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Hello kids! I am motivationally challenged right now. It's been forever since I've seen a doctor for a pelvic and even longer since I've seen a dentist. Bad, bad nursie! I preach to my residents about taking care of their health...and then I don't see a doctor unless something is falling out or off of my body. :chuckle

Go ahead. Fess up. How many of you guys are just like me?


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I had a pelvic in 1992. And need valium to go to the dentist. I don't like being a patient. :yeahthat:

James Huffman

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I go to a dentist for a checkup every 6 months. I don't like going, but my dentist is a good guy, competent, and gentle. Who could ask for more?

I've never had a pelvic. :-)

That having been said, I haven't been medically treated or examined since 1982. (I am 49, for all you nosey readers :-) The bottom line is that I just don't trust "conventional" medicine. I think much of it is harmful. American medicine excels in emergency care. If someone's in an accident, or something like that, we can do wonders. I'm far less convinced on chronic illness care. I am in good shape, take a regimen of vitamins and supplements, and exercise every day. I am open to persuasion, but just don't think that most medical care is what I need. And while I'm not evangelistic about the matter, I suspect that it's not necessarily what many of our patients need, too.

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Pelvic, and that physical stuff gets done ever year.

Dentist, haven't seen since 2002, one, because of fear (i have to be sedated or i'll freak), and two, because of money.

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going for the pelvic tomorrow . still waiting to 'make the dental appointment' (waiting for what? i dunno). but i am going to get my taxes done on friday (priorities!!!- always get a decent return). went for my first 'regular doctor' physical last year, probably havent gine since my last pediatrician visit.

got to go to the ob/gyn twice a year- need the birth control freebeis and scripts :chuckle


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Pelvic early this year.

Mammogram last birthday (family history of Breast Ca)

Dentist late 2002 due to phobias also.....I go again March 1st...sigh.

I have 2 kids watching me, so I TRY

to get regular checkups, and be the example for them........but of all of these, the dentist is what I fear most. Mostly due to being hurt badly when I was young by a very unsympathetic and mean dentist. I was never the same after that.

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I go in spurts. I'll be good for a year or two ... then fall way behind. I hate being a patient ... I hate anyone scrutinizing me. I think that is the real reason.

I hate being lectured by the dental hygienist because I am late scheduling a cleaning.

I also hate the hassle of taking off work, finding a parking space, sitting forever in the waiting room, etc.

I've had to go to the doctor every 6 months lately because of my hypertension. But I'm late on all my other appointments.


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Mostly due to being hurt badly when I was young by a very unsympathetic and mean dentist. I was never the same after that.

Me too, when i was a teenager. A dentist drilled on a tooth, and i wasn't as numb anymore, and i felt every bit of that pain. And he had the ****s to yell at me for jumping out of the chair (oh, yes, he was right, i should have just LAID THERE!!!!!). His entire "chairside" manner left a lot to be desired, not to mention his total disregard for his pts.' time. I could understand when cases run later, and you're waiting for awhile in the afternoon, but the last appt. i'd had with that idiot was scheduled at 8 am sharp, and he rolled into the office at 9:05.

Thanks to that experience, i have to have something to relax and sedate me before i would go into a dentist's office. It's pretty bad when one DDS ruins you for everyone else.


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heehee! I just went to my dentist this am.. He is the sexiest dentist in my state.. it's just not right! :bugeyes:

James Huffman

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OK, I am preaching to the choir, but here goes. If you had a bad dentist as a child (I did) or if you have a bad one now, FIND A GOOD ONE. Dentistry is VERY competitive, and there's no reason to put up with bad practice, pain, rudeness (NO ONE should be lectured because they haven't been in for a cleaning in a while), lateness (my dentist is always to the minute on time, and I appreciate that), or whatever. Ask friends for recommendations, and when one name starts coming up often, consider that.

And although my dentist is within walking distance of my house, I would not hesitate to have a dentist who was a long ways off. What counts is getting good, professional care. I'd be willing to drive for that.

And one more suggestion. Dentists are sensitive about how folks feel about them. They know we come either because we're in pain, or because we want to avoid pain. Be generous with compliments or appreciation when the situation warrants it. They will remember it, because virtually no one else is appreciative for what they do.

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Well, it's been 12 years, and i've found one dentist that accomodates adults with phobias. Unfortunately, it's very expensive.

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I haven't been to a dentist in over 30 years. :stone

I am, however, getting to be pretty good about regular MD visits and the annual GYN stuff........middle age comes with an increasing need for 'tune-ups'. :chuckle I don't like going to the doctor unless I've got one foot in the grave (like I did last week), but I do it anyway.

The dentist, though, is another story. When I was 11 years old I got 7 teeth yanked out in one sitting, and there isn't enough Novocaine in the world to stop that kind of pain. I also went through 5 years of orthodontic work, which I remember pretty much as 5 years of my mouth hurting all the time. I know I'm a big chicken, but I swear you'd have to pump me full of Versed just to get me in there for a cleaning now. :uhoh21:

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