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DavidFR has 36 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Oncology, ID, Hepatology, Occy Health.

English trained nurse, British born of Ukrainian/Italian origins, now a naturalised Frenchman. Very much an internationalist!

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  1. DavidFR

    do you know what is license to practice?

    I have just looked again at this one: vpu.edu.pl/nursing/ Note the phrase "you will practise in well-equipped labs" and look at the photo- they're working on a dummy. Without the hours of practice with real patients I'm pretty sure you...
  2. DavidFR

    do you know what is license to practice?

    Hello, In your last post you were going to study in Malaysia because it's cheap. Now you want to study in Poland because it's cheap. I know nothing about this Polish BSc program but I would just say beware about doing a nursing program in a...
  3. DavidFR

    Band 6 interview, pain nurse

    I did this kind of thing many, many years ago for interviews and on the other side as an interviewer. In 5 minutes you need to make it succinct and to the point. They are basically trying to assess how effective you are at imparting information ...
  4. Threads like this make me so grateful I work in a soicalised health system with strong unions. Even in the recession years 2008, 2009, 2010 we got an annual rise of 0.5%. Not much but we never had a pay freeze and a pay cut would be unthinkable ...
  5. DavidFR

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Would be interesting if he came back and gave us his thoughts now.
  6. DavidFR

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    I've posed urinary catheters in countless numbers of women and never had a problem. I've posed pessaries and deep vaginal ovules - no problem. I do ECGs on young women and access their port-a-caths where they'll usually have to bear their breasts. I'...
  7. DavidFR

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    If a woman objected to me giving her intimate care of course I would go out of my way to find a female colleague, but in a 36 year long career in two different countries that's happened twice. On one occasion it was the woman's husband, not her, who ...
  8. DavidFR

    Mid-Life Blues

    I'm 58 and have NOTHING in common with the 20 somethings. Fortunately I can switch off if the talk is about stuff that doesn't interest me. I'm lucky we have the whole age range. I find most of the young ones OK. If you're in a unit where there'...
  9. DavidFR

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Patient centred care has its limits. Last week I had a very difficult patient who basically wanted my presence the whole night long, however I had my other patients to see to aswell, so she couldn't have her wish. We try to satisfy our patients' eve...
  10. DavidFR

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    No I've never had a baby. I've also never had cancer but I'm a damn good oncology nurse.
  11. DavidFR

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Exactly and in Europe we have male midwives. Do you then start saying no lesbians in obs & gynae? Do we bow to the homophobes who don't want gay nurses, or the racists who don't want nurses of other races? No females on urology? No male...
  12. DavidFR

    Please help! I am so lost...

    Research Nurse? School Nurse? Occupational Health? Yes, get your masters. It will widen your horizons. Good luck.
  13. DavidFR

    IV Push Ativan

    Condolences on your loss. Mothers are very special and we only get the one. I know you've already had the confirmation, but I will just add my voice: I have given IV Ativan as a push and yes, it's perfectly acceptable.
  14. DavidFR

    How To List My Credentials In Correct Order

    I think hospitals do this so that it's first and foremost clear to the public that you're a qualified nurse. I'm assuming most lay people in the US know what RN means, just as the public here in France know that IDE (Infirmier Diplômé d'Etat) means y...
  15. DavidFR

    Question about TPN

    You gave 369 mls of fluid extra, which is not alot in a grown adult. I'm not sure what the electrolyte concentartions are in your TPN in the US, but here in France we use Kabiven (manufactured in Sweden) and the electrolytes are minimal. Your p...