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  1. does anyone do low dose pit inductions? we use it often they bring patient in a 5 pm we start pit a 1mu go up 1mu every 30 minutes stop at 2 or 4 mu depending on doc.do this all nightthen at 5 am start regular pitocin induction. what do you think about it? does it work for YOU?
  2. i guess this kinda goes along with my other post. I our discussion the topic came up that some older nurses do not seem to believe males should or can be nurses. especially in the ob areas. how could their opinions be changed or do you even think it is at all possible?
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    gender as a qualification

    I work as a L&D nurses and would love to hear others experiences, advice and opinions on males in this area. My patients love me and am told often by them that i am the best nurse they ever had. I love my work and believe males should be treated equally in these areas. Discrimination against male nurses not only hurts the male nurses but the nursing profession as a whole and the patients. To block males from female dominated areas short changes the patient, some males like my self are excellent in the ob areas and have a lot of compassion and other qualities to offer.
  4. can any one tell me why cabbage leaves work for engorgement? some say they release an enzyme that helps. others say it is just the effect of the coldness from the frozen cabbage leaves.does anyone know for sure?
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    does anyone still us prostaglandin gel

    hi, does anyone still use prostaglandin gel to ripen cervix and induce labor any more we have not used it in about a yr or so. someone told me it was not being manufactured anymore.Is this true?
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    fundal pressure

    Is fundal pressure ever an appropriate nursing intervention? we are having a little debate over this, some are saying that it is never to be used . what do you think? do you use it?
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    recently loss

    I was wondering if anyone had any helpful advice with dealing with loss of a patient. I recently had a patient that i was her nurses a while back for first delivery. she was going to be induced and asked me if i would come in and had told her no i could not related to my schedule ,she understood. well to make a long story short her labor went horribly wrong. she ended up in ICU almost died and the baby did not make it. I came in and took care of her in the ICU. a while has passed since mom is recovered by what i call is a miracle. but I still have trouble sleeping at times and get awakened from sleep in a cold sweat. I can still see here looking up at me intubated as i worked furiously to care for her. it seems to be getting better with time.just wondering if anyone had some input on the matter thanks:)
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    recently loss

    thks, I am have spoke with and participate in such support and groups. I am feeling much better. but still think of her often. she and her family are terrific, they are handling it well. her and her husband came to visit me she wanted to show me how well she is doing and thank me for what i did. it help for me to hear that she believed god had arranged it so i would be the one to care for her at the most critical point of the whole thing. that helped me the most of all. she plans on getting pregnant again sometime. this time i promised her no matter what she can call me and i will be there this time:) thanks again for the support and advice. i think i will be fine over time:)
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    my stitches burst- now what??!

    you should call your doc ASAP. it may be nothing but it is best to check it out. congradulations on your new baby:)
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    recently loss

    thanks heather:) that is what i am tryin g to do.just not very easy for me to forget this
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    and the problem is..........?

    had patient complaint of increase vaginal discharge, discribed it as kinda thick and white.says it only happens after intercourse ( s*x) with her boyfriend:) can anyone tell me what that could be:)
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    closed,thick,firm,posterior,and sky high = bishop score 0 and they would get it:) myself I am comfortable with cytotec. but still believe we should only induce for medical necessity not social inductions:)
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    Should I worry?

    you should be very very afraid. no way should you be left alone like that! hope you never find out why,things can go bad very fast and one nurse with 3 patients is just down right dangerous and crazy:)
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    but we have to breath your second hand smoke which is worse than your filtered smoke! hard to find a smoke free restraunt or bar, not to mention just trying to walk through the smoke from people at the entrances to hospitals as well as other public establishments. SO YOU SEE YES YOUR SMOKING DOES AFFECT MY HEALTH. one more thing look at the cost to provide health care to smokers it costs MORE. which drives up insurance and health care costs for everyone.AND THAT IS A PROVEN FACT!
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    Took NCLEX this morning...shut off at 75..HELP!

    congradulations on your test:) 75 questions is goodthing. only 2 ways to get 75 questions one is to do really well the other is to do so bad you had no chance. I am sure that is very unlikely:)
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    BSN's deliver safer care than ADN's??

    wel erin let me say: You as well as everyone SHOULD BE PROUD OF THEIR EDUCATION WHAT EVER LEVEL IT IS. I just believe we should encourage each other to further our education and not belittle people for it. which I see all to often. I wish i could find that study of the effect of making the BSN the entry level. it was very enlightening and interesting:) as far as being able to train a monkey to do foleys and basic nursing care. I agree that if that wass possible the hospitals would have already done it. I find such insulting and inflamatory:)
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    it is a great way to assess adequacy of labor and monitorinr for hyperstim. if we have a patient that is not progressing welll despite what appears to be adequate labor. we may place IUPC and do MVUs to your suprise a lot of the time you will find what appeared to be and adequate labor pattern actuallly was not.:)
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    BSN's deliver safer care than ADN's??

    same old biased arguments still prevalent on this topic:) I for one have seen no advantage of having a BSn in the work place. while i may agree with the study quoted here and believe BSN should be the entry level of nursing for many reasons. I see no need for it in the current enviroment. working the floor a lot of people are biased against BSN's because of the MYTH that they get less clinical time. and as far as the pay goes one should be paid more for higher degrees even if it is the same job discription. not to do so offers no encouragement for a nurse to seek advanved degrees which would help us become more noticed and respected as a profession. so why don't we stop bickering about this and start supporting each other and encouraging our coworkers to seek out advanced degrees. this is all i will say on this hot subject:)
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    Men in the OB

    that is your right as a patient and your choice. to me it is important that each person has the opportunity to have the birth of their choice if possible. that includes who attends your birth. some prefer males some prefer females others it don't matter. in my opinion it really should not matter what gender race or orientation is. but especially during labor and birth the patients comfort is of utmost importence to me. so i always honor their wishes:) from my experience I have been overwhelmed by the number of patients that request and compliment me.I thank god for that blessing everyday.
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    Relactation? Is it possible?

    it takes determination and work but it can be done. it consists mostly of lots of pumping and or nursing. some herbs have been found helpful as well as reglan. hope that helps:)
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    Men in the OB

    that is a concern but few realize that the most sued gender is in ob in a recent study is female. so it only makes sense if one is worried about lawsuits that they require females as well as males to use escourts during exams:)
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    Men in the OB

    man I been away fro months and come back to this topic again.It feels like the movie ground hog day:) I am a male L&D rn and my patients really like me:) when i have more time i would be glad to share experiences with anyone interested. it is good to be back here and see some of the old timers still here:)
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    am i crazy?

    I was just wondering if others think i am crazy for making the following decision. I was offered a job as Director of maternal child unit at another local hospital about 10 minutes further away from my house than current hospital, pay was approx 10,000 more a year, working 5 days a week, supposedly flexible hours, but on call almost all the time. benefits were about the same. I decide to stay where I am at because i enjoy what i do and where I work, I have been in management positions before and did not really enjoy it. friends and family think i am crazy to have turned it down. but my thinking is, It's not all about money to me. I prefer to be happy and enjoy what i do. and to work with and for people I like. besides I love caring for my patients and am sure i would miss that badly. well let me know what you think:)
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    ephedrine for low BP

    Do you give the ephedrine for low bleed pressure, or do you call anesthsia and have them come up and do it?
  25. mark_LD_RN

    postpartum hemmorhage and cytotec

    another question? do you use cytotec for bleeding after delivery? if so. what route and dose do you use. i have heard 200-300mcq PO and 800-1200mcq rectally.