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  1. hipab4hands

    2 hospitals to drop licensed practical nurses

    Another hospital here in the metro has only RNs and now they have 10-12 pts and a CNA who is very limited in what they can do. I feel sorry for the RNS there as they are running nuts and and how can they give care to so many pts? l..... I used to have to take care of up to 14 patients on an Ortho floor- no Aides/no Unit Clerk/ no Porters to transport patients. You can't safely take care of this many acute patients. Every night I would go home and cry, because I knew I was giving substandard care and was physically exhausted. I would have loved to have had an LVN to help out with my patient load.
  2. hipab4hands

    Overbearing pt family

    LOL. You're right Someone needs to contact this pt's dr and let him/her know about this type of behavior and get a medical order that states the sister is not to provide this type of "care" for the pt. If the sister continues to violate the dr.s order , then contact Adult Protective Services. They can get a guardian appointed for the pt., and get a restraining order against the sister , if needed.
  3. hipab4hands

    *rant* "Nurse" at office answering questions.

    1. Unfortunately, the MA's I have contact with daily do intentionally misrepresent themselves. When I talk with them, I always have to clarify what type of "nurse" they are, so that my actions are appropriate. ie- I can't take any type of orders from them. 2., dr.s do know ,for the most part ,what the legal ramifications of using the term "nurse", when referering to their MA's. The reason they do it for strictly financial reasons, such as paying a MA $10 per hour vs. a Nurse at $20 per hour. The doctors know that the public doesn't know the difference in responsibilities.
  4. hipab4hands

    *rant* "Nurse" at office answering questions.

    Amen. I have experienced it as an RN. I worked for an MD, who put the pt., on our surgery schedule for a procedure that did not require the type of surgical intervention, that was done on him. The MD tried to blame it on me and told the practice manager that I had put the pt. on the MD's schedule without his authorization. This was a totally false accusation and I was lucky that one of my coworkers had confirmed with the MD that this pt. was to be placed on the schedule. The MD then tried to put the blame on me by stating that I should have known by the diagnosis the pt. did not have to be scheduled for this type of intervention. I told the MD that since I am not a surgeon, It wouldn't be up to be to decide what type of procedure the pt. needed to have. In addition, The MD, picked up the knife and cut on the pt., even after looking at the pt.'s chart prior to the start of surgery. I was very fortunate that the Practice Manager believed me and not the MD.
  5. hipab4hands

    Groped on the job...

    The fact that the guy made a suggestive remark after groping you, shows exactly what his intentions were. Personally, I wouldn't care if he was supposed to retire the next day. His behavior is totally uncalled for and needs to be stopped. He's probably been getting away for it for years, and no one has had the nerve to stop him. Congratulations for standing up to him.
  6. hipab4hands

    Nursing as maid of all trades

  7. hipab4hands

    dysfunctional management and workplace politics

  8. hipab4hands

    Don't Like It!

  9. hipab4hands

    Don't Like It!

  10. hipab4hands

    public's view of nurses

  11. hipab4hands

    *rant* "Nurse" at office answering questions.

  12. it's about time. i used to work for a chw facility. their idea at that time for safe staffing was 1 rn and 1 lvn for 24 patients on a ortho unit. no aides or unit clerks either. which means we did it all, including having to leave the floor to transport patients to xray/ lab, etc.,
  13. hipab4hands

    You know you've been a nurse for way too long when...

    1. You watch a medical show such as ER, and come up with the "patient's" diagnosis, even before the actors say thier lines.
  14. hipab4hands

    Advise about questioning doctors

    I would not want an orthopedic surgeon doing Plastic Surgery on me. The training is not the same and I would be concerned that he did not do a residentcy at a hospital in a Plastic Surgery dept. There has to be a reason he did not do this and it raises a lot of red flags for me. Being trained by a Plastic Surgeon is not the same as doing a residentcy. As a resident , he would have been evaluated by several Plastic Surgeons during his training, not just by one.
  15. hipab4hands

    New nurse scared to talk to doctors!!

    After 15 years of nursing, I still get nervous, when I have to page a dr. I try to make sure that I have all the needed info in front of me, and I even do a little dry run through on how I'm going to present the pt to the dr. I'm getting onry in my old age, and no longer tolerate rude/intimidating behavior from the docs. Last week, I had one of the on call docs start yelling at me. I let him rant without making any comments. When he didn't hear me saying anything , he asked me if I was still on the line. My reply to him, " I'm sorry, were you talking to me? If so , then you need to repeat those comments, in calm voice. The doc told me never mind, and then hung up.
  16. hipab4hands

    nursing faculty shortage

    Things haven't changed f in years. When I was in nursing school many years ago, the situation was the same. They had only 3 Nurse Educators on payroll, and then would hire temporary help. The temporary help would usually stay for no more than a semester , then move on. At one point, they almost had to cancel our nursing program due to a lack of instructors. The main issue is salary. You can make more money working elsewhere. I'm currently making more than the offered salary at the college, and I only work part time.