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akanini has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN.

NY----Proud VEEB graduate 2008 - Helene Fuld College of Nursing 2011- Excelsior College 2015 MSN

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  1. I have an MSN in Informatics I’ve never used but would love to. Any tips or suggestions in landing a job??
  2. What an old thread resurrected from the dead.lol I commented on this YEARS ago. Anyway, I had a bachelors in another field and Excelsior College took my BA and my Associates in Nursing. I obtained an MSN from Excelsior College in 2015; NO BSN and honestly....no one seems too care. I'm THINKING about going further but my daughter just finished HS so my priority is her at this point. I will tell anyone if you want to bypass the BSN, go ahead. Many more opportunities will open up for you.
  3. akanini

    Chamberlain Las Vegas January 2019

    Any updates on this thread?
  4. akanini


    What's the salary for Q Centrix RNs who work from home?
  5. Hey love, I read your thread about attended helene fuld. do you remember how many days you went to school for the first semester taking a&p & nursing 221? im trying to figure out a work & school schedule for me as I have a new baby now

    1. akanini

      akanini, MSN, RN

      It's been a while. However, I did AnP 1 one day a week. 221 twice a week and a  full day of clinical. 

    2. akanini

      akanini, MSN, RN

      221 Mon-Wed 4-8pm with clinical on Saturdays

      AnP 1...Wed 10-2...I'm not sure if they still have that schedule



    3. Jelisa13


      Thank you! this was a great schedule. maybe they'll have something similar

  6. akanini

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    Las Vegas VA Medical Center 6900 North Pecos Road North Las Vegas, NV 89086 I see this facility is hiring and was wondering how it is working there.
  7. akanini

    Vatica Health

    Any updates?
  8. akanini

    RN school while in High School?

    I personally feel this won’t work. There’s a high school CNA program here that started with 18 students and will only finish with 3. Too much info for these young brains to take in their brains. The LPN HS programs here in NYC are barely scraping out graduates.
  9. akanini

    AMG nursing school NYC

    Any updates?
  10. akanini

    Jersey College NJ

    A very close trend of mine graduateD from this school’s LPN and RN programs. She lived in NY but has now moved to Tx. She’s working at a hospital in Tx but couldn’t land a hospital job here in NY. The hospital in Tx is offering to pay for her BSN. She spoke highly of the school.
  11. akanini

    NCLEX & Pearson Vue Trick (PVT), your experience...

    Worked for me for LPN and RN boards.
  12. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    I took that test (no studying) in 2007 when Veeb was using Nelson Denny but now they use TABE.......which I’m GUESSING is harder. But like I said what might be easy for me might be hard for another so PLEASE just study math problems if you’re not strong. Their rejection letters said they can retest next year. Who wants to wait so long??
  13. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    PLEASE study that math. Do NOT try to wing this test. Everyone is not great in math and if you haven’t taken a math class in a while, it will be a pain in the butt. Veeb is using the TABE test/math questions and 40 problems in 24 minutes should not be taken lightly. My peeps didn’t make it due to the math. 11th grade reading level and 9th grade level for Math is Veeb’s requirement and I told my peeps to study and practice math problems but they didn’t listen. STUDY TABE MATH.
  14. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    Congratulations to you!!!
  15. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    Inbox me your phone number and I'll link you guys up.
  16. akanini

    Veeb 2019 class

    Well I convinced two of my family members to take the exam yesterday and they both said it wasn't bad. The short amount of time was intimidating like I had warned them both. They both said the reading questions were very easy but 24 minutes to do 40 decimal/fraction/multiplication problems can be a huge concern for someone who is not strong in math. A lot of people tested yesterday and 23 people tested on Wednesday. They will keep testing until 220 students are secured. Best of luck to everyone who will test. VEEB is the best!!