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zoidberg has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. zoidberg

    Stressed as a nurse. Experience needed to be a Nurse Educator?

    Several Things... -Honestly nurse educators at my institution are more paper pushers than anything else. Figure out the role at your place of work. -At least an MSN in education is what you will likely need -Think about getting a ther...
  2. zoidberg

    New Nurse

    Agree with other poster. I have a close friend who enjoyed a long career in an elementary school. You need to be able to act quick and trust your instincts. If you don't like 12 hr shifts, explore clinic options. At least in my area, peds offices sti...
  3. zoidberg

    Incident report

    I honestly agree with what you did and here is why. I disagree with safety systems being used this way. It rarely solves anything. If that nurse had an issue, why not bring it up during report? "hey, I don't see a stop/start time on the heparin, can ...
  4. zoidberg

    School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    My program also had required testing but it was just ATI. Then ATI based review questions for those who didn't pass. ATI was much harder than NCLEX. Maybe you can provide data showing how likely it is for those who did well on ATI to pass NCLEX? But ...
  5. Please note: refer to state BON and facility policies before performing skill, some locations require additional education and/or supervised insertions prior to using this skill.
  6. zoidberg

    One Year in and I’m done

    True. Though I do not know what experience OP has from being a Medic, so I figured I may throw it out there.
  7. zoidberg

    One Year in and I’m done

    Look into flight/transport. If you get an RN transport job it will pay better than medic jobs but be as far away from bedside as you can get.
  8. zoidberg

    Eighteen Days: My COVID Story

    So sorry you went through this. To be honest I too stopped giving as much hope as usual because I was broken and had no hope myself. Every time I was remotely positive when it looked like a patient may have been doing slightly better they ended up ta...
  9. zoidberg

    Addressing the Nursing Burnout Crisis

    I think its not that simple, and its more of an individual journey to burnout, not as a workplace. Yes, workplace conditions greatly influence it, but we all see different people burn out at different times based on how they deal with situations.
  10. zoidberg

    Writing “poop” is unprofessional?

    not as bad as the less correct alternative to purulent either ?
  11. zoidberg

    Bedside Nurse- Wants to leave/anxiety/stress

    You have endless options. Case Management or Utilization Review may be a good thing to look into. You stay in the hospital usually but no hands on patient care. Do you have your BSN? It is often needed for non-bedside positions. Some educator type ro...
  12. Great post. It took me a while to accept that those I have been with when they passed on (too many to remember) and the host of emotions that come with them, isn't something I can "recover" from, it is a part of me. Emotions randomly surface. I remem...
  13. zoidberg

    Epic HIPAA violation

    It is really easy to technically open the chart in EPIC. Even hovering or performing a search which populates certain patient information can qualify as a violation. Be very careful. Side note, at my workplace we are allowed to open our own cha...
  14. Don't dwell on it. If you have been with covid ARDS patients for a bit you know they need a crap ton of sedation. Just take note of what the orders say on paper so you can chart pretty (titrate by 5 mcg blah blah blah) but that isn't how this works i...
  15. zoidberg

    The Wage Gap Myth

    Whoa there. Who will answer the phones and file papers if its only us guys ? Seriously though, its about having a mix of different people and backgrounds to make a team able to connect with and provide care to a diverse population, not about bei...