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rngolfer53 has 2 years experience.

Like to travel, love the Rocky Mountain states. Stuck in the midwest for the nonce.

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  1. Patient Right to Know

    My experience is that, more often than not, the patient knows, or has a pretty darn good idea of what's going on. When it's not a cultural issue, I've often seen a daughter or son, who was mommy's or daddy's little prince or princess (and has not ma...
  2. Do nurses usually work 3 12-hour shifts a week for full pay?

    Training and orientation are different things. Orientation is to familiarize the new employee with the particulars of the agency, not train them in intrinsic requirements of the job. If you were building a house, would you hire an electrician who wan...
  3. Can you work straights days?

    If I read your post correctly, you're about one year out of school. With your limited hospital experience, that may be "new grad" in terms of experience if not exactly time. I wouldn't hesitate to apply for "new grad" jobs, making it plain the partic...
  4. Does anyone else plan to stay in bedside?

    An axiom of used car dealers is "there's a 'posterior' for every seat." The many roles and setting nurses work in approximates the fit of "seats" in seats. There is no such thing as a perfect job or perfect employer. All have their strong points and ...
  5. What is our job description anyway?

    I recently had a confused gentleman whose normal home routine was watching a couple old TV programs and a game show. He knew the channel numbers on his cable at home....but ours was naturally different, and with fewer channels. Anyway my first mornin...
  6. The general media is little but a repeater of press releases and other sculpted messages put out by institutions such as schools. They typically rely on the same few "experts" for their analysis, and never seem to bother to check whether the expert k...
  7. How does anyone do double shifts? I'm tired after 40 hours

    I work 12 hour days in a hospice IPU. I will, with a late call-out or some other emergency stay an extra six hours but only if I don't work the next day. I live close to work, so I run home to feed the dog and let him out at shift change (I don't ha...
  8. The way we ask for someone's pain level?

    As a hospice nurse, I always think that un/undercontrolled pain is a cardinal sin.
  9. The way we ask for someone's pain level?

    I work inpatient hospice, and I get a good % of people who will respond with "uncomfortable" when I ask about pain, and I ask directly. Without getting into a lexicography debate, I try to dig to get at what they're communicating. I alway ask if I ca...
  10. The way we ask for someone's pain level?

    I agree with this. What is the downside of asking a post-op Pt if they're having pain? If they say "yes" and there are orders for meds, then you give the meds. In some small number of people, I may end up feeding their addiction. (OK, so be it. That...
  11. Was this person A&O? Competent? If so, what ever happened to autonomy? I'm getting to be old and perhaps crotchety (depending on who you talk to ), but if someone tried to send me to a hospital because sleep seemed like a better idea than break...
  12. What is our job description anyway?

    Job descriptions should never be confused with the actual job assignment, in nursing or anywhere else for that matter. I'm pretty convinced that job descriptions are written as broadly as possible so HR folks don't have to trouble themselves with wr...
  13. Fun poll: Did you get oriented, or did you get orientated?

    Why add complexity to a word when the addition provides no benefit? "Orientated" and similar constructs are often used by bureaucrats trying to sound important. A pox on all their houses.
  14. How to Work Your Notice, Gracefully

    Certainly, there are not guarantees, but it pays to do what you can to put the odds in your favor, as you say. The majority of people will not chose to do what is wrong unless you give them a plausible reason. Leaving with a lousy attitude and poor p...
  15. My heart is just not in it...

    The only thing I'd add is that you really found how much you miss LTC when you weren't around it.