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Hi there,

I have a friend whose husband is a nurse but she left him because he was physically and emotionally/verbally abusing her. Can she report her husband to the Board of Nursing?


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I'm sorry to hear that. However, to answer your question, I would imagine No, since it is a seprate matter (Personal versus professional). If he wa abusing one of the patients, then it is a reporatble offense.

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25 years ago when i left my abusive husband, i was told i could report him to the board of nursing. that was in washington state.

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i would think if she files charges, or even gets a restraining order it would be reported/reportable......and he would at minimum have to self report when renewing.......also, if if would have kept him from getting a lic (and in some states i believe it would have, or at least required counseling) i would think it would be reportable. but i would think she would need to make formal complaint.....otherwise BON may not take seriously, figuring she was just trying to be a witch.......

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If there are formal charges, of which he is found guilty, it would be kicked to the BON anyway. As someone who was in a really violent relationship once upon a time -- I suggest that she NOT take it upon herself to report this to anyone other than the police. To do more than that is to remain needlessly enmeshed and not looking after herself.

Also, without formal legal proceedings I cannot imagine the BON would or could do anything.

OK not "kicked" to the BON but it would become their business.

Just like anything else, there are steps to follow, first the police, file charges, if he is convicted then the BON gets involved.

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exactly, convicted charges would be reported to the BON. If found guilty then he may be up for license revokation.

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And before I reported to the BON - I'd want legal advice. Press charges? Get a restraining order?

Your friend needs to protect herself - get some legal advice!



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Personally? I would be hesitant to report someone to the BON who has a temper like that. She may end up putting herself in further danger if she were to do something that would compromise someones job or income. If she already left him and she is no longer being abused, I don't think that it should be an issue. BUT, if she were to have knowledge of him abusing patients in the same manner, then I would definately report it.

She knows him best. She would know whether or not this would endanger her further. Sometimes things are best left alone so long as she has gotten away from him.

I don't know what I would do in that particular situation. She has to do whatever she needs to do to ensure her safety first and foremost.


No one is suggesting she report him to the BON. We are encouraging this lady to protect herself under the law. If she has evidence of severe physical abuse then she is entitled to file charges, if he is convicted, the BON must evaluate and proceed under their state rules. Yes, it is a big step, and it is one that needs to be taken with care and consideration, but too many abusers are able to repeat their abuse because no one reports it or the police do not take it seriously enough. I am not one to court danger, but I do and will protect myself. If I had an abusive spouse I hope I would report the abuse, file charges, change my pattern of daily living, and carry protection on my person when I was walking anywhere out of the employment setting. Maybe even on the job if security was too lax there. I am just too tired of seeing mean, abusive men hurt their wives and children and get off scot free.

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I don't believe so unless she has filed a complaint with police and went to court about it, he would still has to be found guilty. No woman should have to deal with abuse!

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