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A Versed pump, that's what i need.

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I go to the Dr. all the time (especially right now with back) I am pretty good about and pelvic exams; but DENTIST I try to stay away from unless I am in complete and utter paid. Had a bad experience as a child and as an adult had to have wisdom teeth cut out and the dr. keep drilling and drilling and said I just cant get this part of the tooth out. Finally they figured out it was a bone and not part of the tooth. Dumb a**. Then not to mention that it takes 3-5 shots to numb my mouth my body needs a higher dose of medications to help that is with everything. I have always been that way don't know why but it just does. I can take some meds that would knock some people out and for me I can be up and walking around and possably still be in pain.

oh well enough that was a long story anyways for such a short ?


As a teenager I regularly went to the dentist and the doctor for checkups, because I was a high school athlete and, well, I had to.

Then I went about 5 years without going to the doctor and 2 years without the dentist, but I had to go back for part of my application to nursing school.

The first thing the dentist did was lecture me about the importance of regular checkups and all that, to make sure that my mouth was clean and healthy. He was all like "I'll probably find a lot of stuff that needs done in your mouth." I just shrugged and told him I'm anal retentive about my teeth (I brush AND floss at least three times every single day). He sighed, looked in my mouth and, surprise surprise, he found absolutely nothing. Not even any gingivitis or plaque buildup. And I need to go to the dentist why?

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Dentist. :chair: :chair: :chair: :chair:

I have to take out a loan to get a bad tooth pulled. Is that crazy or what? And yes, that is with dental insurance. The oral surgeon is just a tad less expensive than the root canal. Can't afford either. And what's with this, $ee the gum guy, $ee the oral $urgeon, $ee the regular guy? Now I know why dentists make more than docs do.

Doctor. :chair:

If I'm dying or I have an infection, I'll go to the doc. I don't usually go for followups because, hey, I'm all better! I think f/u's are a waste of money unless I'm not all better. I used to have one HMO doc that managed to stretch every single dx into at least 3 visits. Once I figured out that racket, I changed docs.

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Dental cleaning q 6 months . . but not in my 20's when I was poor. Doc for pap/pelvic q year. Mammogram yesterday after 4 years. (had a baby and nursed during those years). Before that mammo q year since 40 so I've had 4 mammos all together.



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Hello kids! I am motivationally challenged right now. It's been forever since I've seen a doctor for a pelvic and even longer since I've seen a dentist. Bad, bad nursie! I preach to my residents about taking care of their health...and then I don't see a doctor unless something is falling out or off of my body. :chuckle

Go ahead. Fess up. How many of you guys are just like me?

:raises hand up:)

Manage to make it to the dentist 1 time last year. Havent' been back since I was told that I need over $3000 worth of dental work and it usually takes me several months to work up the courage to go. Hate pain!

Haven't had a pap in 5 years. The last exam was very painful and the provider blamed me, telling me I was too tense. I told her that if she stopped hurting me, I might be able to relax.:p


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Need to go to the dentist, terrible procrastinator about it.

I stay away from doctors, but try to keep up on Paps. I personally don't buy into the whole medical model for my own health. I eat healthy, exersise a lot, and avoid doctors.

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I do regular dental check up's twice a year. Haven't been for a pap in 2 years, need to do that. My Primary care Phy. is a jerk...last time I saw him, he came in the exam room and asked me why I was being seen today, and when I started to tell him, he blurted out "Okay, I only have a minute with you so make it quick"....He also marked on the super bill "detailed visit" for which I was charged $78 dollars. He spent all of 2 minutes with me. Seem's like private practice medicine is only good for "quickies" and then be off with you ! It leaves me feeling very mad. How 'bout you all, ever get this treatment? :uhoh3:

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If a doc would ever tell me "i only got a minute" i would get up and leave, saying "well i consider my health to be worth more than a minute, so i'll go somewhere else where the doctor is actually TAKING his time with me".


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I guess if you saw your dentist and gyn on the same day you would be balanced, ha, ha!

I had a lot of dental trauma as a kid and even as an adult had a incisor root canal with no anesthesia at all. Dentist and I were both in a hurry and I hurt so bad anyway. I did almost rip the arms off his chair. However, I now the the doc and dentist on a regular basis.


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I am so relieved to know that I'm not the only nurse who avoids the doc/dentist!!! haven't been to the ob/gyn since my last baby, he turns 13 this month.

I do the mammo thing, big breast CA hx in my family, but not the dentist. I know I'm being a baby, but I'm not sure which is worst, the pain or the bill!!

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I go to the dentist every 3-6 months. I have braces and it's a must.

I see my PCP as needed. I get a PAP every 2 years, I'm not taking a chance with that.

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