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  1. Pab_Meister

    International nursing students in the US

    hey...see below... best of luck!!
  2. Pab_Meister

    A&P question

    The endocrine system was a nightmare! Lot's of chemistry. A&P II started with the endocrine system at my school. Good luck!!
  3. Pab_Meister

    U.S. trained ADN, Canadian Citizen-Greencard Q's

    Thanks beausud! Just a bit of clarification, though: No problem with my training being considered equal to a U.S. trained nurse, I am being trained in the U.S. (Buffalo, N.Y.) O.P.T. : if you graduate from a U.S. school, you are automatically entitled to a one year work visa. This visa is called an O.P.T. (I think it's Optional[?] Practical Training). Confusing, isn't it? Thanks for your reply!
  4. Hello! I was hoping you folks could help me with some immigration questions re: U.S. 1. I'm starting my second semester of my ADN program. At what point do I apply for my Greencard? 2. Can I work with my OPT in the U.S. while waiting for my Greencard? 3. If I am working with my OPT, and the one year expires while I'm waiting for my greencard, can the OPT be renewed? 4. How long does the Greencard application process take? 5. I know this one sounds stupid, but my International Student Advisor brought this one up: After graduation, can I write the NCLEX even though I am a non-resident? (Sounds pretty stupid to me too.). 6. My goal is to move to the U.S. and begin working as soon as possible after graduation. Any suggestions as to how to best accomplish this? Thanks so much!!
  5. Pab_Meister

    failed nclex

    In reading your post,it sounds as though you are going through a very normal process. As soon as you are finished beating yourself up, you'll pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin to hold your head up high again. If you found nursing school to be a breeze then you're obviously no dumb bell. You've recieved some excellent advice from the posters above ^^. Even though I'm among the top students in my class, I fully intend to take a Kaplan type course before I attempt the NCLEX. You'll see, you'll work through this. You are driven - I can read it in your posts. I know you'll pass it the next time around. Best of luck!!!!
  6. Pab_Meister

    I am man, I wonder if I can be a nurse

    I'm sure you can do it like me and all the other male nurses what were so nervous like you are saying and besides there are others too.
  7. Pab_Meister


    Hi Marie, Sure you're right. But I think what Dan is looking for are honest opinions. Just as you are free to express your opinions about whatever you like, Dan is free to post whatever questions he likes, and I am free to post whatever opinion I have. Neat how all of this "freedom of speech" stuff works, isn't it? If you really see my opinions as being "bad rash", that's your right too. Have a nice day.
  8. Pab_Meister


    Hey, you know if they're using it on Scrubs, it's gotta be official. Actually, since Scrubs is about as assinine as this thread, and this thread is soooooooo popular...... hhmmm...I might be eating crow sooner than I think... know any good recipes? "emotionally charged"? You're kidding...right? :chuckle :chuckle
  9. Pab_Meister


    How is this possible? How is it that there are so many intellengent, sensible and relevent threads on this forum that barely get noticed, and fade quietly into the archives, yet some b*llshit thread like this, like a bad rash, just won't go away? Thanks for listening to my vent...
  10. Pab_Meister


    Ahhhhh....shoot! I thought I had this one all figured out! ...double ahhhhh....shoot!! -------------------------------------------------------- How I Feel About the Term "Murse" by Alexander. The End. -------------------------------------------------------- So, what do you think? Good paper or no? Cash only por favor.
  11. Pab_Meister


    Hey again Dan, I personally don't care what I'm referred to, regardless of whom it comes from. Although I'm still just a lowly nursing student, I know that nurses get called far worse names than anything you could ever want to post here. Why don't we just stick with "nurse". I've heard of some nurses being called "M.F. b*tchs". Why don't we change our moniker to that? "Hey Dan, you M.F. B*tch, how's ya doin'?" I dunno, I think it has a nice ring to it. What do you say? Actually, now that I've heard it a few times, I am growing somewhat partial to that term. "murse" that is, not "MFB". Maybe we could have our own theme song too. How did that song go? "mercy, mercy me..." can now be: "Mursey, mursey me..." American Idol, here I come!!
  12. Hi Jen2, Yep!! I"m feeling it too!! :uhoh21: Especially since the weather has been so fall-like in the north east this July. I've been reviewing my A&P, and still want to review 1st semester nursing. They also gave us some assignments to do over the summer - F&E, BLS, dosage, etc. I start on Aug 30th. This time next year I'll be..umm...one year closer to graduating!! Woo hoo!! No, you're not insane, at least not any more than the rest of us. Truth be told, I've been missing school since the first week of June. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!
  13. Pab_Meister

    New name for the Nursing profession?

    Hi Dan, Remember the "Murse" (male nurse) thing from your other thread? What if the elderly female pt. went on with..."Moose??...You say you're a moose? Well, isn't that lovely. Actually, I'm not really a human either, I'm actually an Aardvark! And you see that lady across from me? She's really a giraffe! " ...as she reaches for her call button to alert security that she has a "moose-man" in her room. Okay, I'll let it go now...te he... Just joshin' with ya Dan...
  14. Pab_Meister

    Prime holiday destinations of the world

    I'm calling my travel agent now...!!! Peurto Polluto here I come!!!
  15. Pab_Meister


    Hi Dan, I'd really like to hear some of your other gender neutral terms for "nurse". I suppose I could be persuaded to side with a name change for a more suitable term. The theory is that the term "nurse" comes from the word "nurture" (I know you know that already). Since the nature of our profession encompasses far more than "nurturing", there may be a better term out there. What else have you got? Also, I'm still not sure of your rationale for suggesting a name change. Could you explain it a bit more?
  16. Pab_Meister


    I dunno, I just picture this elderly lady saying "Huh?? What's that?? You're a 'moose'? ". Maybe it's just me.