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JailRN specializes in correctional, psych, ICU, CCU, ER.

I'm employed by a local police department in their jail medical division, Mom to Joey (and Doug Jr.), widow to Doug, taking one day at a time

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  1. JailRN

    What if the Boston bomber was your pt

    I work for the police department in a local jail. I'm always professional, but not warm and fuzzy. That will get you hurt. I see murderers, rapists, child molesters, drunk drivers, child abusers, etc. I can tell you, I'd give him the same care that I give all of my inmates! To those who would do less, please reread the Nightengale Pedge!!
  2. JailRN

    What Type of Nursing is Right for Me?

    The beauty of nursing is that you can switch 'specialties'. Go where you're pulled. I've been in nursing since 1972, most of it psych. Most pts have some underlying psych dx. Plus, if you know your psych, you'll have an easier time with your boards. As mentioned before, non compliance is a huge problem, but, until they can stabilize meds for 6 months and have an implantable pump, it's difficult for the pts, their families and us! They get to a poiint where they gain weight, or don't think it works, so they flush it, sell it, trade it, loose it whatever! I think in psych, you must learn to think outside the box. What works for one, doesn't work for the identical twin with the same symptoms! The study and treatment of the mind is still in it's infancy. Also, most psych drugs take 4-6 weeks to work and pts are too frustrated! We are a society of 'fix it yesterday'. I'm on a local PET team and I can't tell you HOW many kids I get in the ER! Parents have had however many years to screw this kid up, indulge him, make excuses for their bx, take their side against schools, police, neighbors, relatives, etc, then want me to fix them in 60 minutes!! Sorry, pixie dust was optional with the RN renewal and I chose not to spend the $75 for it! A sense of humor is also important. (In it's place, of course). It helps if you have someone close to you who has a mental illness (and nowadays who doesn't?). Empathy is critical. You'll learn to think like they do. That's scary sometimes! Good luck and let me know how you're doing!!!
  3. JailRN

    Pulled from floor by "Men in Black"

    Why would you discuss ANY pt with ANYONE without knowing who they were? You've put yourself in a jam! Hope you have a good lawyer and malpractice insurance!! Even a good lawyer will tell you to keep quiet unless there's a subpoena.
  4. She's lazy. Plain and simple! It drives me crazy when RN's have time to complain about something that we could have taken care of ourselves. It would have taken a few minutes to answer the light and put the pt on a bedpan, instead if having the pt soil themself. I'm sure others called the RN on her nonsense!
  5. JailRN

    Bullies at the work place.. vent

    I think there's one like this in every facility. I wouldn't tell her anything! She sounds like she'd cover it up or just lie. Your responsibility is to your patients and yourself. You don't want to get involved in some sort of conspiracy! Keep doing what your doing, if she harasses you, go to H. R, don't let her bully you
  6. JailRN

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    What part of 'apply sparingly' did you not understand, Sir??
  7. JailRN

    Is there a proper way to chart what a patient/resident says?

    "The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth". Sounds like you have more on your hands than an ugly, foul mouth pt. You have co-workers who 'yell at you'. I wouldn't put up with it. You were correct in your notes. It's not your job to write nurses notes to make your coworkers look good. Or to paraphrase. You write exactly what was said! All else is subjective. And I'd be in somebody's office filing paperwork on your charming coworker.
  8. JailRN

    New Grad Interview Help!

    Congrats! Just breathe, pause and think before you answer. Find out about the facility and what they offer to pts before you go. You'll be fine. Let us know!
  9. JailRN

    Working as a nurse and pregnancy

    Unless they ask, don't volunteer information. Years ago, I oriented a RN from a registry who was hired to work weekends. When she was scheduled for her first shift 3 days later, the registry called and said she was in labor and wouldn't be in. I never knew she was pregnant! Ha! When I was pregnant with #2, I was 8 months before anyone realized that I was pg and not getting fatter! You'll be fine.
  10. JailRN

    Allowing Pt's Parent to Take Meds Home

    Wake him up. He'll eventually fall asleep again. Like was said before, you're responsible for giving the meds ordered. If there's a problem, how does it look in court?
  11. JailRN

    Office nurse or LTC?

    I wouldn't compromise my values for any price. If the MD's aren't docs that you would go to and take your family to, I wouldn't work for them. It's not worth putting your license at risk.
  12. JailRN

    The New Alphabet

    :rotfl::rotfl: Cute, very cute I needed that today Thanks!!!!!!
  13. JailRN

    Terms we will not admit to using

    The jail nurses' favorite "Adam Henry"--police terminology for the initials "A.H." is (how can I say this and not get into trouble) 'bottom hole', (uncoop, out of control, loud, cursing, gassing (throwing urine/feces on staff), spitting) As in, 'there's an Adam Henry down in booking" also "V+V cocktail" (DUI's booked in) 'vicodin (or valium) and vodka' ("I haven't been drinking--F-ing cop just didn't like me) As in "she was picked up for DUI-V+V cocktail" :beercuphe
  14. JailRN

    lac+usc or kaiser panorama city

    LAC+USC!!!! The benefits of being a government (any govt--city, county, state, federal) employee are the BEST!!! If I had known then what I know now, I could retire TOMORROW (I'm 55) and collect about $66,000/yr. and could still work as a RN somewhere else. :banghead::banghead::banghead: I tell my kids, 'get a government job, I don't care if you sweep the parking lot now and become the president later--just get in the door" :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle:chuckle
  15. JailRN

    30 Unit Option - California LVNS

    I did the 30 unit option program a LONG time ago through a community college. (I was an old lady in a hurry and this seemed to be California's answer to the growing nursing shortage). Our class of 40 only lost about 3 on the way. It was a one year program. We took our boards (the older ones where you went for 2 days, 4 sessions and only given twice a year, took 2 months for results) and only one failed. (We suspect she did that for financial reasons (got more allimony from 'ex' and an LVN) I've been happily (and successfully) practicing as a RN for years. We were told (at the time), that only 6 states had no reciprocity with us-(I'm sure that's changed by now)-one of them was North Dakota, where they said you had to have a BSN to be a RN there. If you're not planning on moving out of state and you're a little older (I say that with no malice in my heart) and want to get it in a hurry, I'd say go for it. But, you must remember, technically, you are not a graduate of any school of nursing, so you're not a diploma nurse, nor a graduate of a college, so you don't have a degree. (Some employers list that you must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing) You DO have a RN license, because you've completed the requirements to sit the board and passed. The license looks like any other California RN license and the employer will know that status only when they CALL the BRN for license verification (It's not posted on the website) Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT saying you should hide it from anyone. I'm not ashamed of once being a an LVN or now, a 30 unit option RN. I am a RN. period. Like it was said before, even if you get the degree later, you can't change the BRN status. Of you have the time, patience and enjoy school, I'd say go for the degree. My husband went back to school at 48 and got his degree in nursing at 54. If I had to do it all over again, I would have listened to my parents and 'applied myself' in college when I was 17, and gotten the MSN at that time. AH, hindsight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shouldda, couldda, wouldda
  16. JailRN

    Owning a home in California

    Buy it!! It's not going to get cheaper. You will have tax writeoffs. You will own it. You will not waste money on rent. You will be settled. We bought our home in 1976 for $90,000. 4 bedrooms, pool, on a postage stamp piece of real estate. At the beach. I sweated those $600 payments. I think everybody does for the first few years. Property will go up. Rapidly, in southern california. Get the cheapest home you can find, in an area that has the best schools. National Blue Ribbon schools. The beach cities are about 20 degrees cooler than the valley. Yeah, traffic is a bear, but, you don't have to rent a house at the 'shore' for a week when you take vacation. Look around, don't rush, take your time....it will be worth it. BTW--The house is now worth $2 million.