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bklynborn has 10 years experience and specializes in GERIATRICS, DEMENTIA CARE, MED-SURG.

mother, grandmother, RN LTC nurse, RN, Case Manager LTC, mother, RN med/surg and proud of it.

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  1. bklynborn

    Can they do this?

    I went to work last week as the ADON of my facility at the end of the day I was told my position had been eliminated due to budget cuts. That was it...........they offered me 2 floor nursing positions for the remainder of August and said they had only 2 shifts for me on the September....................what the heck?
  2. bklynborn

    Integrity in nursing (LTC)

    I am a RN have been for 10 years. I've worked both Acute and Long Term Care. I started as an CNA out of high school and worked my way through school. Of all the things I have come across in Nursing, I feel most upset about having to do things I feel go against my personal integrity. It's amazing some of the things you are asked to do in preperation sor State Survey or during the survey itself.To me it seems that ongoing education and audits should be done on a routine basis rather than the week befor State is due. I have been obligated to falsify records as part of prep for State. I have seen incidents covered up. I could go on but I am sure you get my point. I have worked for bad facitities where favortism is obvious. One nurse is written up for calling in and for another the DON will do everything including pulling a manager to the floor to work for her so she can leave mid- shift. I have been forced to sit in meetings where discussions of personal events seems to be the main topic on the agenda rather than any work related topic. And forced to sit through the escapades of the gay DON the night before with the flavor of the week during the morning managers meeting. What ever happened to the work ethic? Professionalism? Sorry to go one but I tell you this can be tough stuff to deal with. Do any of you deal with this? How do you cope? Is any job, profession worth putting up with this?
  3. bklynborn

    LPN's managing RN's in LTC setting

    There are many ways around things, this I found while working as an ADON in a LTC. It's of course all about money. An LPN can work as a resident care coordinator, which means they do the same job as a unit manager for less money than an RN would get. They technically run the unit but do not supervise RN's. That is the job of the ADON and DON. It's a great way to stay within budget. Seems to be the going thing around here. In fact it's getting harder and harder to find a RN position since LPN's are cheaper.
  4. bklynborn

    Leaving management and happily going back to the floor

    You can't imagine how grateful I am for this post! I was in a management position which I was enjoying despite all the things you mentioned. I guess enjoying isn't really the right word, but I was able to make some positive changes at our facility and I am proud of that. I had to work the floor many times and each time I found myself thinking what a great idea take care of patients and go home at the end of the shift. Much easier than the 12 hour days I was putting in as a manager. Weekends it was the oncall phone ring ring ringing off the hook. Can you believe people call on Saturday to ask you if they have to work on Monday? And at 11:30 at night! Well due to budget cuts my postition as ADON was eliminated last week and I will now be returning to the floor. I must say it was a big shot to my ego and I was feeling rather odd and embarrassed about returning to the floor. Now after reading this I think I will be able to march in there with my held held high, my intergrity intact (man did I learn some things!) and my mind at peace. Thank-you all for your posts. You never know when what you write is just the thing someone else needs to hear. Blessings, Emme
  5. bklynborn

    A Nursing Dilemma

    Nursing programs are searching for people like you!!!!!! The pay is terrible so not many people apply............at least in Washington State. They almost had to cancel the 2000-2002 program for lack of an instructor.....................
  6. bklynborn

    Another word for "pulling"?

    how about removing nurses from thier home unit midshift and sending them to another unit? them to another
  7. bklynborn

    Another word for "pulling"?

    I like reassigning
  8. bklynborn

    Why wouldn't you chart this??

    In our hospital meds are delivered to the units by techs just before routine doses are scheduled. As I said before they expire on the same day or shortly after the routine dose is scheduled to be given. This does not mean the med itself has expired..........the question about the insulin was about the medication itself.
  9. bklynborn

    Why wouldn't you chart this??

    Use it on the 28th day and then discard
  10. bklynborn

    Why wouldn't you chart this??

    Would be interesting to know what the medication was....if it was an antibiotic then the pt missed a dose. Not a good thing. Most medications in the hospital are timed and expire after the hour the dose is due. The pharmacist if consulted will usually tell you to hang the med and then retime the next dose to provide adequate coverage. Would like to hear more info on this.
  11. bklynborn

    Plasma donation

    Went to the interview .....I ended up not taking the job and moving to Colorado.
  12. bklynborn

    Last Name on ID Badges

    They recently issused new name badges where i work and our last names are on them. I think it is a safety issue that puts nurses at risk.
  13. bklynborn

    Thoughts on CO?

    I will be moving to Aurora Colorado on April 2nd and am interested in working as an RN in LTC/Dementia care in that area...........I have 10 years experience. Would like info in both the good and bad.....you know ones to apply to and ones to stay away from. Thanks
  14. bklynborn

    Colorado nursing

    I am an RN who will soon be moving to Colorado from Washington state. Could someone give me the names of some LTC facilities or Dementia care facilities around the Aurora area. TY
  15. bklynborn

    Nurses with Diabetes

    Just diagnosed with type 2.............anyone else out there? Does it affect your work?
  16. bklynborn

    Have you ever counted?

    I have never heard the term active treatment what is it?

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