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  1. lilo2010

    What brand of scrubs do you prefer?

    I love the Med Couture scrubs by Peaches. A little pricey but well worth the money! It's all I ever wear now!
  2. lilo2010

    Phlebotomy question

    You cannot actually attach the tube in the hub till needle in vein or you will loose the vaccumn in the tube! I just stick the pt then put the hub in hand holding the needle & pop tubes with other hand. Hope this helps or @ least makes sense! If butterfly is in the vein good you can actually let go of needle if you are careful! I am 3rd semester nursing student, but did labwork as an MLT for 10 yrs!
  3. lilo2010

    Holmes ADN textbooks

    PRCC ADN student here! Have you tried emailing your instructors for the info? It's worth a shot! Our instructor sent us email with ISBN # for our books!
  4. lilo2010

    JCJC students

    3rd semester PRCC ADN student! Wanted to say congrats & good luck!
  5. lilo2010

    Medical Laboratory Technologist

    Hi! I was an MLT w/an Associated Degree! I am now starting my second yr of ADN program! Run! Don't do MLT! Just kidding! It was an ok program! It contains lots of micro, immunology, hematology, urology, etc. I worked for about 8 yrs in the lab & was also crosstrained in xrays! Enjoyed it but always felt like something was missing! I originally wanted RN but got sidetracked! There is just limited opportunity with lab degree compared to RN! I would recommend shadowing the fields you are interested in to see what is really involved! Good luck in whatever you decide!
  6. lilo2010

    Finished with Micro in summer I!!!!

    Congrats! Have 2 more wks to go! Can't wait to be through!
  7. lilo2010

    Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known)

    I'm student nurse @ PRCC. Will graduate in May with an ADN! We will make it Ang!
  8. I would email the instructor! He is the only one that will know for sure what is required! All I ever needed for A&P I & II was the book & lab manual!
  9. lilo2010

    PRCC ADN Future Graduates 2010

  10. lilo2010

    I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lilo2010

    i passed! so surreal!

    :clphnds: Way to go!!!!!!! :anpom:Hope to be in your shoes 1yr from now!
  12. lilo2010

    Student Uniform - My Gosh!

    OMG! I thought I had it bad! Our white button up uniform top & white pants look great compared to that dress! Congratulations on getting in!
  13. If nursing is what you really want, go for it!! I too was going for nursing & got side tracked cause I listened to everyone about the wait lists. Ended up going for my associates degree in lab(MLT). After 10 yrs finally decided to go back for my ADN. Got in the very first time I applied & am loving it! So don't let what anyone else says stop you from doing what you really want! Good luck!
  14. lilo2010

    HELP! what do i expect in nursing school??????

    The best advice is to enjoy the summer! :onbch: Because you will be working your butt off when the fall starts!
  15. lilo2010

    Please pray for a friends granddaughter!

    Praying God will do what he feels is best!