Is the Speidel Scrub Watch a match for nurses?

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I was given the opportunity to try out the Speidel Original Scrub Watch and give my honest feedback from a nursing perspective. Overall, this watch has great functionality for healthcare workers and is marketed towards the healthcare industry for many different reasons. One of the reasons the Original Scrub Watch is ideal for healthcare professionals is the large, easy to read bright white dial.

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Visit Speidel WatchThe watch face displays both 12 hour and 24-hour markers which are convenient for nursing duties such as charting. The second hand is bright red making it easy to spot against the crisp white dial. Having an easy to read second hand is extremely helpful with nursing tasks such as counting patients’ respiratory rates, heart rates, and giving IV medications over a span of time. I also observed that the hands of the watch are reflective in nature and glow in dark patient rooms.

The band of the watch is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean 100% medical-grade silicon material. The Scrub Watch has a stainless steel back and is water-resistant, which has upheld the countless times I have washed my hands. I absolutely love the different colored band options which allow your personality to show while wearing scrubs.

It is important to make note that this watch is not digital or a smartwatch. The Scrub Watch is not going to track your heart rate, steps, or text messages. Another observation I made was that there is no day-date function in this style. I personally like having the date and day of the week on my watch for charting purposes and updating patients’ whiteboards.

I believe Speidel does have other watch options with the day-date function on the dial. If you are looking for a practical, easy to read watch that can withstand the environment and lifestyle of healthcare professionals the Speidel Original Scrub Watch is a match for you!

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Scrub Glow Watch - similar to the Original Scrub Watch, however, the dial lights up with the push of a button making it ideal for night shift or dark patient rooms

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