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AnnieNHRN has 10 years experience and specializes in med/surg, ER, camp nursing.

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  1. do not return camper form

    From my experience, it is up to the Director of the camp to decide who returns and who is listed "DNR". Good communication between the nurse, counselors and the director would make it clear on who is not appropriate to return.. But it is still up to ...
  2. MRSA precautions in the ER?

    I am wondering how your ER deals with contact precautions. On the floors we place all pts with any MRSA/VRE history on contact precautions. In the ER this is not even looked at! I often don't even find out a pt has a MRSA history until they are admi...
  3. Jacked Up Sodium

    Did they check her for Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Hypersecretion (SIADH)? That can cause low sodium.
  4. Hypothermia, inside the unit, any ideas?

    Pts with spinal cord injuries have a harder time regulating their temperature, especially when their fighting an infection. He might have a brain stem injury/stroke, which would cause temp control issues.
  5. 16 fired for HIPAA Violations

    They did fire doctors. "All 16 have been fired and they range from doctors to supervisors to staff nurses, not only at Ben Taub, but across the entire hospital district." I should print this at work and see if this will stop all the people looking up...
  6. texting at work

    That's the problem! How totally sad. What ever happened to just doing the job you're being paid to do?
  7. Herniated disc and work restriction

    Just wanted to update: My very kind manager has agreed to let me go back to work with the lifting restriction! I am very lucky. This of course will have to be temporary. Will see my neurosurgeon in a couple of weeks to hopefully get the restriction l...
  8. I am recovering from a herniated disc L5-S2 injury (not work related). Have been off of work for the last 2 weeks and got the OK from my neurosurgeon to go back to my Med/Surg job with a 30 lbs lifting restriction. I will be seeing employee health to...
  9. Looking for advise on career change into nursing.

    Don't get discouraged. Yes, right now the job market is not rosy for nurses as well. But in a couple of years things will be better again. The good thing about getting your LNA is that you'll be able to work 7-3 and go to school in the evening, meanw...
  10. How long did you oriented as a new nurse?

    I think for a hospital setting, between 6 and 12 weeks is a good period of time to get a good foundation. Depends on the nurse. Does she have previous hospital experience, etc? I know nursing homes often only provide 2 days - 2 weeks. Yikes, scary IM...
  11. Help! Suggestions needed.

    Doctor's office?
  12. DNR question

    I think what happened here is that the family did not have a clear plan in place with the doctor when she was made a DNR. This is the time when a doctor should talk about what the family's/pt's wishes are. What can they expect during her last days/w...
  13. How nursing has changed over the years...

  14. How nursing has changed over the years...

    To prevent bedsores we were told to rub all pressure areas with every repositioning... totally contradicted today! Didn't give much/if any IV pain meds. Demerol/Vistarel IM was the drug of choice. The average Pt took only about 1/3 of the meds a Pt t...
  15. Pain Scales

    I understand your frustration. Since all your documentation is on paper, is there space on your vital signs/flow sheet to document pain meds and levels? That makes it easier for the next shift to see when meds were given and to assess pain levels ove...

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