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Cherybaby has 10 years experience and specializes in Derm/Wound Care/OP Surgery/LTC.

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  1. Cherybaby

    Is it True About Florida?

    I hear this rumor every few years or so. Nothing has ever come of it. Haven't heard anything from the Florida Board of Nursing to confirm any such thing. I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. What you are experiencing is completely normal. If any nurse ever tells you she/he did not feel stress during their first few months on a floor...they are fibbing to ya! It's very overwhelming to suddenly have your own caseload of patients to be responsible for. The one thing that I would suggest to you is to SLOW down. I know it may sound difficult...but you already made a very serious med error by giving meds to the wrong patient. Thank GOD that patient didn't have an allergy to what you gave them...or was taking something else that would have made those other meds contraindicated. NOT coming down on you. We've all made our share of mistakes. The important thing is what you do to rectify them. Make sure you always, always, always check and check again what med is going to what patient via what route. If it means slowing down your med pass a little, so be it. You will find your flow eventually...but for now, you are new...so don't try to keep up with the other nurses. Did you work with a preceptor before going out on the floor? Perhaps you need a little more orientation? Better still, see if you can get "under the wing" of one of the more experienced nurses and ask her how she manages. They may have some helpful hints for you. Most of all...don't stress over your critical thinking skills. Those can't be taught. You either have it or you don't. You got through nursing school and clinicals...so obviously, you have something! :) Go easy on yourself. Make sure you take a scheduled break now and then. Remember to eat...low blood sugar and a very busy and overwhelmed nurse equals mistakes. You're gonna be just fine. I promise you!
  3. Cherybaby

    Any nj nurse on ramp?? Question

    What is Ramp?
  4. Cherybaby

    Recreational THC = now starting IPN!

    Don't depend too much on the education route. It is something that IPN "offers", yet in my year and a half experience with the Nursing Board (of Florida), IPN and IOP programs...i have yet to see it come to fruition with ANY nurse. Who knows...you may luck out! But, if you don't...just take the hand that IPN deals you. Do it with a smile. You put yourself into this position...so you might as well own it. I went into IPN with a really crappy attitude. But, now that I am in my final week of IOP...I am almost blessed for having had the experience. I learned so much about myself in IOP...not just about addiction and substance abuse, but myself as a caring and concerned individual. I have definately learned to be a more compassionate listener and I am definately less judgmental. This Friday is my last day. Don't know what the nursing board is going to do with me after that or what sort of contract that IPN will offer me now. Whatever it is...I'm just going to roll with the punches and know that in 10 years from now...this will all be a memory. A faint memory. I am continuing to go to the therapy center where I went through IOP. These people, after 3 months, have become like family to me. While I won't be going 9 hours a week like IPN mandated...bet your backside I will still make it to at least two meetings a week. I hope you have a positive experience with the Board and with IPN. Keep us updated. Good luck!
  5. Cherybaby

    Oakhill Hospital, brooksville

    I worked for their sister hospital, Spring Hill Regional, for many years. Oakhill hospital is a wonderful hospital...though it gets a bad rap for some reason. They have always been open to hiring new grads, especially out of the PHCC nursing program. Nothing but great things to say about them. Good luck to you.
  6. Cherybaby

    Dingy Barney

    That was a beautiful tribute to your beloved sister. Made me tear up. Thank you for sharing that story.
  7. Cherybaby

    Pre- employment drug testing

    Absolutely no offense taken. Everyones experience with IPN and the Nursing Board varies greatly. So far, my experience with them has been positive. However, I have seen other nurses go through real challenges with the Board and then, subsequently, with the IPN process. I am glad you have a job that you love and that you made it through to the other side. I am in my last week of IPN. I know that 74 applications, 11 interviews and nasty HR managers are probably on the horizon for me as well. I will think of you as I embark on that journey, knowing that positive outcomes are possible. Continue to make the rest of us look good! :)
  8. Cherybaby


    Awesome job!!! Congrats to you!!! When you come down from cloud nine, how about giving the rest of us some tips regarding what you said in your interviews! We can all surely use the help. I think that's terrific. What kind of nursing will you be doing now?
  9. Cherybaby

    I'm Worried

    Keep up that worry and you will be on the receiving end of one of your own exams! :) You're probably doing just fine. If you weren't, someone would have said something to you by now. They are giving you that six month learning curve! Take advantage of it by giving yourself a break. Be a sponge and absorb everything for now. Don't be too hard on yourself.
  10. Cherybaby

    Would you have done this differently?

    Yes, but when you brought that "weakness" in for comparison, you are now opening the door for a lot of other people to get written up. You might not have meant it as a way of reporting people, but ultimately, that is what it will become. It reminds me of the mentality little children have...when they say "but I wasn't the only one who did it" in order to save their own backsides. Like I said, I would have taken that information to the others who have made the same mistake and let them know that management is looking at these errors. I wouldn't want to risk getting any of my co workers in trouble just because I happened to be the one who got caught. I'd rather handle it on the floor level before taking it upstairs to management. Then, if the problem does not rectify itself or, as I stated earlier, becomes a life threatening potential, then I would definately be the first one to let management grab the reigns.
  11. Cherybaby

    Would you have done this differently?

    I absolutely would not have done this. You made a mistake. Own it. Don't drag other people into it. I think that if you were truly more concerned about the error being made as opposed to the fact that you got caught and other didn't, there is a more productive way of doing things. Me personally? I would have taken my lumps. However, it is possible that I would have gone back to my fellow co-workers who are making the same mistake and discuss it with them. I would tell them that I got written up for such and such...and noticed that they made the same error. I would let them know to be cautious in the future so that they do not get written up as well. Nursing is a team effort. I am willing to take one for the team...and then, share my experience with regard to it afterward. I would never throw any of my co-workers under the bus and would hope they would not do the same to me. If it was a life-threatening error, which it does not sound like your incident was, then perhaps I would draw management into the scenario.
  12. Cherybaby

    If you have rec' d the H1N1 vaccine - please report

    I didn't get it due to allergies, but my daughter who is 6 months pregnant received it with no side effects. My son tested positive for h1n1 three weeks ago, so is no longer eligible for the vaccine. My husband took it last week with no side effects save for a sore arm that lasted four days.
  13. Cherybaby

    Would I still be considered as a new nurse after a year?

    I think you would still be considered a new nurse even with the one year title. You haven't worked yet, so you don't have any experience to speak of. Most employers are looking for experience. I realize this is difficult when you are trying to GET the experience and no one is hiring you. That has to be very frustrating. I'm a nurse in Florida too. The job market here is pretty poor right now. They keep stating that there is a nursing shortage here, but none of my peers are able to find work right now either. Crazy times. Hang in there. Something will stick eventually.
  14. Cherybaby

    After 3 months of searching I GOT A JOB! WOHOOOO!

    CG - I am very happy for you. I think it is an amazing accomplishment! I hope to follow that same path of nursing someday. I find it fascinating and have a genuine interest in it. Enjoy this new path! I know you will thrive in this type of nursing! good luck!
  15. Cherybaby

    When A Nurse Can't Offer a Hug...

    Absolutely did not criticize her on any level whatsoever. I would never chastise someone for being different than I am. Please don't miss the purpose of my post. It was not to assume that I am superior to this nurse. She is an excellent nurse with years of OR experience and I do look up to her. I was simply not understanding the inability to offer compassion even if you do not directly relate to a situation. You are right, however, about cultural awareness. My in-laws are of Israeli descent and many middle eastern people are reticent to show emotion. It is unbecoming to many of them. My husband who is Israeli...thankfully, he skipped the cultural norm. He is a HUGE hugger, a really good one at that, and makes sure I always have my daily allowance worth! Thank you for your perspective!
  16. Cherybaby

    When A Nurse Can't Offer a Hug...

    I guess it's a little selfish on my part as well. I love getting and giving hugs...and like Sue said, even from the funky ones! I just can't fathom simply standing there staring at someone who is sobbing or in pain. I am not one of those "there, there" followed by a perfunctory pat on the back. This particular nurse just kind of floored me. The patient was sobbing...I mean, heavy, heaving sobs and she left her alone. I couldn't do that... it's just not in me.