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Hey everyone. I'm starting nursing school next month and am looking for a cheap watch that's good for when I'm in the hospital. I've seen people mention military time is useful, plastic bands and water resistant so it can't be thrown in the washing machine if it gets dirty. Anyone out there who is in school or working have any suggestions? Thanks

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G shock's are good for military time and shock resistant/water proof. They're a bit pricey though. I got a Casio G300 for about 65. It's one of the cheaper G Shocks but it looks nice, has military time + 2nd hand watch and it's small (right size for me).


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I'm thinking about getting one of those calculator watches with the rubber face in white. They are in trend right now and are easy to clean. Just make sure you get one with the seconds on it!! Walmart about 20 bucks.

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I would have to agree with Gshock.

Gshock is the way to go. Many colors to choose from and water proof.

I like my timex easy reader,, it has a second hand and military time on it, and it has a leather band i think..its lightweight also.


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Timexwater resistant, pushbutton blue glow dial, with date, sweep second hand, and 24 hour numbers on the dial. stretchy metal band so I can mash it up my arm out of the way or take it off in a hurry. $12 from walmart. Not upset at all if i lose it. Its nursing school. I'll wait till I get my License before I worry about getting a mega-watch.

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My current watch is a Timex Ironman Triathalon. It's not very expensive, is waterproof, has a plastic band, has some timers and alarms, and most of all, I don't care if I lose it. I've been using this line of watches for years. While they don't have an analog face with a sweep second hand, it makes no difference to me as I'm just as accurate with digital numbers as I am with a sweeping hand.

I've used a lot of different watches over the years and I'm actually pretty hard on them. I figure that I have to replace them just about every 3-4 years. ;)

My advice for the best watch to invest in is simple: water resistant to 100m, and cheap as you can buy. I consider watches to be something that's expendable. At least those watches I wear for work... those few nice ones I have for dressier occasions don't go to work with me.


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Maybe I went overboard, because I got a Pebble (now Fitbit).

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i like my timex weekender, you can swap the band out to be inconspicuous while working/at clinical, and use different bands for dressing it up/down/etc

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Walmart special. $5. Toss it every few months. I keep the expensive ones for when I'm not working


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ColoradoRocky said:
...stretchy metal band so I can mash it up my arm out of the way or take it off in a hurry....

That's a really good tip, thanks. I'm cheap-watch shopping and I hadn't even considered that.

RorySeiter said:
Maybe I went overboard, because I got a Pebble (now Fitbit).

WOW! that thing is seriously cool!

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