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  1. Cancelling Federal Perkins Loans

    I just read online that anyone with a Federal Perkins loan can get it cancelled if working as a full time nurse. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does anyone know the stipulations of this? I tried looking more in to it online but haven't f...
  2. Organizations for Men in New York City?

    I was wondering what organizations other male nurses get involved with in New York City? Has anyone checked out the New York City Chapter of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing?
  3. Hi everyone! I've heard that if you work at a UPenn hospital they offer tuition remission if you go to grad school there. Does anyone know if it's full tuition or only partial? Are there different programs for nurses compared to regular employees?...
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows of a hospital that is eligible for the HRSA Loan Forgiveness program in Philadelphia, PA? Anyone work in a hospital and received loan forgiveness?
  5. HRSA Loan Repayment Hospitals In NYC

    I was wondering if anyone on here works in a New York city hospital and was eligible to receive the HRSA loan repayment? Or do you know of anyone who works at the facility that had received the HRSA Loan Repayment? There is no set list of facilitie...
  6. HRSA Loan Forgiveness

    I was wondering if anyone had done the HRSA Loan Forgiveness after graduating? What did you think of the program? Was there any red-tape or disadvantages to the program at all? Are there any other loan forgiveness programs out there besides the HR...
  7. I was wondering if there was any input about the best hospitals for new grads (BSN) to attempt to work at in Philadelphia? Is there a certain hospital which new nurses should strive to find employment at? Which have nurse residency programs? Which ...
  8. I was wondering if any students joined the AAMN? What benefits do you get from it? They teach in school we should join professional networks so I was just wondering if anyone joined and found it beneficial?
  9. Fall Externships near NYC

    I was wondering if anyone knew of externship opportunities near the NYC area that were in the Fall? I know a lot of hospitals have summer externships, but I'm in an accelerated program and am looking for something for next fall.
  10. Looking at CRNA programs, part of the curriculum is doing a residency. Does anyone know if that is a paid residency like what physicians have? Or is it normally for no money, just credit and experience? I'm just trying to understand if there is any...
  11. Best shoes for Men at work

    Hey everyone. Im starting nursing school in the Fall and need to get a pair of all white, non porous, full backed shoes. I know there are tons of other topics on this, but does anyone have any advice on brands/ specific shoes that fit this criteria...
  12. Best men's watch for male nurses

    Hey everyone. I'm starting nursing school next month and am looking for a cheap watch that's good for when I'm in the hospital. I've seen people mention military time is useful, plastic bands and water resistant so it can't be thrown in the washing m...
  13. Travel Nurse Overview

    Can someone please give me an overview of what travel nursing is like? I'm entering nursing school this fall and I have heard people talk about eventually getting in to travel nursing. I understand that you are physically relocating to work at a ne...
  14. Hi all. I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on a new grad starting at a hospital compared to starting at a community health clinic? What are the advantages/ disadvantages to each? What are the skills you would learn at one that you ma...
  15. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    For the people who won this award. Any of you in an accelerated program, did you graduate already? Have you found a job? What has your experience been like with this scholarship? Anyone have info on job prospects in the NY area that fit the Tier ...