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  1. DebsZoo

    Allnurses.com history?

    Oops, sorry, I had copied this for the Joke Thread, must be that thread was closed to
  2. DebsZoo

    Allnurses.com history?

    Signs You Picked the Wrong ISP 10. Their company logo: two tin cans and a length of string. 9. You check out their address, and it's a phone booth containing a Compaq portable and an acoustic coupler. 8. Their chief technical officer lives in a 10-foot-by-7-foot shack in the woods. 7. Their proud boast: "We've been on the Internet since it was CB radio." 6. Their promo materials use the words "information" and "superhighway" in the same sentence. 5. You order an SLIP/PPP connection, e-mail, and 2MB of server space for your personal Web site, and the voice on the other end of the phone asks, "Would you like fries with that?" 4. "As seen in Better Business Bureau special reports." 3. "Access speeds up to 9,600 bps in most areas." 2. They hawk both domain names and Rolexes on street corners. 1. They charge by the word.
  3. DebsZoo

    Disappointed in Pinning "Ceremony"

    Exactly, Val. Same with the program here, the students pay for their ceremony, pins and refreshments after. The students vote on how they want the ceremony to go and what to wear. I just attended this year's and it was beautiful...........street clothes and all
  4. couldn't have put it better myself!
  5. DebsZoo

    Cost of books

    Problem I've found with buying books ahead of time, online, is when I actually get to classes, I find that the text has been changed, or replaced with newer additions...........................but then, this has been in prereqs............maybe it will be better in the nursing program. Also, trying to hook up with someone that just graduated is a good idea.........IF they want to sell their books. Most that I've talked to intend to keep theirs.
  6. Man, I can understand you about chem. Finals week is next week. Chem is the only thing I'm not pulling an A in. I went through the resource center at my college and hired a tutor for the last few weeks, hoping to help some..............................Now just studying like mad and praying to at least wind up with a B to keep my GPA up. Best of luck to you.................................to everyone in finals hades
  7. DebsZoo

    Nursing is pathetic...

    agreed And the title is "flammable" too
  8. DebsZoo

    Rotator Cuff Question

    Thanks, coffeehound Yes, I talked to the office and they said come anyway, and, as of right now the worst of the cold seems to be gone. I'll post as soon as I am able when I get home. Scheduled for 11:30 tomorrow a.m.
  9. DebsZoo

    Rotator Cuff Question

    Bump....A question My surgery is scheduled for Friday (11th), I went in for preadmission tests, and was told if I get sick that I have to call them to cancel (last Friday). I laughed, because I never am sick (rarely, anyway) and of course, I woke up with a killer head cold Sunday a.m. I have been dousing myself with Tylenol cold Day and Night, every 4hours. The cold is almost kicked out, but I have a cough still. I REALLY don't want to postpone this Opinions? And what might be complications if I didn't say anything. Side note, I will have a local anesthetic, not general. Thanks for any help/opinions, in advance.
  10. DebsZoo

    To everyone who is in an Associates program

  11. DebsZoo

    nursing shoes

    I just received my Birenstocks, bought them for $55.00 on Ebay, brand new.........ready for classes to start now :)
  12. DebsZoo

    Rotator Cuff Question

    Thank you :) Yes, that's what the Dr. said also, as long as I am on top of the exercises,things should go well. I have a good goal !!
  13. DebsZoo

    Rotator Cuff Question

    MRI was done, and showed a tear. The Dr. said surgery would probably be the best solution, and since I have enough time before classes start in Sept. I will have it done. She said if I were older, she would recommend pt first, but in my situation, pt is not a definite and I could well wind up needing surgery anyway. After discussing it with my husband, we decided to go ahead with it. I am scheduled for April 11th. Now just the wait ...........................
  14. DebsZoo

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    stevielynn, I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has seen a successful judgement (as in the child DOES receive treament) in a situation like this. Any I have ever heard about going to court are won by the parents......not to say all have won, just the ones I have heard of.
  15. DebsZoo

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Vegas, I know of a couple religions that believe this.........but for the life of me, I cannot undertsand it either. I believe in healing, yet I also believe health professionals were put on this earth for a reason. Life is too precious.
  16. DebsZoo

    29 year old husband has brain tumor

    {{{{{{{{{{{{jaystrupp}}}}}}}}}}}} There are no words that will make this go away. I only hope and pray that you, your husband and children will be able to do all that you plan, enjoy the time you have, and love him with every thread in your heart. My heart breaks for you. Please know you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please know we are here to listen, comfort, if we can, and just share your sorrow. Deb~