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  1. akanini

    NCLEX & Pearson Vue Trick (PVT), your experience...

    Worked for me for LPN and RN boards.
  2. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    I took that test (no studying) in 2007 when Veeb was using Nelson Denny but now they use TABE.......which I’m GUESSING is harder. But like I said what might be easy for me might be hard for another so PLEASE just study math problems if you’re not strong. Their rejection letters said they can retest next year. Who wants to wait so long??
  3. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    PLEASE study that math. Do NOT try to wing this test. Everyone is not great in math and if you haven’t taken a math class in a while, it will be a pain in the butt. Veeb is using the TABE test/math questions and 40 problems in 24 minutes should not be taken lightly. My peeps didn’t make it due to the math. 11th grade reading level and 9th grade level for Math is Veeb’s requirement and I told my peeps to study and practice math problems but they didn’t listen. STUDY TABE MATH.
  4. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    Inbox me your phone number and I'll link you guys up.
  5. akanini

    Lose vs. Loose

    My BIGGEST pet peeve is AN/AND. SO BASIC. It’s Mary AND Kate not Mary an Mark.
  6. akanini

    Rikers Island Agenc

    7183056700 Advanced Care. Did you try them? They have nursing home positions for LPNs.
  7. Well great. Keep us posted. Hopefully, everything goes well. BE POSITIVE and ALL THE BEST!!
  8. I'm just seeing this. I honestly don't know what to say about it. REAL nursing is truly something else I must say. Did you have your interview already?
  9. akanini

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    I don't remember but one thing I must say is that although VEEB says they accept 200, they will go over that amount a little bit. We started with 207 students. So if you're going to do the Bridge, just do your best because some still don't make it after doing the class. THINK POSITIVE!!
  10. akanini

    rounding up grades

    70% in LPN school. ROUNDED UP. 77% in RN school. NO ROUNDING.
  11. akanini

    No Experience New Grad LPN

    I live in Brooklyn and I work at a nursing home here. They are not hiring. Did you contact those two agencies?
  12. akanini

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    Paul 11238, I was in class with 2 people that went through the Bridge Program. I personally know both and them and they both graduated with me in 2008.
  13. akanini

    No Experience New Grad LPN

    Try Advanced Care Staffing or Competent Nursing. They are both agencies but I think they take new grads. Google them. BEST OF LUCK! I forgot to ask where you live. Both of these agencies are in Brooklyn, NY.
  14. akanini

    gaining weight in nursing school

    20lbs since last year April.
  15. You BETTER be accepted!! 3 months for a LPN school response is just haeart drenching. My LPN school informed me in one week and I hear they are taking longer now.