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    I was treated very nicely as a CNA --that was 15 years ago. Now as a RN I've come along rude patients, Dr.'s, nurses, families, CNA's but there hasn't been enough rude people in my career that would make me quit nursing at this point. I had one manager that tried to make my life horrible. I left that job and since have had good experiences overall. That is very horrible you haven't met a nice nurse yet. Perhaps you need to work at a different hospital or facility. The hospital I work at the CNA's tell us how much they enjoy working with us. It's much better working in a cohesive environment. I'd honestly leave your place of employment.
  2. askater11

    Beaumont Hospital

    I work at Troy, Beaumont. At the end of July they gave us our yearly raise plus RN's received a house wide raise b/c Beaumont was not at a pay level as local hospitals. Weekend shift differential is $2.00. Afternoon Shift differential is $2.00. I'm not sure what night shift differential is b/c I'm a day shift RN I hope that helps.
  3. askater11

    Who order's vaccines??

    When we do an admission we have a list of questions we ask a patient...if they don't have any contradictions...there's about 6 possible contraditions and if the patient has no contradications we go ahead and give the vaccine. We don't need a doctors order. Well I had a severely ill patient who was fighting for her life for days. No fever but the body was shutting down. I asked the doctor about giving her a flu/pneumonia vaccine. The doctor jumped down my throat and said what...that's the last thing the patient needs. So ever since than I'm asking the Dr's in critical care and 90 percent of the time the doctor says no. Our hospital is cracking down and want us to go ahead and give the vaccine. They say by state law we don't need a dr. order if it follows certain criteria and there's no contradiction. How does your hospital do this???
  4. askater11

    ETOH Safety

    We have no posey's in the hospital any longer. We do have wrist restraints for our vent patients. Does anyone's ICU been without posey's and sitters with severe ETOH patients? From what I understand we're aiming for a restraint free hospital. That's all that was told to use for a year. They introduced bed alarms in that year. Without a notice to RN/Dr's they removed Poseys from our hospital. We do have bed alarms. They work and go off we'll hear them and run to the room seeing the patient whobbly in a standing position as we go in the room we're saying "GEORGE sit back down in bed" By that time it's too late and they're on the floor or we get them back to bed and 1/2 the unit of RN's nearly have a MI in stress. The patients wife came in I told her how he's been climbing out of bed and chair and said remind him if needed to stay in the chair. Well 2 minutes after she arrived and I told her that the mans standing again and the wife is just staring at him saying nothing. I retold the wife not to let him get up...she said oh he said he wanted to go back to bed.:uhoh21:
  5. askater11

    ETOH Safety

    I'm concerned about ETOH and safety. I work in the critical care unit. I get patients that have sitters on the floor. When they come to CCU for alcohol withdrawl b/c it cannot be controlled without ativan gtt or they're too out of control we'll on the floor we'll get the patient. We are a restraint free hospital as of a few weeks ago. When these patients arrive to our unit the sitter has to leave b/c managers tell us we're not allowed safety sits in the unit. We always have another patient with a person going through DT's. DT patients are so unpredictable as we all know. I can have them uncontrol resting and all quiet not qualifying for any Ativan per CIWA and 5 minutes later the patients a safety risk to themselves. How does your CCU/ICU help protect these patients? Thanks for any input!!
  6. askater11

    The Introverted Folks

    I've been a nurse 10 years. Still I'm an introvert in large crowds. I'm more of a listener at that point than a conversationalist. If there's one or two people around I'm very vocal but any more I turn into a quiet, meek mouse. I did well in nursing school. When I became a nurse I was excellent with my patients. I've come a long way with dealing with staff. Now I'm an extrovert in that way...to stand up for my patients but in a quiet efficient way. I went to the library and listened to tapes about dealing with people...took classes that were interesting about interacting. And mostly I've grown with experience. Don't doubt yourself b/c you're an introvert.... you'll make an excellent nurse. At least this introvert has!!!
  7. askater11

    Threats from Management

    We have mandatory meetings. My employer is very accomadating. My top priority to attend any class that will help the patient. I love learning. That includes unit meetings. I actually go out of my way to learn. Even though we have an accomadating hospital that offers all different hours for meetings--I do hear a lot of nurses grip. I've always been a rare breed and just went. Sometimes the class isn't as "good" as I'd like but other times they're wonderful.
  8. askater11

    Help me--with dieing neighbor

    Hi!! I'm an ICU/telemtry RN. My grandma died with the aide of an hospice nurse. I totally adored the care she gave my grandma and assisted my parents through grandma's death. I deal with death often at work but it's different when it's direct family. --- I have a neighbor I've known 30 years who's very close to us. (more so to my parents to the point of being "family") My mom's neighbor had breast cancer, that went to bone, liver and etc. She's lived 4 years longer than the Dr's have given her. Unfortunately her condition is declining. She has a lot of ascites. The Dr. gives her 2 months to live. My neighbor's have no family that they talk with. They have friends in another state and my parents. The husband to my neighbor will be lost without his wife. He's demanded the best care for his wife and has gotten it. She's still actively getting Chemo. From what my parents can tell he'll do anything to keep her alive. If her condition is to worsen she's to go directly to my hospital. I'm scared no advance directives are filled out and instead of her going to our oncology unit she'll be visiting me in ICU. I've seen so many cases of a patient with full blown cancer tubed and with lines every where. I truly want to prevent this for her. My mom said after holidays my dad will have a heart to heart talk with his neighbor. What should he say? Any input will be great! Thanks in advance
  9. askater11

    Become a nurse in just 12 months!!!

    I think even though people pass NCLEX it's not a true sign how GOOD of a nurse they'll be. And I do not believe my degree is better then anyone elses. But I do believe I needed more hands on after graduating nursing school. Whether it be by the hospital or the nursing school. Dr's education after getting their degree is hands on--that's what I think we need more of. And I'm not talking about the "hands on" by getting hired and getting a 6 week orientation. I'm talking a good 1 year JUST working in a clinical setting itself. That's just my thought in hind site. Looking at the overall picture in the past 10 years since graduating.
  10. askater11

    Become a nurse in just 12 months!!!

    I agree with you--hands on is the best way to learn. In hind site I don't feel my BSN nursing prepared me enough for nursing. I graduated nursing 10 year's ago--I truly believed I needed more hands on clinicals. Or following a educated, knowledgeble nurse showing hands on signs and symptoms and etc. Also I've worked ICU 2 years and have learned more about body process and disease then I have the 8 years prior. I think a lot of it is working days next to other ancillary staff. They are such wonderful resources the doctors, respitory therapist, dieticians and etc. Also I don't feel hospitals prepare nurses enough--with equipment and stuff. At least the hospitals I've worked at. I know now they have a lot of graduate nurse programs--but 10 years ago the hospitals I worked at did not back then but do now. I have had patients in awwww it only takes 2 years to get a degree. They don't know how we can learn so much so fast. FutureRNJess what two clinicals are you taking? And how many hours?
  11. askater11

    Become a nurse in just 12 months!!!

    How do you feel about the nursing shortage being relieved by "fast track" nursing programs? A program that only takes 12 months. Read this article: ---------------------- College grads take fast-track to nursing Shortage of registered nurses in Michigan will reach about 7,000 by 2010 Seven Michigan schools offer programs for people who have degrees in other fields and want to get a nursing degreee. Source: Detroit News research More people are scrapping established careers to become nurses, enticed by programs designed to draw professionals from other industries to the under-served field. http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051209/BIZ/512090380/1026/SCHOOLS
  12. askater11

    Pet Peeves

    I'm with you on that one!!! Last time I worked my alert and oriented patient insisted his urinal stay on his side table. Yikes when I first walked into his room I saw his breakfast next to it was his urinal. I explained why I wanted to move his urinal but he insisted the urinal stay on the table. The man was one of the nicest patients I've ever had but every time I entered the room....I'd see that urinal and cringe!!!! I have pet peeves but too many to list!!!!
  13. askater11

    Judgements about big families

    Sometimes people need to be told not to have more children. Sometimes I wonder if it's always being done. If health providers are telling people full risk of having children. I'd want to be told if I'm high risk. And what I'm in high risk for. It's not right to tell someone I don't advice any further children and that's the end of the discussion. It needs to be followed by the "WHY'S". My MIL had 6 kids. After the 6th child my MIL was told not to have anymore children. It was affecting her "insides" She's had a bladder suspension. She's doing well. She listened to her health care worker. (actually my husband #6 was an opps) My cousin she has step-children. She had difficulty getting pregnant. She eventually got pregnant with triplets. She had one complication after another. One of three died. Another baby has complications that will affect her for the rest of her life. She's very high risk. She's got two eggs being saved incase she tries again. And she's actually considering using the two eggs. They are broke--thinking of bankruptsy. (secondary infertility;premie twins were in the hospital) My other girlfriend is waiting to have children. I try to tell her risk of pregnancy with increased maternal age. She doesn't want to hear any of it. She says, "My OB Dr. says I'm fine to wait. Just as long as I don't wait until 47 y/o like another lady she had" ( I wonder if she's told all risk of increased maternal age and pregnancy--or if my friend wants to hear what she wants to)
  14. askater11

    Does anyone know much about Lupus?

    What's the long term prognosis? The Internet doesn't give you any numbers. Thanks for that reply Kolt19!!! That helped a lot!!!
  15. askater11

    Does anyone know much about Lupus?

    My girlfriend has been dx. with Lupus. They believe it's hepatic lupus. All her symptoms started with difficulty moving her hands. Her spleen is enlarged. She'll be getting a liver bx soon to verify it's hepatic. Any information will be great. Prognois. Exactly what hepatic lupus is. I've been an R.N. for 10 years. I'm surprised how little I know about lupus. Other than the butterfly rash, autoimmune dx, "the basic"
  16. askater11

    man holding wife still during epidural dies!

    Yesterday at work my telemtry patient and her family were talking about this "story" They said, "what is this world coming to with frivolous lawsuits" I found it interesting reading this post from nurses and what they thought.