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40 yr old male l&d nurse

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  1. mark_LD_RN

    The Circumcision Discussion

    well the biggest reasons are cultural and that dads want their sons to look like them.often they do little research it seems before forming an opinion.
  2. mark_LD_RN

    am i crazy?

    It was quite flattering especially being I never applied for it ,they just remebered me from a while back i worked there as charge nurse at night:) i am happy to be where I am :)
  3. mark_LD_RN

    standard of how many IV attempts

    general rule is 2 attempts for first nurse,2 attempts for second nurse, then one attempt for best stick in house. 5 attempts total uless it is an emergency
  4. mark_LD_RN

    am i crazy?

    THANKS EVERYONE! For all the support and kind words I was beginning to doubt my decesion to stay. it was hard to do especially after they up the offer a good bit. I felt I could do a good job as Manager but that my heart is really in taking care of my patients hands on. Layna I know what you are talking about I was in management positions before and I found myself staying late,having to come in at a moments notice, all the phone calls for petty little problems. and my bad habit of taking my work home with me. i spent so many hours doing paperwork and stuff at home i had no time for anything else. and the bad thing is I would probably do the same thing again if i were in management. I personally feel you need to do what you love not do something for the money. after alll thats why i became a nurse in the first place. my extended family could not understand why i left a good paying goverment job to become a nurse and make 50% less. and still can not understand why i would turn down this job:) oh well they will get it one day i guess:) thanks again everyone for all the support and kind words. it means an awful lot to me:)
  5. mark_LD_RN

    Are Short Artificial Nails Out Too?

    length is not the problem tests have shown that bacteria grows under the artificial nail in between it and your real nail, especially the strains odf staph. so artificial nails of all types are out of the question.
  6. mark_LD_RN

    Nurses are heros

    besides my self:) my nurses heros would be 3 of my instructors from college. they are great examples of what nurses should be. never back down from anything or anyone when it comes to being a patient advocate! i work everyday just to be like them:)
  7. mark_LD_RN

    am i crazy?

    I was just wondering if others think i am crazy for making the following decision. I was offered a job as Director of maternal child unit at another local hospital about 10 minutes further away from my house than current hospital, pay was approx 10,000 more a year, working 5 days a week, supposedly flexible hours, but on call almost all the time. benefits were about the same. I decide to stay where I am at because i enjoy what i do and where I work, I have been in management positions before and did not really enjoy it. friends and family think i am crazy to have turned it down. but my thinking is, It's not all about money to me. I prefer to be happy and enjoy what i do. and to work with and for people I like. besides I love caring for my patients and am sure i would miss that badly. well let me know what you think:)
  8. mark_LD_RN


    it is true that epidurals can make the shakes worse. the shakes are more related to hormones and fluid shifts than it is from pain.
  9. mark_LD_RN

    Whew, what a first day in L/D!

    depends on where you are,and how busy the unit is. ideally you would not be thrown in like that but sometimes you are left with no choice. hopefully the other nurses helped lok out for you and the patients, and did not totally leave you alone. good luck hope it all goes well for you:) see we do more than just hold babies:)
  10. mark_LD_RN

    Oral and or Buccal Cytotec

    I think with doses that high we would see a lot of hyperstimulation here also. we never have given over 50mcg per doses either way. usual way we do it is 25 or 50 mcg vaginally times one doses then 25 mcg q4hours after that, works great that way here. and have had no problems with hyperstim or fetal distress.
  11. mark_LD_RN

    fentanyl vs duramorph

    the times i have seen it used fentanyl worked very well and with out all that dang itching:)
  12. mark_LD_RN

    ? for instructors

    student A needs a professional talking to I would reccomend it be done by the dean of the nursing program or advisor. and be instructed that this is her one and only chance to straighten up. student B needs to recieve a failing grade for that clinical day. and instructed on what is required. it being mentioned months ago is not an excuse, it is the students responsiblity to know what is expected and be properly prepared for clinical. and in the future I reccomend that you have the requirements in writing in the syllabus.
  13. mark_LD_RN

    anaprox and asthma?

    I seem to be the only one concerned about it here:) I saw a patient a few yrs ago that had asthma and nurse gave anaproxDS to here ,she had severe asthma attack ended up in the ICU. I found it in drug book and it says it is contraindicated in patients with asthma and nasal polyps. I asked pharmacist and he said the same thing. I am sure not all people react but I think it should be given with caution. maybe I feel that way having seen a reaction to it
  14. mark_LD_RN

    You Know It's Going to Be a Bad Shift.....

    you know its going to be bad when you are the first one there and all the nurses on previous shift run up to you with charts in there hand saying here let me give you report:)
  15. mark_LD_RN

    anaprox and asthma?

    OK, Lets see if anyone can help me with this one. is it ok to give anaprox to patients with asthma? I seem to be the only one where I work that recalls having a problem with it. has anyone else heard of or seen a problem with anaprox being given to patients with asthma?
  16. mark_LD_RN

    experienced rn seeking job in L&D

    wish I would have known you were so desperate in TENN. we almost moved there a while back:). that might have been enough to sway us to move there:)

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