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  1. Hi I am an WA state RN BSN, looking into a Nurse Practioner school which is mostly on line. I know clinicals can be locate... So does not look like there are too many...ANY suggestions? gail
  2. ougreene

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Posting an update for ME! EC CPNR 11/09 EC grad 1/10 RN NCLEX 4/10 BSN Grand Canyon Uni. 9/2011 Current position: Director Regency Pacific Summit Place Assisted Living nearby milestones to accomplish - soon to be an RND which is a Registered Nurse Deligator by WA state, and become certified in Geritology Nursing. THANK YOU EC! :yeah:Without EC, I would not be were I am TODAY!! gail Gail Buce, RN, BSN
  3. Hi I am new to assisted living. We use Medication Technicians to pass meds. I am the only nurse (RN BSN). Med. Tech.s are CNA who have been trained specifically to "administer" medication such as Insulin, and have been deligated to do so, by an RND (Registered Nurse Deligator). I am planning on becoming an "Deligator", which WA state provides the training to RNs who chose to go through it. So any comments are RNDs? or Med. Techs. Both of these are new to me. gail RN BSN
  4. ougreene

    New Nurse Completely Surprised!!!

    Hi As a fairly new RN, long time LPN, my new experience as an RN (which my previous employer would not let me keep my newly gotten RN and I quit to take on an RN position) at an Rehabilitation Center/Long term care facility, I was not only surprised but shocked at various ways nursing staff avoided what we were all taught in school to do; Not wearing gloves to do finger sticks - saves on time! Not locking the drug cart fully - only looks locked - saves time! As I informed my supervisiors what I was seeing, the comments I got was "you are fine, keep on doing what you are doing...". I wear gloves with finger sticks and lock the drug chart, and yes I take soo much longer than the "pros" who have been there for a while... And my patient ratio is 1:20 Break=15 min in the corner eating my sandwhich for lunch I am not complaining it is just I hear you, we are taught what is right and as good nurses we do what is right. Your scenario sounds very familiar to me.
  5. ougreene

    No Peds CPNE sites

    The CPNE expectation is that you are professionally capable of taking care of 2 Adults and 1 Peds patient, durning the CPNE. I totally understand apprehension regarding taking care of a Peds Patient. I had a 6 year old girl and had various skin assessments to do, with girls Mother present, who did not speak English. The CE determined the patient would convey to her Mother in their native language what I was doing....other people in my CPNE had babies and teenagers.....you just never know! My site was Amarillo TX and they had a "Ronald McDonald" suite for children in the hospital. I am going to assume that any hospital that has a "Ronald McDonald" suite would have a tendency to have children in the hospital = pretty good chance you will get a ped.s patient. I wish you much luck! gail RN
  6. ougreene

    CPNE videos?

    EC dvd, shows you what it is and you can always sell it once you are done..you can pick up "used" ones here and there. If Robs one can be returned if you don't pass thats good too. I takes time to prep, you have to do in in sections...you know learn skills by heart, learn/make mnemonics for all critical elements. Time, concentration and unfortunately money...you need to be successful. EC wants you to pass truly, but they want to be 100% sure you know your stuff to transition to the profession of a Registered Nurse 101, you know you are their student and once you pass you represent EC, what they stand for...in a sense. Feel free to e-mail me as well if you are interested in any study materials. gail
  7. ougreene

    CPNE videos?

    Hi CPNE study material can help you know what to expect and to do. I got the EC CD and the skills kit and studied and practiced and made up mnemonics etc..till I was 100% submerged in the CPNE. I tell you I PASSED first try - NO retakes. You can buy new or look else were. Utube is great if you can find the skills you are looking for... Know your mnemonics, study the skills, be clear in your mind only think of CPNE, be familiar with what you need to write down, know your nursing dx book and BREATH - you will PASS! I wish you luck. Amarillor TX, great CPNE site! gail
  8. Grand Canyon is good. Lots of writting and assigments due every week end! But I work full time and still can find some time to make the grade! All on line! I started 5/4/2009 and should be complete 11/2010 gail Rn bsn 2 b
  9. ougreene

    New RN told to go back to LPN or else!

    WA state says I can have dual lic., I confirmed with them on Friday. My employer says the opposite. Considering the fact that I notified my employer (HR) back in Sept. when I got my RN that I was not going to renew the LPN, and the extreme short notice of "inactivate your RN, by Friday and active your LPN", really is disappointing from all angles. If go through the grievance pathwath I would be filing a grievance with HR against HR.....puts me in a very weird position, however we shall see... gail
  10. Hi I am a fairly new RN. In my current job (for the last 3 years), I have held a LPN lic for WA state. My job discribition says qualification are that of an LPN, CMA or Respiratory Degree. Now that I am a RN, I did not renew my LPN lic last month, my employer just told me "you need to inactivate your RN and activiate your LPN, and do this by the end of next week or you will be on administartive leave - non paid" I cried yesterday, when Administration told me this, since I told them when I got my RN, back in Sept., that I was not going to renew my LPN lic. HAS ANYONE had a similar situation?:angryfire gail
  11. ougreene

    CPNE Mistakes - I would love to learn from yours

    I passed no retakes however, I KNOW I really bugged one of the CEs by washing and geling my hands WAY too much....She really was bothered by it. I became Fanatical about studying, and then once you are done and PASSED, its a total body and mind melt down. gail
  12. ougreene

    Failed NCLEX-RN 1st Attempt

    HI Been there! Do it again and you will PASS, YES YOU WILL. RN NCLEX 2 time gail!
  13. hi i am an ec rn grad. i took the rn nclex 4/15/09 and passed. i live in wa. and took the rn nclex for oregon because i thought i could get into a new grad program in oregon with my employer, who has several hospitals and clinic down there. i was not able to do the new grad program in oregon, so i was wondering if anyone has been successful with wa and those 200 required preceptorship hours? gail:d ps currently in rn to bsn through grand canyon university...got a's so far!
  14. ougreene

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Passed CPNE 11/7 2008, Passed RN NCLEX Oregon State 4/15, now I am in the Grand Canyon Uni. BSN program...should be done 10/10... gail ps I work 40hrs have 3 kids...it can be done! g
  15. ougreene

    Grand Canyon University RN-BSN

    Hi, I started in May 09 and got my first grade = A...Summer quarter starts next week. Many Assignment due every week, discussions, paper etc...Doable...I work full time have 3 kids (4 if you include my husband...)....Great education! gail
  16. ougreene

    BON for Washington State

    Hi just wondering if anyone has had luck in getting those 200 hours of preceptorship in WA? gail Excelsior grad. 09, ORegon state RN....WA state LPN