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  1. Mystery5

    This is why I rarely go in for physicals...

    What a drag! I wonder what would work for you? Maybe someone will have some suggestions.
  2. Mystery5

    refusing care based on conscience

    This is a very touchy and difficult area of ethics. Not sure what the best answer is, but I sympathise with both sides of this dilemma. Not an easy call. I haven't personally faced it, however. I pretty much think that everyone has a right to decide their own healthcare choices, based on their conscience. I would never participate in abortion, but most other areas are grey ones.
  3. Mystery5

    This is why I rarely go in for physicals...

    BTW, here is a link to a BBC article that reports that the latest findings indicate that women with a little extra weight on their hips live longer! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4606011.stm "Curvy women are more likely to live longer than their slimmer counterparts, researchers have found."
  4. Mystery5

    This is why I rarely go in for physicals...

    HI, LOL, I love your writing style! :chuckle Sounds like your NP is lacking in tactful people skills. I really dislike getting lectured at the doctor or dentist, and don't go to people who are disrespectful of my personal healthcare preferences, which are extremely Medical Heretical. Also, I don't need a lecture and guilt trip about my poor flossing habits, thank you very much.
  5. Mystery5

    Nurses Say 'Shaken Baby' Bill May Be Too Much

    I'm not a Big Brother fan, but there are tons of other laws that make less sense than this one. We have rules of education for driving, using carseats, vaccinations, seatblets etc. Why not require a video on this danger? I think it's a great idea.
  6. Mystery5

    Bad Nurse...Need Advice

    I can't believe this! I've never heard of a nurse this bad! As stated previously, you have a responsibility to provide your manager with written accounts of this! This is imperative. They need to have written documentation for their files in order to proceed further. This woman is an unsafe practioner. She needs to probably get out of nursing. She's a menace to the hospital and it's pts:o .
  7. Mystery5

    Nurse doing cocaine HELP

    I agree. I once had a concern about a co-worker, and that maybe she was using a stimulant at work. Her behaviour was becoming highly erratic, and one shift I worked with her, she was totally emotionally labile. I'll call her 'Julia', not her real name. She was acting like someone on meth, frankly. Also, another nurse, I'll call 'Anne' had vented to me at shift change regarding this Julia's erratic behaviour. I called Anne the next day told her that perhaps this gal was resorting to some drugs to help her cope. She had been working a lot of extra shifts, and everyone was noticing her volitile behaviour, which was escalating. Anne and I who agreed that this was a possibilty and made a pact to not discuss this with another soul, and I said that I would approach Julia's manager, and Anne would back me up. I did this in all charity, because I had always liked Julia, and was truly worried about her. I discussed it at length with Julia's manager, telling her that Anne had said that she could call her, that I wasn't alone in my observations, and stressing that I was never going to discuss this with another soul, and neither was Anne. I never discussed it with another soul, even my closest confidante at work. I'm sure that Julia was talked to because she cut back on her crazy hours, and made a point of approaching different co-workers, including me, that she had been having health problems and working too much, and had cut back. I don't know if she was using anything or not for certain, but it was a big reality check for her I think, and I don't have any regrets for having taken this action. It is a favor to all parties involved, but must be done with the utmost discretion.
  8. Mystery5


    Dear 50Cal, You sound like a great guy. I like your attitude. Good luck!
  9. Mystery5

    What is the #1 healthcare problem in the USA?

    I wholeheartedly agree with this most excellent post!:yeahthat:
  10. Mystery5

    Tylenol toxicity? How serious?? Please read!

    Dear Breastfeeding, Her husband's reaction is probably based in some reality. It must be very difficult to have a mentally ill partner. And suicide is often perceived by others to be a selfish act that deeply hurts family members. So, I would try and have some compassion for him. He's not perfect and is forced always to be the strong one, deal with his confused and hurt children, etc. God Bless you, I'll say a prayer for you today.
  11. Mystery5

    Nurse doing cocaine HELP

    As far as losing a friend, I don't know how old you are, but I suspect you are still in your 20s. My prediction is that you'll grow out of this friendship eventually anyways. Don't compromise your integrity because of your friends. A true friend will not require that you do so. If you stay in the friendship and make concessions to the other person's demands or frailties, you'll regret it.
  12. Mystery5

    Nurse doing cocaine HELP

    If she smokes pot, then that shows up for longer in one's system as far as drug testing. I think cocaine is only 24-48 hrs or so. This woman works in the ICU? Unbelievable. What about dropping an anonymous note in her manager's box suggesting a random drug screen? They ought to do it on her first day back from work after her time off. If her manager is the type to sweep it under the rug in order to keep a warm body in a hard to staff unit, then drop the note elsewhere.
  13. Mystery5

    Nurse doing cocaine HELP

    That was very bold of her to break out a bag of coke in front of you. Sounds like she's getting careless. I think the proper thing to do is first approach her and insist that she seek treatment. This is a serious problem. If she doesn't do so, then take the next step.
  14. Mystery5


    I was wondering about this myself. When I was in school, as I recall, we always had a co-signer. It's all rather a fog, but I don't remember having been given very much automony during school. But maybe other programs do things differently?
  15. Mystery5

    Rant - Scientology and Anti-Meds

    Speaking of religion and psyche problems, I just read this BBC online article about an attempted exorcism of an Eastern Orthodox nun in Romania. She was actually schizophrenic, the article states, but the priest thought it was due to demon possesion. For more info, click the link. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4107524.stm