dialysis (mostly) some L&D, Rehab/LTC
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soulofme specializes in dialysis (mostly) some L&D, Rehab/LTC.

INSANE! That's Y Im an RN!

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  1. Dialysis

    I'm wanting to move to the Nashville area. I have worked for FMC for quite a while. Any thoughts? Im from Texas.
  2. How long to train an RN to be a tech?

    Let them be annoyed....that is THEIR job....that is why they were hired but they will push you to help out to make their job easier. Remember, you can do their job but they can't help you do yours.
  3. Do you ever feel alone?

    I think we've all been there at one time or another:eek:
  4. Did you work while in nursing school?

    Worked...went through a can be done!
  5. Dialysis as a weight loss plan-she's nuts!

    Ask her what medical school she graduated from & ask to see her diploma
  6. Bursitis (knees) shoes????

    I've still had my Zcoils...over a year... still doing fine...
  7. The Great Emergency Prank War

    While working in L&D...we did dirty deeds & they were done dirt cheap.... Not telling:idea:
  8. Why are dialysis nurses paid less?

    This is 2 ...I don't know what 2 say... I'd rather watch a killer/slasher movie than have your job...& I hate those kinds of movies...
  9. What schedules of meds do you count?

    :smokin:All of them
  10. Identifying yourself as an RN when flying commercial

    I do not fly when I don't have to do that mode.. And I don't want to have to deal with that on a flight... people have to be responsible for their own situations.. but most won't...but if I had to take action then I would probably do it and have the ...
  11. pushing hospital beds around

    Hang in there you'll get it!
  12. silly ?--anyone else hate calling L&D "the baby factory"

    Is it not still the baby factory...oh wait...that is a new reality show starting on your local channel:smokin:
  13. RN's barking unsafe orders at me

    :smokin:Sometimes I bark..but I'll never bite*
  14. Identifying yourself as an RN when flying commercial

    Why? We are above no one else. What's the point!
  15. They must think we are stupid...

    No you are not stupid... the pts. will continue to play their game... we just have to deal with it... like it or not.. I feel your pain:redbeathe