the other four will pass next week. After that I'm not sure how it will go. I know we can't do opioids on our own if only because we don't have access to the cabinet. Actually, my CI still doesn't have access, so we have to wait on every pass for a nurse to swipe her finger. At any rate, it went well and I totally didn't bomb.
  8. cmonkey

    Hospice nurse "survival kit"

    Shout wipes! I love these things so hard it's obscene. They get out ALL the stains I've used them on, including blood. A camelbak water bottle with a bite valve is my new best friend. Does. not. leak. BPA free, too. Amazon GCs are always good. Free books rock. Smartwool socks!
  9. cmonkey

    How do I nicely say "no"?

    You can feel bad but that doesn't mean you need to change your life to suit hers. I have three kids and I manage to make it work. Some of that is by swapping care with other moms locally, but we all get what we need and we're not dragging other people into it and making them accommodate us.
  10. cmonkey

    How do I nicely say "no"?

    It's also a complete sentence. "No." You don't owe an explanation unless you want to give one. "No."
  11. cmonkey

    Help with some math calculations please

    Didn't you already ask this elsewhere? What do you need to calculate, the water you need to give? If so, ignore the other numbers and concentrate on the output and the rate of replacement. You only have two numbers you need to worry about if all you have to figure is how much water to give. The rest is a distraction. If you have to figure a drip rate, that's another set of numbers, but it's still not hard if you know which formula to use.
  12. cmonkey

    Thoughts on Christmas scrubs...Yea or no way?

    THANK YOU to those who wait until after T'giving. I'm having enough trouble accepting we're this far into another year without having to deal with giftmas celebrations in October.
  13. Trust me, I find it as annoying as you do, but I think what he's got to say about finances are spot on. WRT the others, Suze Orman makes me twitch. I'll have to look into Singletary, I've never heard of her.
  14. I third Dave Ramsey and urge you BOTH to go through Financial Peace University. It will help you A LOT if you just apply the principles. It's a lifetime membership so you can go back if you need to! You have a great attitude about all this. I hope you find a way to make it work.
  15. cmonkey

    Done with first clinical rotation!

    Congrats! You've come a long way already. I'm glad you stuck with it through A&P.
  16. Mmmm, cheeeeeese fries.