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tenjuna has 5 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Informatics, Orthopaedics.

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  1. Here I am 3 years from my last post as promised lol. I did finish my MSN in Nursing Informatics online last year with a 4.0 GPA from University of Mary (umary.edu). Good school but pricey. I would still recommend Western Governor's if they have a pro...
  2. MSN Informatics program recommendations...

    I went to WGU for RN to BSN, very highly recommend it for many reasons. However, I did my Informatics MSN at University of Mary (umary.edu) before WGU opened their program. Good program overall but pricey.
  3. Does dating get easier as a male nurse in his 30s?

    Before I became a nurse my dating options were practically nil. Since I became a nurse they have been practically nil with the option of dating from the workplace, and that option comes with an enormously high risk profile. I finally found someone (a...
  4. Need advice please

    Hello all, I am coming up to a crossroads in my relatively young nursing career, and I really could use some advice. Graduated with my ADN and received my license in 2014. I moved to North Dakota to work in Ortho as a new grad, but after 9 months had...
  5. Job Offer But it's Out-of-state

    Sanford in Fargo is a great facility and the OR unit is pretty tight. I think you'll like it. It's expensive to live in Fargo as far as rent, but there's lots to do and Minneapolis is 3 hours away if you get bored.
  6. Sick of floor nursing, what now?

    You could look and see if Clinical Informatics interests you. I was in Ortho for a year and a half and it almost completely killed my desire to be a nurse. I switched to CI and couldn't be happier.
  7. So is there really a nursing shortage?

    I was a new grad 2 years ago and after 2 months of nationwide searching I had to move to North Dakota to get that coveted first job. The jobs are out there but usually the requirements are more than a new grad can handle. The job I took I was in over...
  8. I am in Informatics as well, mainly because I worked in IT for 25 years before I became a nurse. I am doing my Masters in Informatics now, and will be doing a DNP in FNP at Grand Canyon University in 2018. I would say if you are interested in both go...
  9. I very highly recommend WGU. It was cheap, it was fast, it was easy. I waited almost a whole year before starting though in hindsight I have no idea why I waited, it was very easy in comparison to the ADN.
  10. It's been 3 years since I originally posted this, and wanted to give some updates to my journey and maybe some more helpful advice. A few weeks ago I finished my BSN, which I took online with Western Governors University (wgu.edu). I finished it in 9...
  11. Speaking as a straight male nurse, I can honestly say it's not even easy to meet a woman, so I imagine it's not any easier for anyone else. All of the long hours and stress are not great aphrodisiacs. Just like anywhere else it's about meeting the ri...
  12. Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    Sanford Ortho in Fargo
  13. Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    Thank you for this post as I have just been offered positions at St. A's and at Sanford, so this helps a lot. Probably be seeing you in a few weeks :-)
  14. Multiple job offers in ND, need advice/opinions

    That's precisely what I was thinking lol...I just don't want to get trapped in a bad choice so I figured if someone knew something this would be the place to ask.
  15. Got my license today...some NCLEX advice

    A little late answering this, but just noticed it so here it is...I decided in February (while I was still in school) to utilize NCLEX review tactics as a study method for exams in class. For whatever reason this worked very well for me, as my grades...