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FloridaCCRN has 8 years experience as a CRNA and specializes in ER/ICU/PACU/ Nurse Anesthetist.


FloridaCCRN's Latest Activity

  1. FloridaCCRN

    Army to pay for CRNA school?

    Bumping for any updates/new info.....
  2. FloridaCCRN

    Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

    Texas Wesleyan starting fall 2010! Congrats everyone!
  3. FloridaCCRN

    Roll Call for TWU starting fall 2010

    I got in at TWU to start this fall!!! I'll be at the Alexandria, La clinical site. Who else is going to Texas Wesleyan this fall & which clinical site did you get? Congrats to all accepted!!!! :clpty::ancong!:
  4. FloridaCCRN

    Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

    I'm going to Texas Wesleyan this fall!!!! Woohoo!!!!
  5. FloridaCCRN

    TWU----OLOL-----LSU need advice!

    I have a friend at LSU now and I work with a graduate from LSU, both had nothing but positive things to say about the program. Said they really seem to care about the students. Congrats on getting into 3 schools, must be nice to have choices!
  6. FloridaCCRN

    TCU Applicants...........

    Congrats to those who got invites. I have not heard anything yet either wish.me.luck.....hopefully we will soon. Did u all hear by email, phone, or regular mail?
  7. FloridaCCRN

    TCU Applicants...........

    I also applied to TWU so I'm waiting to hear from them also. Congrats on getting the UTHSC-H interview! :)
  8. FloridaCCRN

    TCU Applicants...........

    Well today is the deadline for the TCU, now the dreaded wait begins! Who else has applied and are awaiting interview letters?
  9. FloridaCCRN

    UAB Interview

    You interviewed for the CRNA program this week? Maybe they are doing things differently then. Good luck to you!
  10. FloridaCCRN

    UAB Interview

    The Fall 2009 class has been chosen already- my co-workers from UAB have already received acceptance letters. The deadline was October 1, 2008 and interviews were held in January. You can find out when they are accepting applications for Fall 2010 by either calling the school or checking their website.
  11. FloridaCCRN

    UAB Interview

    I thought interviews were over and acceptance/rejection letters were already sent out for uab............
  12. FloridaCCRN

    Texas Wesleyan University

    The inteview was very intimidating! I wish I would've had more time to brush up on my ccrn material, but overall, I think I did OK; I didn't blow it, but I felt I didn't represent myself as well as I could have. Now the dreadful wait...... they are only taking 4 people and they interviewed 11, so the odds aren't great for my first choice of clinical sites- I just pray to get any site at this point.
  13. FloridaCCRN

    Texas Wesleyan University

    My interview is for the Tallahassee, FL area. This is my first time applying, I'm not feeling too nervous anymore. Thanks and good luck to you too.
  14. FloridaCCRN

    Texas Wesleyan University

    I have an interview on Wednesday, just found out about the interview yesterday so I'm a ball of nerves! Needless to say, I will be up most of the night reviewing CCRN stuff! Good luck to all!
  15. FloridaCCRN

    Anyone receive invite to TCU?

    I just sent out my apps for TCU & TWU, hopefully we'll all get invites soon.
  16. FloridaCCRN

    Texas Applicants for Fall of 2009

    I'm working on my apps for TCU, TWU and UNF now and just turned in an app to UAB. Really hoping to get in somewhere! Good luck!

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