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zoidberg has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. zoidberg

    Covid wedding... am I the bad guy?

    sorry it’s “am I the ***“
  2. My brother had a wedding planned for august. covid is just now spiking where I live, I work in critical care, and have been taking every precaution to keep myself, my wife, and our two young children safe. We are ‘healthy’ and in our 30s but my wife has asthma. They now are thinking about reducing number of guests (not confirmed). I told him I cannot guarantee my presence at the wedding and he now says he doesn’t want to get married if I can’t come. I am annoyed he’s putting this on me. I get he wants me there but I have to do what’s best for me and my family. Some family friends just all tested positive after a small graduation gathering. I see this as no different. I cannot foresee what life will be like in two months with how rapidly the number of cases and patients has increased in the last couple weeks. Am I the bad guy for telling him to take me out of the equation and he can prop me up on an ipad if we have to? Thanks for any input.
  3. zoidberg

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    is this real?? I’m moving.
  4. Yes. This isn’t going anywhere. Get a front line nurse taking care of COVID patients to give the down and dirty. New nurses are facing a tough environment to be joining the profession and will need an idea of how to stay safe and what to expect with these patients.
  5. zoidberg

    Forearm First!

    When i train someone on US guided PIV... stick in this order forarm cephalic vein(on top of bicep, not near major arteries or nerves) basilic brachial Do NOT stick the brachial veins until you are experienced enough to know you can find and avoid the brachial artery and nerve. you will probably do lots of basilic and brachial IVs as patients have been stuck over and over. If you are skilled, a good PIV can last several days or even a week or more. This is often enough time to get to discharge without a PICC. of course, if they have an indication for a central line, advocate for one.
  6. zoidberg

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    Dont trust the B@&$? in apartment 23 (great comedy BTW), had a girl who lived in the apartment across the hall from the title character who was a nurse. She was always tired, hair was a mess, eating lots of take out, poor social skills. Very realistic representation in my opinion 😂 And I’m glad i wasn’t the only one annoyed that they sent the PA in royal pains off to med school...
  7. zoidberg

    Why is BSN required for CRNA?

    The school in my city/affiliated with the medical center i work for allowed RNs with ADNs to apply who had hard science BS to apply as organic, biochemistry, etc are helpful for crna students to have. however, once they moved from a masters entry program to a doctoral entry program, they now require a BSN. I think this is a national trend so it may be a part of a new national standard. Just a thought.
  8. zoidberg

    Can a POST-BAC DNP teach at University level?

    I would imagine a DNP would be acceptable. MSN or higher at my local college for BSN teaching... and DNP is higher. Try to do some part time teaching on the side, as they will want experience. Ask if you can add specialized education courses on to your degree if you are serious about a teaching role.
  9. zoidberg

    ACNP vs CRNA

    👆THIS. A thousand times this. Ok carry on.
  10. zoidberg

    Student Loans and Debt

    Going to throw PA school as an option if you have the pre requisites and the grades/health care hours. Some are pricey as well but some are quite affordable. If you want to be a practitioner, it is the most direct path.
  11. zoidberg

    Change "Loose" dressings

    If you think you should reenforce the dressing, it’s time to change it. I don’t think you will find specific details like you are looking for, but I agree with the clear inner part of the dressing comment. You want the site and CHG/bio patch to be sealed well. Outer edges coming up a tiny bit is ok, but any peeling closer to the middle=time to change.
  12. zoidberg

    Getting My Graduate Degree: Is it Worth It?

    The MSN, regardless of specialty, opens doors to positions (in my hospital at least) that aren’t options for BSN nurses. I think it depends on where you work and what you want to do with the degree. Keep your head up! If you find yourself losing interest in informatics, ask your mentor if you can switch to management!
  13. zoidberg

    Vitamin infusions

    To be honest, I find the whole thing a bit sketchy. But, if I had a bad GI bug to the point I was thinking about needing some fluids, my local IV therapy shop will come to my house and give me a liter of LR with some zofran for less than an ER visit, and without having to drive anywhere. I might not work for them but I hope they stay around.
  14. zoidberg

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    All anecdotal. I passed at 75. Maybe you should have done more practice questions?
  15. zoidberg

    Removing the PICC line where there is a DVT?

    admin: This might get more replies if moved to the infusion nursing section.
  16. zoidberg

    Removing the PICC line where there is a DVT?

    Depends on where the clot is, (i.e. which vein and relation to line).Do you have a vascular access team (picc team)? They can provide guidance. If not maybe IR. There is risk for a PE even with the line staying in. You can anticoagulate and then reassess for clot presence but not sure how much evidence there is for that course. Any picc that remains in place for a good while will have some thrombus formation. These are not ultrasounded, and are removed without knowledge of the thrombus, and no adverse events happen. So it could be removed likely without issue. Sorry if it’s not a straight forward answer. Hope it helps.

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