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  1. Higgs

    Not cut out to be a nurse

    Agree. Hang in there, kiddo. It'll get better as time goes on and you get more experience. Sure, you'll still have those days when something really gets to you, but that's normal. It's when you have pts like the ones you talk about and don't give a crap -THAT'S when to stop being a nurse.
  2. Sitting the new Med/Surg CNA exam in April and just started working through the practice questions in the book. Came across this: Question 29 - the correct answer is to give an analgesic before assessing an abdomen to ease discomfort. Question 30 - another pt with acute abdomen and the answer rationale states that an analgesic should not be given before assessing as it may mask symptoms. So, what *should* we do, then CNA..?
  3. Higgs

    Question about HIV patient

    I ask purely as devil's advocate...would your responses be different if it was your sister's boyfriend...?
  4. Higgs

    Gunners in Nursing

    Not heard this term before. I know of some nurses that are possibly the least empathetic people I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Cant imagine them giving a damn about anyone or anything - Gawd only knows what the patients think when they enter the room...
  5. Hi Guys Anybody worked here or know a bit about this hospital? Staffing ratios, atmosphere, population, workload, communities, what it's like bringing kids up here etc etc Any help would be great. Thanks happy holidays!
  6. Higgs

    What can we deny our patients?

    Well said previous poster. If they don't like how we do care - even after we've explained why, they can go and find a hospital that will let them do what they fancy. It's not a prison, they can leave whenever they want.
  7. Higgs

    texting at work

    ...just hope you remember to clean the superbugs off your phones before you go home...
  8. Higgs

    Claustrophobia with MRI

    lorazepam does the trick
  9. Higgs

    How do you measure it?

    ...interesting to note that the pt was happy to wait for his next dose (ie the 2mg he was given was enough analgesia for the 4 hours) - begs the question of whether he needs his pain meds reassessing...
  10. Higgs

    From Nurse's Aide To Crowned King

    form the OP: 'This just goes to show that we must not judge persons by their job title' ...'His Majesty' is a pretty cool job title!!
  11. I dont' know why we're so surprised at stories like this, however sad and tragic. We all know, deep down, that we're seen as nothing more than expendable pawns caught in the money games management plays. Sad and cynical, but true...
  12. I think what the doc really meant was the pelvic outlet is too narrow, but perhaps she should have said what she meant, instead of trying to dumb it down and just confusing people. As for the other issues you raised...dunno...but the doc shouldn't have related her own horror stories. Imagine if you needed surgery and your surgeon goes, 'Oh yeah, i had this op years ago and boy, what a hard time I had: pain, blood, infection - sheesh, I'm lucky to be alive...' Not very professional really.
  13. Higgs

    Changing needles for injections...

    ...so if the consensus appears to be that a needle is made less sharp by drawing up meds - whether via a rubber stopper or not, (though, personally I dont see that pushing a needle through a rubber stopper will dull the needle point to the extent that a pt can feel the difference) then why do we continue to use insulin syringes that don't have removable needles...?
  14. Higgs

    Pharmacist gets 6 months in prison for med error

    ...It's all about revenge not punishment. Agree with the post about too much reliance on computer systems too. Management seem to think they are great and will solve all problems. As if...
  15. Higgs

    Valproic acid for pain? Really?

    here we go...wikipedia has this: " It is more recently being used to treat neuropathic pain, as a second line agent, particularly lancinating pain from A* fibres. It is more recently being used to treat neuropathic pain, as a second line agent, particularly lancinating pain from A* fibres.' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valproic_acid