Anyone been to a Health Job Fair???


I'm planning on going to one next month. What can I expect?


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I have never been to one but I would imagine you have to really consider the "promises" and the financial reqard. It's very good to hear "most nurses at our hospital/plant/place get every weekend off......." or "with your experience the salary might be...."

Nonetheless, it will give you exposure to many different possibilities. Good luck!


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went to one it was very crowded but informative, hospitals and other health care agencies all had booths set up to recruit people. also had some interesting seminars and free CEU's. I am planning on going to another one soon just to see whats out there:)


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Go, if only for the freebies.

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howdy yall

from deep in the heat of texas

I like all the pens and souvenirs I get, They are really neat.

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Originally posted by BBnurse34

Go, if only for the freebies.

:roll took the word right outta my mouth!

It is very informative, but you can't beat the freebies



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like BBnurse and Tom say, the freebies are great, load up on pens, paper, tote bage, frisbees, etc.

Take a bunch of resumes with you and leave them where you think you'd like to work. Then sit back and wait as most of these people are here to colect resumes like we collect freebies.


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I have gone to one and you pretty much have all the information I could give you from the other posts.


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need an e-mail buddy for new nursing class, i am an rn x 12 yrs going for bsn, then to crna :rolleyes:

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Yes go! Take copies of your resume if you are seriously looking. Otherwise, they usually have CEU's to take, and good freebies. I got a beautiful leather binder from one rehab hospital. I was going to actually work for them, but tried them out as an agency nurse first....Yikes!

Go with a bunch of friends, it's more fun!

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Yes go - if only to scope out what's available. We haven't had one in my area for awhile now, but they are definitely valuable.

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I am going to one and I cannot wait as I want to talk face to face with traveling nurse companies. That is my goal to get back to traveling nursing. I did travel as a home health nurse and it is hard as you drive all over the city. At least at a hospital you drive to one place...............

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