Can you tell me what days are considered weekend where you work?

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I’ve been looking through the policies at the hospital I work at and I can’t find out what days of the week are considered the weekend. 

I just want to get an idea of what other people’s workplace consider the weekend.

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11pm Friday night through 11pm Sunday night. 

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A good question for a great username, johnnymoney!

At Wrongway Regional Medical Center, weekend option people worked F-S-S or S-S-M. It's the same at Anomaly Memorial Hospital where my medical nurse wife Belinda works.


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3pm Friday to 7 am Monday.

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7pm Friday to 7am Monday

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When I worked nights it was 7 PM Friday to 7 PM Sunday which sucked.  I worked every Sunday night since that wasn't considered a weekend.  I wasn't the kind of night shift worker who could stay up all day then go work a night shift, so I basically never had a full weekend off.


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I work at two different hospitals, on night shift. At one hospital night shift is Saturday and Sunday night, at the other it is Friday and Saturday night. 


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I am a weekend option nurse and 1500 Fri my w/e pay starts. (for night shift, it ends Mon @ 0700). 

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7am Friday to 7pm Sunday. 

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Here in France midnght Saturday to midnight Sunday, so essentially just Sunday. Saturday does not attract enhanced pay. 

The enhancement varies accrding to your length of service. If I work my 2 Sundays a month (so 24 hours of Sunday pay) that adds about €350 ($396 US) to my basic. All public holidays pay Sunday rate except our national day, Bastille Day (July 14th) which pays double, again midnight to midnight.

Being a night worker adds a night allowance of €530 ($600 US) to my basic. This is a set allowance which doesn't vary regardless how many nights you've worked, so if I'm off sick, take holiday or have a statutory training day in any month, the night allowance doesn't move.

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