cpne this weekend


Cpne in Amarillo this weekend-anyone else?


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Sending good wishes your way. Good luck!

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good luck to you...

firegrrl, nc_girl_35, and a newer poster - saux-something, I think? all test this weekend!

Between the four of you I'll be on pins and needles!


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Good luck to you and all the rest taking the CPNE. Keep us posted and pleaseeeee drop any hints (if possible).:D

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Best of luck, soon to be GN!!!!!

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No but I wanted to say you can do it! Own the CPNE :-) Make it yours and deep breathe.


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Good Luck, Emmer, we can do this!!!!

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Good Luck to you! Positive vibes, calming thoughts, and bunches of prayers being sent your way as you tackle this exam. You know your material. Keep your nerves under control and remember to breathe. Traci

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Good luck and prayers come at you from out west:up::up::up: you'll do great and keep us posted, just breath and take it one step at a time, donna


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best wishes! amarillo is a great site!


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