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MelRN13 has 9 years experience and specializes in critical care, med/surg.

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  1. MelRN13

    WHNP vs FNP

    I'm applying at University of Cincinnati and had planned on taking the Women's Health NP path...but I don't know if I'm having pre application jitters, second thoughts, or a stroke! I would like to focus on pregnancy and disease prevention in teens and young women, which is why I thought the Women's Health path would be the appropriate choice--but with the lack of primary care providers, would I be better of focusing on all ages? My question is--will I be limiting my options by only focusing on Women's Health? Would it be better to take the Family NP path? Also--has anyone else been successful with the online program at University of Cincinnati? What are the pros and cons of their program? Thanks in advance for any help, insight, or advice! Mel:confused:
  2. MelRN13

    Floor to Mgmt? Smooth transition?

    I transitioned from floor to management in July, and it is still a learning process. I guess it really depends on how much training and support that you receive from your upline. I haven't really had any, just thrown in an office with a "to-do" list... One pro is that I had already worked with all of my staff for 6 years, so we are all pretty comfortable in open communication. Good luck to you!
  3. MelRN13

    Finally got an interview....HELP!

    Highlight both strong and weak points. You could say something like..."although I have never worked in critical care, the experience I gained in the OR has been a basis in building my critical thinking skills"... Most employers with new grad programs will require classroom time as part of your orientation period. This will cover things like EKG interpretation, hemodynamics, etc...just be confident in yourself!
  4. This is the "brain" that I use. I make a double sided copy, so I only have one paper in my pocket. Hope this helps! ICU report sheet.doc
  5. I tried Chantix and it made me so nauseated I could barely eat. My next step was the patch and I had a nasty skin reaction...so frustrating! I'm going to try hypnosis next. I have a friend that did it and hasn't smoked for two years! Good luck!
  6. MelRN13

    All scrubs fit me odd...

    Urbane is now selling a longer version of their classic crossover top...I've noticed after several washes, the Urbanes really shrink. Try http://www.lydiasuniforms.com
  7. MelRN13

    Purchasing scrubs online

    I buy from http://www.lydiasuniforms.com. They are based in West Michigan. They have most of the major brands, plus their own line that is super cheap! I usually buy the Cherokee Workwear brand, and when you buy more than one, you get a discount....also if you sign up for email, you'll get online coupons.
  8. MelRN13

    Davenport University Students

    Is anyone attending DU for their online BSN completion program? I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs/electives, and am hoping to take the actual nursing courses starting this fall. Hoping to get other students/grads input and feedback!
  9. MelRN13

    Burn out/ disgusted/ QI

    I feel the same frustration as you...unsafe staffing and poorly oriented nurses are a daily struggle for me. But, what do we do to fix it? If we complain, will we be reprimanded or fired???
  10. MelRN13

    I am a student Nurse and my Mother in Law is a Nurse

    I feel so sorry for you! My MIL is also a nurse (for 30+) years...but she and I have a great relationship! We work for different companies, so she is the one I can rant and rave to when I have a crappy day. She usually feeds my family on the nights I work (my husband's cooking skills include frozen pizza and mac and cheese). We live right next door, but she has never been intrusive in the 5 years my hubby and I been together! I think the best bet would to be honest and straightforward...tell her it's time to cut the apron strings! ;-) Hopefully you can have a better relationship in the future.
  11. MelRN13

    CNA or Nurse Extern

    Are they considering NAs for the SICU? My thought is that even if you don't get into the SICU right away, once you are working in the facility, you'll have a better chance for a position in the future...most employers are more likely to hire internally. Good luck to you!
  12. MelRN13

    Online RN-BSN programs

    I don't know about affordable, but these are the programs that I've looked into--I ended up going with Davenport University. Davenport University: http://www.davenport.edu U of Michigan-Flint: uofmflint.edu Ferris State University: http://www.ferris.edu Michigan State University: http://www.msu.edu
  13. MelRN13

    Giving Report

    I made my own report sheet that I use. I usually write the report that I receive in black, and add my assessment and updates in red. I make a double sided copy, so I don't have a bunch of papers in my pocket...one side for each patient. I'm going to try to attach a copy for anyone to use...if it doesn't work, send me a message and I can email it to you. I hope this helps! ICU_Report_Sheet.doc
  14. MelRN13

    CNA or Nurse Extern

    I think that both opportunites will teach you the basics of patient care. NE jobs are more focused on the critical thinking skills that you will need as a new nurse, and allow you to participate in the more advanced skills that you'll need as a new grad. I would encourage you to take a NE job...I was a CNA for many years before becoming a RN, and I also worked as a NE. The nurse extern experience gave me time to practice my organizational skills and learn how to organize care of patients.
  15. MelRN13

    reciprocity between california and michigan

    Your best bet would be to contact the Board of Nursing for the state of Michigan. The website is http://www.michigan.gov/bhser or call 517-335-0918. I hope this helps and good luck!
  16. MelRN13

    NP programs in Michigan

    I have been a RN for several years, and will be finishing my BSN this spring. I'm looking for advice on NP programs in Michigan....what were the positives/negatives about your program? Would you recommend it to others? What specialty focuses did it offer? I have looked into many programs, but would like to hear about anyone's first hand experience! Thanks!