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I just checked out the price of my books for my one - yes, I said one - nursing class this summer...$300.00!!!!:eek: :eek: For crying out loud, my tuition for summer 1 is $377.00...somebody, please tell me the insanity does not last forever!!:D :D

Thanks for letting me vent!


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find someone in the class ahead of you who might be willing to loan you their books..........or buy second hand.........worked for me.......good luck


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What book is it? I'd like to check it out on I gotta see this one!

nope, sorry, doesn't end. i've spent as much in books and "extras" as i have in tuition at my community college....

well.....almost ;)


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Sara, I don't know if this will help but there aer some good textbook company websites out there that sell books cheaply but not sure you will always find what you want. Try, and


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Go to,, and Barns and Also, go the publisher's web site. Shop around at every book store that you can find on line. You will also find used books at just about any book store site. Find out from the instructor which books you can do without. Often there are ones but they do not tell you unless you ask. If you ask they are usually honest about it.

Sometimes you can get away with an older printing or edition. The page numbers may not match up, but you can usually figure that out.


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try yes that is an X


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My first year I paid over $600 for books at a community college. Do you have any friends who have or are graduating? Check and see if they are willing to let you borrow, or sell their used books at a cheap price. I let someone I work with borrow my books, and it saved her all of that money. Or check the bulletin boards around your school. Someone may be selling at good prices.

Good luck!


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Problem I've found with buying books ahead of time, online, is when I actually get to classes, I find that the text has been changed, or replaced with newer additions...........................but then, this has been in prereqs............maybe it will be better in the nursing program.

Also, trying to hook up with someone that just graduated is a good idea.........IF they want to sell their books.

Most that I've talked to intend to keep theirs.


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Spent $4000 on books. I think Im really smart now.


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Holy crap:eek:

I just checked out the cost of my future books...i'm looking at $500+ per semester!!!

Its too bad we cant purchase them in advance!

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