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DavidFR has 37 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Oncology, ID, Hepatology, Occy Health.

English trained nurse, British born of Ukrainian/Italian origins, now a naturalised Frenchman. Very much an internationalist!

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  1. Go for it. I have an autistic colleague. She delivers care in an acute oncology setting just fine. The fact that you already show awareness that there might be difficulties along the way I think shows willingness that you're ready to deal w...
  2. DavidFR

    US NP Seeking Licensure in UK

    My limited experience of US trained nurses was that they were used to needing a doctor's order to do anything, whereas when I worked in the UK, we did a lot off our own initiative, so I'm perplexed as to your claim about lack of autonomy. I am d...
  3. DavidFR

    Transition to night shift

    Melatonin is magic. Works for me. That plus chamomile tea before bed. Blackout curtains, earplugs, phone OFF, no screen light in your room and no phone before bed. Reading a chapter of a book in bed is a good wind down. Don't judge after s...
  4. DavidFR

    Increasing D-dimer

    Depends on the context. For example, many oncology patients have raised D-dimers anyway, so if trying to diagnose a pulmonary embolus, they will always be sent for an urgent angioscan. D-dimers alone are not an indication. You need to be mo...
  5. DavidFR

    Patient “fall”? No neuro checks?

    The staff on duty at the time of the fall should have done neuro obs, filled in the appropriate paperwork and informed the appropriate people. You inherited a two day old problem. The likelihood of there being any potential neurological degenera...
  6. DavidFR

    Can BC Psychiatric RPN work as RN/RPN Travel Nurse?

    I don't know specifically about US Travel nursing, but my general advice is this: Very few countries have nursing programmes leading to registration specifically in just psychiatry or just paediatrics, however I came from one of them (the UK) an...
  7. Another in agreement here with Been There Done That. You will gain confidence as time goes on. Use the round to ask about things you don't know. They are supposed to be an EXCHANGE of information, and you will appear motivated and interested fo...
  8. DavidFR

    Insulin Before Dextrose or Vice Versa?

    Totally different approach here in France. We give a bag of 250cc Glucose 30% with 10 units novorapide insulin added to the bag. Hence the glucose and the insulin are being administered together over 30 minutes. We take a blood sugar after ...
  9. Going back to the original title of this thread regarding hospital managers, the discussion in the British media is interesting. They are saying that while nurses and doctors are registered and can be struck off for clinical misdemeanors, managers ar...
  10. Letby has been sentenced to life life and will theoretically never be released from prison: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/aug/21/lucy-letby-sentence-whole-life-jail-term-for-murdering-seven-babies Interestingly Bevery Allitt (cas...
  11. DavidFR

    We can't eat

    When I worked in the UK there was a culture of hospital residences. Often pretty basic studio accomodation for single people but reasonable appartments and houses for families. Not only was your accomodation a reasonable price but you were right...
  12. Not the first time this has happened in UK. Beverly Allitt killed several children on a paediatric unit: https://www.amazon.fr/Murder-Ward-Four-Biggest-Criminal/dp/0701148136 There is a problem where whistleblowers are sometimes ignored and...
  13. DavidFR

    Nurse Practitioner in Germany

    I can't answer your question directly, however I have known people going to Germany who found the German nurses forum a useful source of information. https://www.krankenschwester.de/forum/
  14. When I worked in an ID unit the patients got their food on regular trays but on cardboard plates with plastic cutlery. Hence the whole lot went in the bin in the ante-chambre (or sass), the tray got wiped and was handed out. Some post-reg studen...
  15. DavidFR

    IV Med Error

    Errror is human and we all make mistakes occasionally. The important thing here is your reaction to what happened. You did EVERYTHING right and in the best interests of the patient. Be proud of yourself.

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