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FloridaCCRN's Latest Activity

  1. FloridaCCRN

    Army to pay for CRNA school?

    Bumping for any updates/new info.....
  2. FloridaCCRN

    Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

    Texas Wesleyan starting fall 2010! Congrats everyone!
  3. FloridaCCRN

    Roll Call for TWU starting fall 2010

    I got in at TWU to start this fall!!! I'll be at the Alexandria, La clinical site. Who else is going to Texas Wesleyan this fall & which clinical site did you get? Congrats to all accepted!!!! :clpty::ancong!:
  4. FloridaCCRN

    Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

    I'm going to Texas Wesleyan this fall!!!! Woohoo!!!!
  5. FloridaCCRN

    TWU----OLOL-----LSU need advice!

    I have a friend at LSU now and I work with a graduate from LSU, both had nothing but positive things to say about the program. Said they really seem to care about the students. Congrats on getting into 3 schools, must be nice to have choices!
  6. FloridaCCRN

    TCU Applicants...........

    Congrats to those who got invites. I have not heard anything yet either wish.me.luck.....hopefully we will soon. Did u all hear by email, phone, or regular mail?
  7. FloridaCCRN

    TCU Applicants...........

    I also applied to TWU so I'm waiting to hear from them also. Congrats on getting the UTHSC-H interview! :)
  8. FloridaCCRN

    TCU Applicants...........

    Well today is the deadline for the TCU, now the dreaded wait begins! Who else has applied and are awaiting interview letters?:spin:
  9. 'corn niblets'....'I work hard for the money'....blah ha ha :roll :rotfl: :rotfl: I almost spewed lemonade all over my computer!
  10. Ewww..gross! i would have been soooo mad:(