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zoidberg has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Adult Med/Surg & Critical Care.

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  1. zoidberg

    Internal transfer

    I cannot speak for your manager, but some like to hear from you before they hear from HR that you are interested in another position. Every situation is different, though.
  2. zoidberg

    Can a POST-BAC DNP teach at University level?

    I would imagine a DNP would be acceptable. MSN or higher at my local college for BSN teaching... and DNP is higher. Try to do some part time teaching on the side, as they will want experience. Ask if you can add specialized education courses on to your degree if you are serious about a teaching role.
  3. zoidberg

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    All anecdotal. I passed at 75. Maybe you should have done more practice questions?
  4. zoidberg

    Removing the PICC line where there is a DVT?

    admin: This might get more replies if moved to the infusion nursing section.
  5. zoidberg

    Removing the PICC line where there is a DVT?

    Depends on where the clot is, (i.e. which vein and relation to line).Do you have a vascular access team (picc team)? They can provide guidance. If not maybe IR. There is risk for a PE even with the line staying in. You can anticoagulate and then reassess for clot presence but not sure how much evidence there is for that course. Any picc that remains in place for a good while will have some thrombus formation. These are not ultrasounded, and are removed without knowledge of the thrombus, and no adverse events happen. So it could be removed likely without issue. Sorry if it’s not a straight forward answer. Hope it helps.
  6. zoidberg

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    This thread alone is a valid reason of why one may keep things to one self.
  7. zoidberg

    Physician Assistants now have FPA

    I don’t see that happening. Just as NPs in independent practice states aren’t suddenly performing surgery in their private practice clinics...
  8. zoidberg

    Bullied and Struggling in ICU

    I bet even another ICU in your hospital has a better culture and would appreciate to have you join them. Do you have a float pool? Ask one of them which one to work in, we know where the good units are
  9. zoidberg


    This is the term I use as well
  10. A job on a med surg (or other acute unit) would be great. You will develop so many professional relationships you will have your pick of people to ask after even just a year.
  11. Ask your student mentor from WGU. When I finished there mine said to give her a call if I ever needed a reference or help when I went back for my MSN.
  12. zoidberg

    Wastefulness in healthcare

    New suction kit, every time! kit has gloves (the terrible kind) and a catheter. Use and dispose. Repeat. Most things are thrown out. BP cuffs, SCD sleeves, and some types of pulse ox probes are “recycled” whatever that means.
  13. zoidberg

    Behind Every Great Physician is Excellent Nursing Care

    I work at a magnet facility, a large teaching hospital. I feel I have good relationships with medical staff, and enjoy getting to know residents on their various paths through training. Many nurses are either intimidated or have a “us vs them” attitude about physicians. If you learn to get to know each person as someone who is here to learn and provide great care, it makes life easier. We can learn from each other. Forming good relationships of trust (especially attendings who aren’t going anywhere), improves patient care: when I have something important I need to share, I am better able to make my thoughts known when I have a good working relationship with the physicians caring for the patient. I love the teaching hospital environment, and hope to spend my entire career being a part of it in some capacity.
  14. zoidberg

    Wrong heparin route???

    ***it’s a serious error***...but not a crazy amount assuming they don’t have any underlying heme issues. i do not think you “killed your patient. also what do you mean you “think you gave it ivp”? did you scan your patient and review the order? or do you walk around giving meds guessing what drug and which patient and route etc?
  15. zoidberg

    Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    that is nerve damage waiting to happen. lawsuit anyone? Even with ultrasound I have seen poorly executed ultrasound guided piv’s cause permanent nerve damage. i don’t care how good you are, it’s too risky. and the infrared stuff is garbage.
  16. zoidberg

    In and Out Privileges

    I work in acute care. People who aren’t a fall risk and don’t have a known drug, tobacco, or alcohol issue will sometimes be allowed to go to the cafeteria or outside patio. That is a very small group of people... We usually get an MD note saying it’s ok from their standpoint and get nurse manager approval. If anyone abuses the freedom they are not allowed to leave the unit (or room) depending on what they did (ie if it earned them a room search or sitter, etc).